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Daily habits to relieve stress and anxiety

October 22, 2020 0 Comments

Daily habits to relieve stress and anxiety

4 Simple daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety and give you a more chilled, calmer you!

You guys know here at Burnt Soul we're all about the positive vibes and feel good attitude, but we totally get this can be hard to maintain at the moment during the-virus-that-must-not-be-named. Still, it’s essential to continue to try to better ourselves and our lives during these challenging times. Developing and maintaining positive habits will give each day a little more sunshine and a little less doom and gloom and help us strengthen our mental state to better navigate our new normal.

So we've made a good vibes only list with some positive habits that will help you achieve a better day-to-day:

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety #1: Create a daily routine

Life can get busy, and if you struggle with organising and prioritising yourself, it can have a quite a harsh impact on your life! Creating a daily routine will help you map out your day and establish healthy habits.

A good place to start is by making a list of all the important things you have to do throughout the day, whether it’s work or personal tasks. Making a list will help you structure your day and be less overwhelmed when you are ready to tackle it - we all know how satisfying drawing a big fat line through your to-do list is!

How you want to structure your routine is entirely up to you! If you’re someone who tends to put off those super boring but super needed tasks, but is an early bird, then schedule your more bothersome tasks in the morning so that you are motivated to get them done. This will then allow you some free time in the afternoon to do the more enjoyable tasks (and maybe even some much needed 'me-time'!) Some people love a really detailed routine but make sure you don't hinder yourself with unrealistic time restrictions!

One way to stay on track with your daily routine is to make time for yourself. Remember, for every time-consuming task, give yourself a ten-minute break to simply regroup - catsuit dance break, cuppa tea or hang out with your cat for a bit to unwind! If you struggle with time management, consider downloading a time management app like Toggl to track time spent on tasks to help better schedule your day-to-day.

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety burnt soul bodysuit for yoga

Starting your day off with Yoga is brilliant for looking after your mental and physical health throughout the year...doing your sun salutation at the cold English coast is optional! Pip wears the High Voltage Bodysuit available through our Customs page.

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety #2: Stay on top of your health

Creating positive habits doesn’t stop at your health. To ensure a better life, make sure you are staying on top of your well-being. It can be easy to forget about exercise and clean eating when you’re stuck at home because of COVID-19...seriously I've seen more of the inside of my fridge this 6 months than my whole life, however, becoming a couch potato can have a massive effect on your mental and physical health!

Staying active might feel challenging, but it’s an essential part of your health. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference - and this doesn't have to be boring! This can be cycling to work, getting your roller skates on, or a little dance session in your best lycra.

Check out our blog post on 7 flex-tacular activities for staying fit and having fun for inspo! There are so many fun fitness classes that are now virtual to help you stay active and connected from the comfort of your living room. Exercise not only helps you maintain your weight but can also tackle and lower your risk of developing various diseases - all round mood lifter and stress buster!

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety yoga on the beach
Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety burnt soul catsuit for yoga
Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety burnt soul cropped vest for yoga

Racerback Cropped Vest in the Crazy Camo with matching Shorts

If you are someone who is already struggling with their health but is a bit worried about visiting a doctor's office atm, then considering connecting with a virtual primary care doctor through telemedicine could be the move for you. 🙌 Telemedicine can be super helpful for those who need a more flexible approach to doctor’s appointments but they have all the same benefits and abilities. From men who struggle with bedroom-related difficulties and need medication like Cialis for ed, to women who are expecting and need prenatal care; telemedicine offers a load of services to really keep on top of your health.

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety burnt soul bodysuit clubbercise

We've been loving @mariesdancefitness high energy and mega fun rave style dance workouts throughout lockdown - plus she's an OG Burnt Soul-er!

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety barre workout

Check out our Workout Wednesday series over on our instagram like this Quick Barre Sequence with @barredynamics. Martine wears the Mystique Catsuit.

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety #3: Make time for yourself

Life can be pretty stressful, especially at these unpredictable times. However, it’s so important you take time for yourself and your mental health during these tricky moments. Doing so will allow for your brain and your body the chance to recenter and refocus. If you feel overwhelmed and find it hard to be productive in your daily life, then taking a day to turn off your phone and relax can be really helpful - we deff need to be reminded of this sometimes! Even though it can be easier to neglect, your mental health needs you to take care of yourself!

Spending time with yourself can include a variety of things from taking up some of your favourite hobbies like crafting and painting or trying something new, like testing out a new fun recipe or taking the afternoon to write. These moments will put you in a better frame of mind and force you to develop a healthier mindset, and relationship with self-care.

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety make time for you

Putting yourself first will have you feeling your absolute best again! Rebecca wears the High Voltage Catsuit

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety flawsome

If you struggle with making time for yourself, dedicate one night a week to organise some of your favourite foods and activities. There are also many virtual activities you can enjoy to keep the night fun and entertaining. Allow yourself to indulge and enjoy yourself because life is short, and you deserve it! And don't beat yourself up for the little things, you are flawsome and don't ever forget it!

stress-busting daily habits for a happy you

Sometimes it's as simple as putting on your fave outfit and having a dance around the kitchen by yourself! @kawaiijolie wears the Thunder Vest and Leggings.

stress-busting daily habits for a happy you

@bodyposipanda is always a massive inspo for positivity and the importance of self care - wearing the Rainbow Jewel Bodysuit

Daily habits to relieve stress & anxiety #4: Learn to say no

Louder for the people at the back! 🙏 This is one I certainly need to be reminded of every now and then! Establishing healthy boundaries might not seem like am obvious daily habit you need to work on, but people struggle to prioritise themselves and their needs more often than not.


"Personal boundaries can be super challenging as you don't want to let anyone down but they're so important when it comes to looking after yourself and your mental health."


Learn to say no when you feel as though you need a moment for yourself or if you’re simply not interested in the activity. Saying no can often feel scary because you don’t want to upset or disappoint anyone, but it’s an essential habit to adopt.

If your friend invites you to lunch, but you're swamped at work or need a day to yourself, remember that's completely fine to prioritise what you need!

You are not obligated to put your mental health on the line to appease a friend or family member. This will also allow you to grow and communicate better with the people in your life so it's a win-win!

Your life is in your hands, and it’s never too late to attempt to better yourself. Talk to the people in your life to help hold you accountable, and remember that habits take time to develop, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have it all figured out. Just remember, you got this!

stress-busting daily habits burnt soul bodysuit for yoga

@mary.mandefiled always has great advice for staying positive and keeping on top of things. Mary wears the High Voltage Backless Catsuit.

stress-busting daily habits burnt soul bodysuit for yoga

Dressing up as a unicorn is a guaranteed mood lifter! @princesslumiuni wears the Rainbow Jewel Catsuit

Thanks so much for reading... we'd love to know what stress busting daily habits you have for a calmer life. Comment below and let's channel that zen 🙏

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