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Not just catsuits... sometimes cats

March 24, 2021 0 Comments

Not just catsuits... sometimes cats

A collection of all things cats, a furry good feed to get you right in the feels

If you don't know or haven't already guessed, here at Burnt Soul we're not just obsessed with catsuits but also cats.

There's no other word for it. Our group chat is flooded with every cat meme and video out there and as three out of four of us (Rach being the resident cat godmother) have cats, we're never short of a good cat story or two.

We've collected some hysterical, gorgeous and informative images of our favourite furry pals to feast your eyes upon.

A little collection to bring a little laughter and future meme inspiration for all you current cat owners and if you didn't love cats before... you will now!

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Coexisting with Cats

Thinking of getting a new furry pal? Here's some info for living with cats, pretty sure this is all very factual, but you can decide for yourself.

Is a cat-tus?

Are your cats like this? Asking for a friend...

Cat Collage

We're a big fan of collage art here and artist Matt Mccarthy has produced some gorgeous pieces that have us wishing for giant fluffy kittens all day, every day.

Just planning our next craft project and its time to get collaging, or maybe just to head to the beach!

Creative Cats

Everyone has to make a living, even cats and these cats are doing it right. We're currently discussing building a mini studio for some cats...

We know a lot of us are currently experiencing
the same / similar issues with working from home.

This is very relatable.

Cat Couture

Despite a good google search, there aren't any images of cats in catsuits! None the less we found some super fab furry pals looking super stylish and living their best of many lives.

There aren't really any words for Michel_e_b's kitty, well one we can think of is obsessed...

Everybodyloveschelsea and they really do! This blue Aussie is a fashion model and unofficial self proclaimed mascot of everything.

Cats of Burnt Soul

We couldn't make this blog and not include our own fluff babies, prepare to be hit right in the feels with these four legged angels... ✨

She's a mature gal but boy is she sassy, meet Bea's beauty Pushkin. A sleepy angel that knows her angles and also loves some gorge nail art created by our gal Hannah 💅🏼

Like butter wouldn't melt... our resident bad boy Trent! Hannah's lad can be a little bitey but you can't be mad at his face. Ever.

The lady of the Manor, the Diva and fluff icon... Hogs*. You'll find Robyn's gal basking in the sun, sitting on your shoulder or impersonating a mug... she's not big into emails. *Extra points if you can guess her full name.

PS. We're all keen beans for a good podcast here at the Burnt Soul HQ and if you're looking for some (genuine non meme related) information, check out our Alie Ward's Ologies episode Felinology... you won't be disappointed.

We'd love to know your favourite cats in action or the greatest cat meme you've found!
Give us a shout if you have any other questions 👇

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