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Best Burnt Soul Selfies

December 03, 2020 0 Comments

Best Burnt Soul Selfies

All our fave #BurntSoulSelfie's entered into our monthly competition!

If you're an OG Burnt Soul fan you'll know about our monthly #BurntSoulSelfie competition where we give away a £50 Burnt Soul Voucher to one lucky winner a month! We absolutely love seeing what mischief you get up to in your brightest, boldest lycra and all you have to do if upload a pic with the hashtag #BurntSoulSelfie to be entered. From the yoga guru's to the party people and especially over lockdown, you've all brought a smile to our face seeing your beautiful snaps...keep them coming!

"Capture the moments today that will wow your hearts tomorrow"

- Unknown

#BurntSoulSelfie Sporty Babes

Absolutely love this sunset pic from @lizknights by @wolfmatthewson in our bestseller rainbow Jewel Peekaboo Catsuit.

three woman and a man dressing in colourful catsuits in chinatown wearing roller skates - the man is a dj and the women are all dancing around him

The iconic @rollagirls

a woman dressed in a blue tiger print catsuit with a hoop around her shoulders against a graffitied wall

@jessconnorperforms in the Bengal!

a woman on rollerskates in a black snakeskin catsuit looking at the sun

@minklastink in the Siren

a woman in a blue shiny catsuit does yoga against graffiti

@moonsoulhealing_ in the Mystique Catsuit

#BurntSoulSelfie Festival Gang

People that lycra together, stay together! We may not all be able to kiss and hug and dance the night away with each other again quite yet but take a trip down memory lane with us and check out all our fave festival throwbacks - and some inventive lockdown festivals!

a couple wearing shiny trousers and sequin bodysuit dancing on grass with drinks in their hands

Iridescent legs are made for dancing! @georgie.webler and @unikern01 showing off their moves in the Starlett Bodysuit and Amazon Meggings.

a woman at a music festival wearing rainbow jewel catsuit with fluffy colourful coat dressed as a unicorn

So many unicorns are made in the Rainbow Jewel - @aliciahernandance looking so beaut!

two woman with thei arms round eachother at a music festival wearing oil slick lycra catsuit with leopard print panels

Finding your Festival twin is always the best - @prunation and her new sparkly friend in the Amazon Catsuit

woman at a music festival in a rainbow catsuit on the floor with her legs in the air poking her tongue out at the camera

This pic of @carajacq always makes us smile, wearing the Rainbow Jewel Catsuit.

#BurntSoulSelfie Kids and Mini-Me's

Nothing's cuter that mini me's all dressed up in their most colourful and sparkliest garms...especially when they're matching with mum and dad!

a woman and little girl dressed as unicorns at a festival smiling at the camera

The perfect pair of rainbow unicorns @graceelisabeth2017

a mother and daughter in matching silver and purple sparkly catsuits
a mother and daighter in colourful catsuits poking their tongues out at the camera

@charity.grace and her mini me matching in our Rainbow Jewel and Electric Ladyland.

a little girl in a sparkly onesie eating a doughnut with a unicorn hat on

Doh-nut ask! Adorable @graceelisabeth2017
in our rainbow jewel

#BurntSoulSelfie Party People

How it all started, the brightest, boldest clothing for party people. Burnt Soul has come a long way since our glittery beginnings, becoming a firm fave with performers and gym bunnies alike but we'll never forget our roots...and we're ready for parties to start again at the drop of a sparkly hat!

@Zzayonaraa in the Jolt Catsuit giving us all the rainbow vibes!

a woman at a party in a harley quin catsuit with a stormtrooper glittery disco ball helmet on

@jenni2wenni showing us how its done in the Harlequinn Catsuit.

three woman in catsuits at a party with their arms in the air

We loved seeing this ultimate Burnt Soul party over lockdown! @kayleiigh_jane

a woman with a rainbow union jack flag swimsuit on with her fist in the air

@beckjanex looking beautiful in our Limited Edition Rainbow Union Jack Bodysuit.

a woman in a rainbow coloured catsuits at her 30s birthday smiling at the camera with sequin make up and balloons behind her

@teamrhfitness looking so gorgeous on her 30's bday party in the Rainbow Jewel!

a woman in a white and silver catsuit with a glass of prosecco

Can't get enough of this 70's glam look in the Starlett!

Ok so this isn't really a party but is is an absolute LOOK! @socksnviolence69 brightened up our whole year with this 'one walk a day' look back in lockdown 1

#BurntSoulSelfie Performers

Its no secret our lycra is born for the stage and seeing you guys tumbling, spinning, twirling and dancing through the air in your best leotards and catsuits makes our hearts sing!

a woman in a yoga pose with her leg in the air wearing leopard print heels and a blue and green shiny catsuit

The bendy Queen herself, @carolineannayoga in the Amazon Catsuit

a woman doing aerial silks in a see-through glittery catsuit

@theamazingflyingtaco is so amazing in our archive Cher Catsuit!

woman in a transparent snakeskin catsuit hooping, suspended in the air

@hannahakah showing us how its done in the Python

woman wears a neon bodysuit with yellow panels against blue and pink neon background, suspended on a hoop

@delphi.hex in the Cyber Love Bodysuit

woman in neon light against black background spinning light up hoops in a glittery catsuit

@anamalhoops is always magic to watch - in the Zodiac

woman in a green catsuit does a acrobatics on a hoop in the air

@aprilfore in the Viper Catsuit

We just want to say a massive thank you to all your entries over the year and to keep them coming! We had thousands to choose from so this is just a tiny selection but we'll keep updating for all the catsuit inspo!

Thanks for reading... Love to know what what your little one loves getting up to in their Lycra with a comment below 💕

Don't forget to sign up in the tab below for exclusive deals & news on all things Burnt Soul!

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