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Catsuit Body & Leg Length | Short, Long or Standard?

October 08, 2020 0 Comments

Catsuit Body & Leg Length | Short, Long or Standard?

As long standing veterans of everything lycra and catsuit, we like to think of ourselves as stretchy onesie experts - and this includes the sizing and proportions, specifically body length!

Getting your perfect fit is just as important as the colour and cut of your fave catsuit, whether you wear it for your morning yoga session, spinning round a pole, somersaulting through the air...or just dancing in the kitchen!

After asking you guys on our insta stories that other day, we wanted to further explain and demonstrate our longer, short and standard body lengths that we offer on all our custom catsuits as well as leg lengths. Although these different lengths have been an option for a while now, we have recently tweaked and perfected all our patterns and it's now easier than ever to get your perfect fit with our 'build-a-catsuit' Custom pages.

So our amazing seamstress Hannah and boss babe Robyn have tried and tested the 3 different body lengths in all our different styles, as well as explaining their sizing, leg length and how important our Stretch-o-metre is when choosing your Catsuit!


girl in field in pheonix gold orange and yellow sparkly

Be your boldest, brightest and most comfortable by finding your perfect fit, tailored to your body shape.
Anna wears the Phoenix Catsuit in our Backless style

We understand that a petite, 5 foot, size 10 will need a completely different fit than a tall 6'2 size 10 - as well as being different again to a 6'5 broad man! Our catsuits, bodysuits, leggings and shorts really are for everyone, and should feel like a second skin, so read on to find out which options will benefit your body type.

Things to consider when choosing your catsuit size and length:

  • Generic size, see our Sizing Blog for more info.
  • Height
  • Body proportions (i.e. bigger bust, longer torso)
  • Back Style (peekaboo, backless etc.)
  • Fabric stretch referring to our Stretch-O-Metre!

For general catsuit sizing, check out our Sizing Blog where we compare all the Burnt Soul babes with their measurements, bra size and weight.


You've probably heard us mentioning our Stretch-O-Metre before and have seen it next to all our products to help you get your perfect fit. The scale goes from 1 being the lowest amount of stretch and therefor the firmest and most contouring and 5 being the most amount of stretch.

In order or Stretch, the examples of fabric in the video are:

  1. The High Voltage in Eco Life Lycra
  2. The Villain in Eco Life Lycra
  3. The Rainbow Jewel (same as the Luna and Phoenix!)
  4. The Diva in our new Eco Techno Fabric
  5. The Siren (we recommend sizing down with the Siren Fabric!)

With fabrics that are a 1 on the Stretch-o-Metre, we suggest sizing up if you are between sizes. It's worth noting that the lycra warms as it's worn, relaxing and moulding to your body. Lycra, especially Life Lycra, is meant to take a bit of a wiggle and squeeze to get on but once it's on you are sculpted and comfortable!



Height: 5'9
Size: 10-12
Bra: 32B

Being the designer, pattern cutter and CEO, Robyn is pretty much the catsuit oracle. She goes for a standard body length in order to give her the most support (she NEVER wears a bra) and cause she has a smaller bust!
The longer body length also fits her well but has a lot more room in the shoulder straps and therefor not as much support in the bust! She would especially go for the standard body length in the backless as this has the most wiggle room out of the back styles.

Robyn goes for a size 10-12 in all catsuits and leggings except the Siren. She opts for an 8-10 in this super soft fabric as it's a 5 on our Stretch-O-Metre and therefor has the most stretch up and down as well across the width.

As a general rule of thumb, Robyn suggests going for the long body if you are over 6 foot. You can also do the 'hand test' as Robyn explains at the beginning of the video to check out which length torso you fall under!


Height: 5'1
Size: 10-12
Bra: 32F

Hannah is our longest running Burnt Soul member of staff and so has built up quite the collection of catsuits over the years! She goes for a size 10-12 across all catsuit styles and fabrics as she finds this is what works best for her curves and shape.

When choosing her body length, Hannah chooses the short body length and goes for our medium leg length (28"-30") as she likes to roll them up at the ankles. If she wasn't going to roll them, she would choose the shortest leg length which measures out at 25"-27". The standard body length in comparison gets some wrinkling and gaping at the sides and under the bust, especially when she's out having a dance!

When considering the back styles, we find that the backless style has the most give and stretches more up and down, the peekaboo is the mid point with it's give and then the full back is the firmest, offering the most support and contouring, therefor stretching up and down the least.


We know it can be a bit confusing to take your measurements, especially if trying to do it on yourself! So don't get yourself in a tangle and check out our video on how to take your perfect measurements to help you choose your catsuit size. You can then refer to our Size Guide and begin your comfortable catsuit adventure!

Thanks so much for reading... Has this blog post been helpful? Comment below to help us give you the best goss we can 💕

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Ladies sizing chart
 Size Bust in Inches

Bust in CM

Waist in Inches
Waist in CM
Hips at widest part in Inches Hips at widest part in CM
UK 4-6 30 76 23 58 33 84
UK 6-8 32 81 25 63 35 89
UK 8-10 34 86 27 69 37 94
UK 10-12 37 94 30 76 40 102
UK 12-14 40 102 33 84 43 109
UK 14-16 43 109 36 91 46 117
UK 16-18 46 117 39 99 49 124
UK 18-20 50 127 43 109 53 135
UK 20-22 54 137 47 119 57 145
Taking the correct measurements

When measuring your bust and hips, make sure its on the widest parts (i.e. not under the bust or on the hip bone).

Measurer your waist at the smallest point just above your belly button.

For sizing information tailored to specific fabrics and styles please read the various infomation tabs within the products.

For more information on fit you can also check out our blog, Burnt Soul Sizing - The perfect fit.

If you're looking to make changes to a current design then see our Customise your Catsuit product for more info.

Ladies conversion size chart
UK 4-6 0-2 US 32-34 EU 4-6 AUS
UK 6-8 2-4 US
34-36 EU
6-8 AUS
UK 8-10 4-6 US
36-38 EU
8-10 AUS
UK 10-12 6-8 US
38-40 EU
10-12 AUS
UK 12-14 8-10 US
40-42 EU
12-14 AUS
UK 14-16 10-12 US
42-44 EU
14-16 AUS

Kids size chart
Babies 6-9 months 9-12 months 12-18 months 18-24 months
Height 29"/74cm 30.5"/78cm 32"/82cm 33.5"/86cm
Chest 18.25"/46.5cm 19"/48.5cm 20"/50.5cm 20.75"/52.5cm
Hips 18.5"/47cm 19.25"/49cm 20"/51cm 21"/53cm 

Kids 2-3 Years 3-4 years 4-5 years 5-6 years 6-7 years 7-8 Years 8-9 Years 9-10 Years 10-11 Years
Height 34.5"/87.5cm 37.5"/95cm 40.5"/103cm 43.5"/110.5cm
49.5"/126cm 52.5"/133.5cm 55.5"/141cm 58.5"/146cm
Chest 21"/53.5cm 22"/56cm 23"/58.5cm 24"/61cm 25"/63.5cm 26"/66cm 26.75"/68cm 27.5"/70cm 28.25"/72cm
Hips 21.5"/54.5cm 22.25"/56.5cm 23.25"/59cm 24.25"/61.5cm 25.25"/64cm 26.25"/66.5cm 27.25"/69cm 28.75"/73cm 30"/76cm