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Eco festival essential checklist

July 01, 2021 0 Comments

Eco festival essential checklist

Our eco festival essential checklist - what needs to be in your bag

Last week on our instagram stories we wanted to know all about your festival essentials you just couldn't live without. With such a massive response, we felt this deserved some more research so here's our Eco Festival Essential checklist.

We asked "If you were given a free Glastonbury Festival ticket but could only take 3 luxury items in with you... what would they be?"

The responses came in and we noticed that there were quite a few similar answers. As we sifted through them we though it would be great to take note for our own festival essential checklist.

We looked for items that were either sustainably made or sustainably sourced and local where possible for our top 9 eco festival essentials.

Here's just a handful of the responses to our stories

We had so many responses, trying to get it down to 9 products wasn't easy... from eco glitter to wet wipe alternatives, great festival boots and boozy treats - we've covered all festival essential bases.

Here's what we found ✨

Festival essential #1: Glitter

For our first eco festival essential, it was glitter by a long shot. Now-a-days it goes without saying that if you're gonna do glitter, It's got to be biodegradable.

Not only is it better for your face but it also prevents micro plastics from entering into the eco-system.

There are several companies that you can get your eco glitter from. Eco Stardust are a licensed seller of Bioglitter®, which is the only glitter in the world that is truly biodegradable.

They're also fellow Bristol gals and one of the first companies to education us on the damages standard glitter can cause.

Get 15% off with the code 'BURNTSOUL15' ✨

Festival essential #2: Lip balm

What an amazing feeling it is applying silky, hydrating lip balm to dry, chapped lips... but did you know that some of the most common ingredients in lip balms are actually doing more harm than good? Yikes!

The main culprit is Petroleum which is widely used for commercial lip balms (sorry to all you Vaseline lovers out there!).

Petroleum provides a layer to protect your lips but it's not effective at restoring moisture once your lips are dry. In fact it suffocates the skin underneath.

When choosing a lip balm it's best to stay clear of things like mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and parabens.

Look for items with Bees wax, natural oils and essential oils.

Wild Sage + Co have an incredible array of hand made balms, soaps and face masks. We're big fans here especiall of their Argan Beauty Balm.

Festival essential #3: Wet wipe alternative

This is one of our life hack Eco festival essentials.

After some extensive research and advice from others when looking into wet wipes, we found that the majority answer is to avoid them as much as possible - even the ones that say they're biodegradable or flushable.

But we're gonna get dirty and sweaty so what's the alternative? Dry showering!

Burning Man aficionados swear by raw coconut oil, a simple application all over then wipe it off with a towel or cloth and you will be left moisturised and smelling delicious. Raw coconut oil has many benefits:

  • Contains anti-bacterial properties to effectively kill bacteria and fungi
  • Keeps your skin hydrated
  • Helps strengthen your skin's protective barrier layer, trapping moisture inside
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for irritated, chafed skin
  • Increase collagen production

Once you've indulged in your coconut oil dry shower remember to get that suncream on!

Festival essential #4: A catsuit

It goes without saying that a Catsuit will always be on our festival essential check list but from the look of your responses, it will be on your list too.

Not only would you be the master of the fields in one but our catsuit do hold some sweet benefits to wearing one at a festival:

  • They are quick drying - the quickest actually, before you've managed to scrub off the night before (with your coconut oil concoction) they're sure to be dry and ready to roll out once again.
  • It's is a stand alone statement piece - you don't have to think or worry about what outfit to put together or what can make your outfit that little bit extra. Slip on your best boots or wellies and you're good to go.
  • Easily found - If you're the kind of person to loose yourself in the music (so much so you've lost your pals), you'll be sure to be spotted in the fields in a catsuit, unless you're in a Crazy Camo 😉
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles - We don't have to tell you how much sustainability means to us here, but did you know there is up to 9 plastic bottles in each eco catsuit?! We're strong believers of a cleaner earth for future burnt soul, are you ready to join the party?


Joan Peekaboo Catsuit ♻️

Festival essential #5: Drinks

It's blazing hot on the fields, you've danced, worked, sashayed across the floor and now it's time for a drink.

With more and more festivals banning single use plastics, the can is the obvious choice.

We've been very lucky to have been lovingly looked after by Mirabeau when we're at festivals, they offer a little taste of heaven... from a can!

They also sell a variety of bubbles, still wine and now gin too.

Festival essential #6: Solar powered charger + battery pack

For our sixth eco festival essential we're going for tech with a solar powered battery pack and device charger.

If you're a camping aficionado then you may have heard of BioLite already. They have a range of products from smokeless fire stoves (which can charge your phone at the same time?!) to solar panels charging packs like the one below.

BioLites' mission... "to bring Energy Everywhere™ with revolutionary products that transform the way we Cook, Charge and Light our lives off the grid".

The team have created amazing items that not only help with eco sustainability but also help families living in energy poverty.

These also make the best gifts for first time campers or hard core adventurers, we're still trying to work out how the fires work and charge your devices at the same time without melting... it's magic ✨

(I mean you can see how they make them online but I'm going to keep the belief it its magic...)

Solar powered charging from BioLite

Festival essential #7: Comfy footwear

Good footwear is a festival essential must.

Several answered the Instagram story with their beloved Dr. Martens' as one of the luxury item they'd take but as only 2% of their boots are actually made in the UK now (the rest are made in Asia) I decided to have a look what else was available.

Solovair make 100% of their shoes and boots in the UK and have just as much choice as their counterparts. In fact, they are actually made in the same factory that made the original 'Dr. Martens' by Solovair' until Dr.Martens was moved to Asia.

Here's a great article that compares Dr. Martens vs Solovair.

Festival essential #8: A good pillow

Over the years we've come to realise the nothing compares to the pillow you use at home so why mess with a good thing. It might be a little more faff to carry compared to your travel pillow but it's the ultimate luxury festival essential.

So how can we make it just that little bit extra?

If you'd told me a few years ago I'd be advocating silk pillowcases then I would have given you the biggest eye roll but here I am doing just that.

Here some benefits to a silk pillowcase (hold the eye roll):

  • Believe it or not it can help decrease wrinkles! As it's a smooth surface it prevents frictions compared to a normal pillow
  • As it's so silky it's also less apt to absorb your skin's moisture, leaving your skin nice and hydrated - Perfect for a hot tent
  • It will keep your hair hydrated too! Decrease your 'morning frizz', the pillow case stops bedhead and tangles to leave you looking oh so fab, night to day

Veye Silk Pillowcases from Etsy

Festival essential #9: A killer coat

Our final eco festival essential... and its a biggie! No outfit it fully complete without a mega festival coat but it has to be warm and it HAS to be fabulous.

Here's just a couple of our fave creators who have pulled out all the stops to produce the coats of our festival dreams ✨

That New Label, they're rolling out bespoke one-off wild coats of sequins, faux fur in all colours. They might be across the pond (each piece is designed and made in Melbourne) but these outfits are oh so worth it.

Wearcarbs and Loonigans teamed up to make a killer collab of festival coats, designed to look great and keep those grooving bodies warm. Based in the UK, they both create gorge pieces for your festival wardrobe.

Don't take our word for it... check them out 🕺🏼


So thats it for our eco festival essentials check list and we're are prepped and ready for when we can finally use it again.

Hope this has helped you pack for your next festival... or even a fabulous camping trip!

Let us know if theres something you just cant live without below

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