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September 18, 2019 0 Comments


Our girl Katie shares tips on how to turn your image into a repeat pattern print fit for any fashion catwalk. Follow these 10 easy steps to transform your picture into your very own unique fashion graphic in under an hour! All you need is a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, an image of your choice and an hour to spare...

If you do need a little help with Photoshop, in the studio we have found that Lynda tutorials are easy to follow and cover pretty much everything you need to know! 
You can take a free month trial too ;)  

Step One:

Step 1: Unflattened Photoshop motif image

Start by making a square canvas in Photoshop, I usually make one which measures 20x20cm and 300dpi. Import your elements/images onto the canvas (you can drag them in from finder).

Take a look at the Patternbank Pinterest for inspiration.

Start to arrange the elements -usually called motifs- in a composition, so all of the motifs fit into the square without being cut off at the edges of the square. Keep all elements as separate layers. 


Step Two:

 Duplicate your image (Image > Duplicate) and an exact copy of your design will be created in a new tab. Flatten this copy (Layer > Flatten Image).

Keep your original image in unflattened layers- we will come back to this later, and use the motifs to help create a seamless repeat pattern.   

Step 2: Flattened Photoshop Motif Image


Step 3:

Taking the flattened image, use the offset filter (Filter > Offset) and a window will open (as shown in the above image). Make sure to check the "Wrap Around" box and use the vertical and horizontal sliders to position your image to the corners of the canvas. This will create gaps also called "negative space" in the centre of the canvas.

Step 3: Flattened Photoshop Image with Offset Filter

Step 4:

The negative space in the centre of the canvas needs to now be filled in.

Check out previous Burnt Soul print collaborations with Jade Dandy and Dazzle and Jolt for further inspiration and layout ideas!   

Go back to the original unflattened image, grab individual elements and drag into the duplicated copy (the image where the offset filter has been applied.) Use the elements to fill in the negative space in the centre of the image.

Step 4: Filling in Negative space


Step 5: 

Play around with the elements you have dragged into the offset image, I like to use the the " Free Transform" tool (Edit > Free Transform  or Cmd + T on a mac keyboard) to show the bounding box and drop down window. 

Try changing the scale, angle, flip the motif horizontally or vertically...... have fun with creating an interesting design, you have total creative control! 

Tip: having some negative space kept within the design adds depth and interest, without making the print too busy!

Step 5: Making an interesting repeat


Step 6:

When you have created a design you are happy with, it's time to make it into a repeat!!


Step 7: 

Flatten the image (Layer > Flatten Image)

Step 7: Flatten repeat tile


Step 8: 
To make your tile into a repeat choose Edit > Define Pattern.

Your new repeat pattern will now be saved as a pattern which can be used with the paint bucket tool..... Let's test it out!! 

Step 8: Define Pattern in Photoshop


Step 9:

Time to test out your new pattern!! 

Create a blank canvas, I just use a preset template, normally A3 paper size. File > New > Preset > International Paper > A3

Step 9: Create a Blank Canvas in Photoshop to test your print


Step 10:

Select the paint bucket tool in the tools bar on the the left hand side of the photoshop screen. At the top select "Pattern" instead of "Fill" and choose your pattern (see image from step 8). Then fill the background with your pattern.....

Step 10: Fill the canvas with your repeat print


Hey Presto here is your repeat!!! 

There are many companies who can print your designs onto fabrics in the most economical ways possible, we have found that Funki Fabrics works the best for us!

Simple repeat pattern


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