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Our Top 7 'Cycle to Work' Bike Accessories

October 01, 2020 0 Comments

Our Top 7 'Cycle to Work' Bike Accessories

With climate change and the affects of Covid-19 on public transport, people are opting to jump on their bikes - cycling to work is now more popular than ever!

"Think of bicycles as ridable art that can just about save the world"
- Grant Petersen Bicycle Designer

Here at Burnt Soul we're happy to say that we're all part of the cycling gang. As well as cycling to work, we all enjoy riding to the countryside, down to Clevedon for a chilly swim and ever off on cycling holidays, we just can't get enough!

With the our release of our new cycling shorts and leggings it only felt right to head out on our bikes together putting the lycra to action...

As we all cycle to work, we're always keen to find out about new accessories available to make our cycle lives more fun. So after searching the internet, we've found some fun but practical cycling accessories to keep you rolling safely and stylishly. Some of the items are also sustainable which is even better! ♻️✨



As the winter nights begin to drawn in, it won't be long before we're cycling to and from work in the dark...but don't fret! You'll be sure to light up the streets with these Reflective Leopard Print stickers, they'll have your bike looking purrfect - ready to ride though the night in the concrete jungles.

The reflective panels of our catsuits will look amazing with these fun additions to your noble steed (trusty bike), so get your catsuit on and get ready to turn some heads.


No cycling venture is complete without a little extra lycra, this Pedal Flower Jersey from Cycology is not only dreamy but its windproof 😍

The breathable fabric keeps your warm and allows any excess body heat to escape - perfect for the cool and windy days ahead! Their collection of crazy, colourful jerseys are not to be missed either and would look so cool with our Leggings (or Shorts if you can bear the cold!). The BFF Leggings are born to be paired with any and every print you can think of or do some cool print clashing with our Thunder Print.


As you all know how obsessed we are with leopard print, we couldn't resist including this gorgeous pannier bag and matching sadle cover. There is nothing more pleasing than practical items in animal's also waterproof! Pair with our OG Joan print Catsuit, Leggings, Bodysuit or Shorts for that head-to-toe leopard print we all live for.

Our Joan Leggings made from eco Life Lycra.


Pedal Power at its best! ⚡️⚡️

There's nothing worst than your phone dying when you're out on a big cycle trek!

Cycle2Charge is a USB charger for your bike, the neat little number sits on your headset and charges as you pedal! We're no bike mechanics here but it's assembly looks pretty straight forward too.


Created out of frustration from market bike lights not working as they should, Netherlands based design Hugo Van Watering created the Rydon bike light!

It has an integrated solar panel so will charge as you ride! (If you're like us here in the UK and the sun doesn't shine as much as we would like it can be charged with a USB)

It also features a theft proof steel mounting so it will stay nice and safe!


As well as looking and feeling amazing, there's nothing more important than keeping your head safe whilst you explore the streets on wheels. The Livall MT1 is a smart helmet! Not only does it protect your head, it includes:

  • Integrated HiFi stereo loudspeakers inside the helmet above the ears & microphone
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Lighting system on the back to use when signalling

Protective wear has never looked so fancy! Robyn hails this helmet as her go-to biking accessory as to it allowing her to keep the dance tunes on wherever she goes whilst keeping safe enough to be aware of her surroundings.

We suggest donning our brightest prints for your Saturday cycles to turn every ride into a party. Our newest collection prints are the brightest you can get (and give a nod to our temperamental British weather 😂)


Not forgetting our bikes will need a good old scrub from time to time! Green Oil are offering the greenest bike maintenance set on the market!

Including all your necessary cleaning accessories, but also because the tub is made of polypropylene, it can't be recycled by most councils. To get around this green dilemma, they have included....A pack of seeds!

So when you're done with the tub you can grow some delicious treats!! 🥬🥬

Make sure to keep it fully eco with our Life Lycra or Techno Lycra, made from recycled Plastic waste - you can read more on this on our Blog: '5 Reasons We Think Plastic is the Future of Fashion'.


We always wondered where do all our old bikes go?

Thankfully not all end up on the rubbish pile! We've found some amazing organisations that will take your old bikes, give them some love and pass them onto people in need of one!

The Bike Project works to aid refugees and asylum seekers who need to get out and about in London and Birmingham.

If you're around Bristol like us The Bristol Bike Project have a donation programme to support 'Earn-a-Bike' programmes or they're sold and the funds go to support their community workshops!

Thanks so much for reading... Has this blog post been helpful? Comment below to help us give you the best goss we can 💕

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