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10 Top fabulous fellas who are their own style icons

February 18, 2021 0 Comments

10 Top fabulous fellas who are their own style icons

A visual delight and some wardrobe inspo of some fabulous fellas who wear want they want, when they want

We're big believers that fabulous fashion is for everyone, of any gender! Our catsuits are to be celebrated and shown off by all, and this week we're shining the spotlight on the celeb men that really strut their stuff in some of the most fantastic outfits we've laid eyes on.

The time has come to fill your boots with a tasty fashion feast for your eyes and celebrate some fabulous fellas who are pulling out ALL the stops.

We've collected some sensational styles to be inspired by... or just to admire. From lace to fringing and sequins to double denim... we've got it covered.

"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live." — Gianni Versace

Harry Styles

One of the greatest glow-up's in style history, Harry Styles has really brought his A-game in fabulous dressing. We also have Harry Lambert to thank for some of his most beautiful looks, hold for applause...

Harry Styles in layers for Vogue, a vision in Gucci lace at the Met Gala and wrapped up for Another Man.

Luke Day

Some of you may not be aware of Luke Day, he's the editor of GQ Style The GQ Style, Fashion Director of British GQ British GQ stylist & consultant and oh so fabulous. If you weren't sure of double denim then... you will be sure of it now.

Pink Sequins have never looked so good, photographed by Doug Inglish.

Proving double denim is key and block colours, multi accessorising is on our list!

Lenny Kravitz

Singer, actor, record producer and the man I can only ever see working metallic two piece suit so effortlessly. An ever evolving style but Lenny Kravitz keeps his signature key components, shades, accessories... and a lil chest showing.

From the MTV Video Music Awards to the red carpet, Lenny knows exactly what he's doing.

Ezra Miller

A treat for the eyes, Ezra Miller expresses himself in every which way possible. From screen, to studio and the red carpet he isn't afraid to bend the rules in all the right ways. Don't take our word for it, check him out!

An optical illusion in Burberry at the Met Gala

Posing for Playboy as our dream bunny and pretty in pink or should we say Balenciaga for GQ.

Tyler The Creator

When I think of individual style I think of Tyler the Creator. A true chameleon to each style, the rapper, visual artist and designer knows how to wear everything... and wears it well.

Did you know he has his own clothing line called Golf?

Orville Peck

You just know a good thing when you see one... you may not see Orville Peck's face but with these amazing looks who cares! I am 100% all about fringing all day, everyday. Giddy-up!

Did you know Orville covers his face so he can focus on making great music

Styled by Gabriel Held for Notion. This is outstanding...

Richard Malone

Paving the way for sustainable design, womenswear designer Richard Malone is also a true spirit to expressionism through clothing. He's not afraid of colour, print or shape and neither should we!

A vision in dreamy prints and colours, from the studio to the red carpet. Bravo!

Ru Paul

Paving the way for some of the greatest suits out there Ru Paul has every print and it's perfection. Klein Epstein and Parker are behind a lot of Ru's suits for the show but let's not forget his Met Gala show zebra suit was created by Zaldy and it's a show stopper of sequins.

Ru in Zaldy at the Met Gala

There were also so many suits to choose from... how do we choose?!

Jonathan Van Ness

Proving you can wear whatever you like Jonathan Van Ness is not only a gorgeous human being but also a dream in sparkles, florals & checks. If you haven't already seen Queer Eye... I urge you to.

Did you know Jonathan made history by becoming the first solo, non-female Cosmopolitan UK cover star in 35 years?!

Jeff Goldblum

They do say that men age like a good fine wine, I believe that includes style too. Jeff Goldblum really takes the biscuit on this one, he's also living his best life in sequins and prints ✨

Did you know he has a show called The World According to Jeff Goldblum? Each episode is centered around something people all love, it's pretty insightful and fun!

Also big thanks to Andrew T Vottero for some killer styling!

Our Lads in Lycra

We're certainly no strangers here to fabulous fellas in our Lycra wear, here's a few glam shots 'cause catsuits aren't just for the felines...

@itsjust_pete glowing beautifully in a Gold Digger Catsuit

@eldonpickles living the full forest festival fantasy in our Rebel catsuit. @ginger_snapperly has hair goals and legs for days in our Siren catsuit.

Giving us all the feels in the Smile catsuit at Burning Man Festival. @daveydavec catching some sweet rays in our Tinker catsuit and @mrbonsuis giving his best angle in the Harlequin catsuit.


We'd love to know which fabulous fellas you think are killer dressers or are living the dream in Lycra! Give us a shout if you have any other questions 👇

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