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Custom made activewear and party wear

August 20, 2020 0 Comments

Custom made activewear and party wear
Have you been dreaming up the perfect catsuit for that first night out, one-off dance-piece or exclusive exercise outfit? Well you've come to the right place... We're so excited to introduce to you our new Customise pages for all your unique unitard needs as well as our brand new Customise your Shorts and Leggings page.

Shop the new collection prints and fabrics through our Customs Pages
Rebecca wears the Diva Bodysuit

Mary Mandefield wears the Backless High Voltage in Eco Techno fabric.

We get so many of our lovely customers requesting bespoke Lycra goodies that we've decided to let you guys be the designers and put the ball in your hands. This is perfect for those that have fallen in love with one some of our stretchy garms, only to be a bit put off by a sheer mesh or specific back style. So we just thought we'd explain the process and all the different customisable options for you to get creative and shop till you drop...First up under the customise tab we've got all the options of which clothing item you want to start jujjing and getting creative with Catsuits, Bodysuits, Leggings and our new Cycling Shorts.

neon green and lilac CAD drawings of bodysuits, catsuits, unitards, leotards and leggings and cycling shorts with panelling, contrast contouring shape in lycra with waistband.

For each body contouring item, there are a huge amount of customisable options for you to choose from! First up is the choice of fabric. From popping prints to shiny foils and perfect plains as well as all our eco fabrics for you earth warriors. Your flexcellent active-wear is about to get a whole lot jazzier in any style you want! We've got all our usual faves ready for your festival-from-home and the sparkliest holographic foils for your next big hen-do, plus our new collection prints - say hello to your new UV glowing gym kit!

All our fabric options are laid out as fabric swatches to show sheerness, colour and texture and allow you to choose your faves. This includes the amount of stretch of each fabric and if they're UV with the ⚡️ symbol!

On the Customs pages, you'll see next to each fabric is also our trusty Stretch-O-Metre, which tells you exactly how firming/stretchy each fabric is and in turn lets you know whether we suggest you size up or down. Some of our new prints are also on our new eco-option 'techno' fabric which is uber stretchy, mega soft, slightly thicker and still super contouring and liftin. The eco Techno is a 4 on our Stretch-O-Metre which is demonstrated below:

From 1-5 the catsuits used:

1: High Voltage in Eco Life Lycra

2: Villain in Eco Life Lycra

3: Rainbow Jewel

4: Diva in Eco Techno Fabric

5: Siren

Stretch-o-metre showing how firming or stretchy a lycra fabric is, leopard print, black snakeskin foil and gold and orange foiled pheonix

Once you've decided which lycra base you'd like to slay the streetstyle or be your new striking sportswear it's time to choose your size. You can get further guidance in our Sizing and How To Measure guide as well as our new Body and Leg length Guide for this and remember to refer to the stretch-o-Metre. Next, pick your cut and back style. From Backless to Peekaboo to Full back - which are also reversible btw! You can even add sleeves to give more coverage or for that extra layer in the winter months whilst staying at your sparkliest (we're looking at you figure skating superstars).

Mix and match the upper lycra and lower mesh or glittermist V-panel to whatever you like, we can't wait to see the crazy combos you guys think of - the possibilities are endless! You can also switch up the reflective panel; a fave request from our aerial and silks performers to protect against wear and tear. Here's where you can also swap the sheer mesh panels for something more solid like a foil for that extra coverage.

Our Customs tab is also available for our Leggings and Shorts, where you can choose your base fabric, leg flashes and length. All the leggings and shorts have our signature smoothing and contouring high waistband with a secret pocket.

Check out some of our recent Custom Catsuits you guys have come up with!

So happy customising and creating! We can't wait to see the pics and remember to tag us in your best (and we could pick you to be our next monthly £50 voucher winner!)

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