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7 Fun activities for keeping fit and staying flex-tacular

September 24, 2020 0 Comments

7 Fun activities for keeping fit and staying flex-tacular

We've all had days where we get kitted out in our best gymwear and sort the perfect workout playlist, only to lose all motivation at the prospect of a 5 mile run in the pouring rain when our sofa looks so damn comfy.

So how do we put the fun back into our sporty sesh?

Well first of all having the most FABULOUS activewear is a real mood lifter and motivation booster (especially when they're sustainable and eco gym clothes) but the most important thing is to LOVE YOUR SPORT and ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT!

We're bringing you our top 7 fun activities that keep you fit and feeling fab.

We also take a look at some of the babes that rock them in their Burnt Soul. 💪🏼

@gabbydawnallen always brings the fun to fitness with her super strengthening workouts over lockdown 💪🏼
Gabby wears the Villain Catsuit in our Backless Style


How could we write a blog about fun sports and activities without starting with a childhood favourite... Roller Skating?! With people taking to the sport in lockdown, it seems to be making a come back and here are a few reasons why:

  • High energy cardiovascular activity
  • Burns up to 600 calories an hour
  • Causes 50% less stress to joints than running
  • Improves flexibility, endurance and heart health
  • Is the BEST mood lifter!

But don't just take our word for it, here are just a few of the Roller Blading babes we love here at Burnt Soul.

@rollatwins in a the Luna Bodysuit

Models, dancers and vibe-makers @rollagirls for SUAT 'Steps it Up!' music video. Licensed and produced by Ministry Of Sound @peggy_pollock in the Joan Catsuit, @stormskater in the Rebel Catsuit & @missygeorgia in the Harlequin Catsuit

@hoophustleflow in the Rio

@missbrokul and @kosmanina in (left to right) the Trixie, Tinker and Kids Joan Catsuit.


We don't need to tell you the hundreds of health benefits of yoga, but if you are a fellow yogy, you'll know what a life changer the ancient practice is - and what a workout!

Just 10 mins every morning is enough to have you ready for the day and generally winning at life.

Being Bristol based lycra lovers, we're lucky enough to have lots of you amazing yoga guru's at our doorstep, decked in our sparkly, rainbow catsuits for every flow, but we love seeing you bendy babes all over the world! (bonus points when your furry friends join your stretchy sessions)

@brave_yoga_melbourne in the Joan leggings

Our Leggings and Bralettes are particularly popular with our yoginis and our new eco Techno fabric is designed to sculpt and stretch as you do so its perfect for every downward dog and sun salutation.

Yoga legend and OG Burnt Soul babe @pipyoga108 taking our new rang of Custom Catsuits and Bodysuits for a spin


Pilates and Barre are both fab for improving posture, strength and toning and our compressing lycra is perfect for this super fun, super fit workout.

Known for being able to completely transform your body, pilates requires a mega strong core and some serious perseverance but the rewards are so worth it...our catsuits are amazing for Pilates, with muscle compressing lycra and plenty of stretch!

Watch our 'Introduction to Barre workout' by Groove Om Yoga for some serious leg burn!

@barredynamics treated us to a beginners Barre workout tutorial over lockdown in the Mystique Catsuit (left and right) and Vixen Catsuit (middle) both available through our Customs Page.

We're always so in awe of @majbrittlyngby strength and composure! Wearing our bestseller Rainbow Jewel.

@mickiphit looks amazing in the new Crazy Camo Catsuit in our eco Techno fabric, available
through our Customs Page


Great energy is contagious and you know when you join a class with an amazing instructor dressed in head to toe sparkly spandex you know you're gunna have a good time. Here are the fitness gurus making every session a party, bringing that energy, laughs and of course only the best activewear.

Fitness legend @gedefoster in the Golddigger


The Joan Bodysuit in action on the waves...

We work closely and donate to Surfers Against Sewage, a brilliant organisation that 'creates ocean activists everywhere' and through finding them we have a better understanding or why it's so important to make truly sustainable activewear and use eco lycra everywhere we can!

In 2019, there were over 200,000 discharges of untreated sewage into UK rivers and almost 2,000 discharges into UK coastal bathing waters during the May-September bathing season alone. Despite the proven risks to people and the environment, sewage and diffuse pollution events are purposely being ignored by government.


We're asking on behalf of Surfers Against Sewers to sign the petition and #EndSewagePollution


Don't put away your dancing shoes just because the clubs are closed, it's SUCH good way of keeping fit and staying active plus it's good for the mind and soul to shake it out every now and then.

Looking after yourself and your mental health is so important at the moment and this is a fab way to blow of steam and have a great get on zoom and get your most colourful catsuit on to join in the next online dance class to shake ya 🍑

Theres nothing we love more than putting on 'MistaJam's Classic Dance Anthems' in the studio and having a good shimmy!

Our fave @mariesdancefitness always bring the energy with her online classes, shown here in our vintage Cyber Love Catsuit

The @houseofvoga babes bring a whole new dance form with the fusion of dance fitness, fashion and VOGUE!
@jessugden in the Karma


As well as being featured in our Performers blog post last week, we could't do a fun fitness blog without including pole fitness.

This skill takes some serious strength and balance and isn't for the faint of heart - awesome in every way and paired perfectly with our printed bodysuits, catsuits, leggings and all other lycra garms (8 inch heels optional!)

@tinkymara_cawfitness in the past collection print Electric Ladyland

There are so many other cool workouts and fitness activities like cycling, water sports, cliff diving...the list goes on!

So if you're a lycra-wearing, Burnt Soul-repping fun sports person, we wanna hear from you and see your pics.

We absolutely LOVE seeing our stretchy activewear in action so don't forget to tag us in your pics with the hashtag #BurntSoulSelfie or send us the pics directly at or through our DMs!

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