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Cool crafting ideas for adults in lockdown

January 21, 2021 0 Comments

Cool crafting ideas for adults in lockdown

Cool crafting ideas for adults in lockdown

Why craft?

Have you ever said to someone "ooh, I like your bag" for them to twirl in excitement, stating proudly "thanks, I made it!"... or perhaps you're the twirler and you know exactly what I mean! There really is nothing like the satisfaction you get from crafting something from scratch - and then USING it... mind blown.

Getting creative has been our lifeline during these lockdowns. A time to put on our go-to playlist or podcast and forget about the crazy world for a bit.

Crafting isn't just for kids and the creative 'arty' types either. In these stressful times, meditation and yoga has always been championed as the go to mood relaxer but give me a needle and some beads over a yoga mat any day of the week! In fact, crafting has long been used to reduce signs of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Loneliness
  • Dementia
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis

One study reports that the repetitive singular motion (especially with textile crafts such as cross stitching, sewing, knitting and crocheting) can enter you into a 'flow state' of mind. This is when the performance of an activity fully immerses you in a feeling of absolute focus and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

'These activities helped to improve mood and lower stress - The effort, multi-sensory engagement and anticipation of satisfaction involved in making something are related to neurotransmitters that promote joy and well-being' - The Crafts Council

A gift I received in lockdown from a friend 💖


Hey, I'll be the first to admit that some of these projects are left part finished before something else takes my attention so the trick is to find what you're passionate about and give it a purpose. Making a gift for someone is always a sure fire way to ensure you finish a project and a lovely thing to do for someone that might need a little reminder someone is thinking of them. A kit is also a great way to start as you know the end result and are given everything you need to complete the task.

Crafting isn't just knitting tea cosy and card making either, there are so many cool crafting ideas for adults in lockdown.

It's anything that lets your brain work in a creative way like sewing, beading, drawing, doodling, painting, writing, making music, designing, illustrating, acting, dancing, gardening, cooking, photography, mood boarding... the list goes on!

We've found some cool adult crafting courses, kits and tutorials to get the creative juices flowing...

"If you think artists are useless then you should try spending your lockdown without music, books, poems, movies & paintings" - Stephen King

Crafting live-online courses

For those new to crafting, or if you're wanting to try something a bit different and have no idea where to start, then there are some great live on-line courses you can try. Whilst writing this blog I stumbled on a company called Tea and Crafting which offer tonnes of different workshops online all the time. Included in the price are all the materials and tools you need to complete the project.

Another amazing recourse is a site called Craft Courses. They're like an online search engine for online and off line courses and crafting kits from workshops and artists all around the UK. They cater for everyone from beginner crafters up to the well seasoned crafter.

Here are some of our favourite courses we've found. These are all live so you will get taken through step by step and will also have someone to ask if you need a nudge in the right direction!

Wall hanging course

Learn how to make a giant knitted throw... with your arms!

Watercolour course

Origami fairy lights

fashion illustration course

Crafting kits

If you prefer working to your own schedule, or perhaps you're trying to arrange a crafter-zoom with friends, then a kit might be more suitable.

We're especially intrigued by the ring carving course. In this pack you'll receive all the tools to carve a ring our of wax, which also means you can get the fit just right for you. Once finished, you send it off to be cast either in silver or then to be gold plated!

Here are our other cool crafting kits we've found for adults that you can occupy your lockdown with:

TOP TIP: If you didn't know already, we sell our remnant fabric on our Etsy store 'We Love Spandex'. We have rolls as well as packs of mixed fabrics which are perfect for crafting!  

Dry clay pots

Carve your own ring

Crafting tutorials

For those that feel a bit more confident or experienced with their crafting skills but need some inspiration, we've found some great tutorials on line to inspire your next project.

We were especially intrigued with Shmoxd on YouTube and Instagram. He up-cycles and crafts the coolest projects and made me want to reach for the crafting box instantly!!


The Art of Suminagashi Japanese Marbling | Craft Therapy

Up-cycle your old leather boots into a journal

Up-cycle your denim jacket with cross stitch - Shmoxd has tons of creative

How could we do a crafting blog and not mention Tie-Dye?!

Wendy is such a crafting and sewing legend on YouTube

Crafting inspiration

Fancy going it alone? Here are some of our favourite art accounts to inspire and admire.










We've all heard the term stitch and bitch but actually this does nothing for our mental health. Sharing ideas on projects and talking about what is going well in your life will have a much more positive effect on your well being. Susie Pearl puts it perfectly in her book 'The Art of Creativity'.


"Surround yourself with other creative people and talk about ideas rather than talking about other people or gossiping. Talking to others helps you to build on ideas and create something new that you wouldn’t have thought of perhaps by yourself"


With Crafter-noons put on hold in lockdown - we are focusing on the Crafter-ZOOM! Get together your girl (or boy) gang and try and co-ordinate a craft you can all do together.


The conclusion?

I had so much fun researching this blog but most importantly it re-enforced the feeling I get when I'm crafting: that it does bring you calm, a sense of purpose and an excited anticipation of the end result.

My top tip would be to just start, don't think about the mess, or what house work is surely more important that starring at one inch of fabric for an hour... trust me, the benefits will be well worth it.

I hope you've found some of these cool crafting ideas for lockdown useful. I'd love to know what your craft of choice is! Comment below with any recommendations and happy crafting!

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