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10 Fabulously fashionable face masks from independent brands

October 29, 2020 0 Comments

10 Fabulously fashionable face masks from  independent brands

Our top 10 fashionable face masks to get you noticed this winter!

Who would have thought that the hottest fashion accessory to come out of 2020 and one of the most essential items in your bag would be the face mask! Now that its a legal requirement to wear a face covering on all public places and transport, we thought we'd bring you a list of all the fun, fancy and fashionable face masks that we could find... if you're gonna keep yourself and others safe, why not look fabulous whilst doing so!

You might remember we sold face masks made from the offcuts or our bright, bold and unique prints as a charity fundraiser for the NHS back in April (how is it almost November already!!!) and although we no longer do this (we ran out of scraps!) we always want to promote other independent brands, especially if they share our ethos of frivolity and sustainability, so keep reading for your new fave reusable face covering...some more wearable than others!

It's worth mentioning that the general public generally don't wear surgical face masks. These should be reserved for NHS staff and frontline workers. Wearing a face mask also remains much less important than:

  • Practising social distancing
  • Staying home when you can
  • Washing your hands with soap and water
  • Using antibacterial hand sanitiser when you’re out and about

Having said that... any excuse to accessorise and look fabulous is an excuse worth taking!

Fashionable face masks #1: Tia Adeola

These beautiful ruffled, scuba masks by Tia Adeola (formerly known as Slashed by Tia) are making waves throughout the fashion industry and feature her signature renaissance inspired style.

Fashionable face masks Tia Adeola

Tia Adeola - Available to buy through her e-shop.

Fashionable face masks #2: Yrurari

OK these knitted masterpiece's maybe aren't for a quick nip to the shops but they are really cool and super know us we love a bit of craft! Iceland based artist @yrurari on instagram knits a whole bunch of wonderful things, you can check out her other work (and jumpers to purchase!) on her website.

Fashionable face masks Yrurari
Fashionable face masks Yrurari

@yrurari went viral over lockdown for her creative knitted masks

Fashionable face masks #3: Its Rooper

Something a little more wearable! We fell in love with the brand ROOP for their super cute bags and stayed for the equally cute masks. With all the good bits like a nose clip, a choice of coloured ribbons and a pocket for a filter, these face masks are perfect for the day to day plus 10% of each sale goes to Southall Black Sisters Charity - it's a win win!

Fashionable face masks Its rooper

Fashionable face masks #4: Twisted Twee

These fabulous reusable face masks are handmade by Twisted Twee on and are eco friendly, made in Britain and can be personalised with a message of your choice!

fashionable face masks twisted twee
fashionable face masks twisted twee

Fashionable face masks #5: Friendly Face Masks

Engineer Sonia Carley is the designer behind the UK based brand Friendly Face Masks that sells one of the first clear lip reading and hearing aid friendly face masks! With a keen eye for detail and technical know-how, Sonia made transparent, secure and comfortable face covering that are perfect for those that are hard of hearing and the community around them. They're also lightweight and breathable and it's always nice to see people smile beneath their masks!

Fashionable face masks Friendly Face masks

Get your lightweight, breathable, lipreading, hearing aid friendly, machine washable mask from the Friendly Face Masks website.

Fashionable face masks #6: Sophie Cochevelou

We came across the amazing @sophiecochevelou when we saw Sara Pascoe wearing her amazing earrings with our Rainbow Jewel Catsuit in her new series 'Out Of Her Mind' on BBC2! Her incredible creations are a kids playroom come to life with a dash of Bjork style fashion and style and we're obsessed. Her face masks are amazingly creative and unique with all the sparkle, rhinestones, animal print and everything else we love...check them out on her instagram.

Fashionable face masks Sophie Cochevelou
Fashionable face masks Sophie Cochevelou

Face mask's in header image are also Sophies.You can buy her fab non-medical face coverings on her e-shop.

Fashionable face masks #7: Lirika Matoshi

You'll probably know this brand for that amazing Strawberry dress that went viral recently but did you know they do just as cute, sequinned and sparkly face masks and scarves as well! We'll take one in every colour please!

Fashionable face masks Lirika Matoshi
Fashionable face masks Lirika Matoshi

The famous Strawberry dress with matching scarf and face covering in the OG pink or black, check out their website for more.

Fashionable face masks #8: L.O.M

One of our fave Independent brands EVER and fellow festival and party British brand L.O.M sells these bright, bold face masks and scarf/face coverings that mean you don't have to sacrifice style for safety! You can buy the masks in many of their signature prints plus they've written a really helpful blog on how to make your own DIY face mask.

Fashionable face masks L.o.m

Fashionable face masks #9: Goose Studios

These beautiful soft face masks are sewn to perfection in liberty print silk and are particularly great if you're a make-up/lipstick wearer, plus as many are 100% silk, they wont irritate sensitive skin or cause break outs. You can check out more over on their Etsy shop.

Fashionable face masks Goose Studios

Fashionable face masks #10: Jade Clark X Elizebeth Whibley

For a real stand out from the crowd and still super comfy fashionable face masks, look no further than the recent collab of OG made-to-order swimwear brand Jade Clark and artist Elizabeth Whibley. Mega feminine, groovy chick vibes and all made from lycra off cuts so you can be an eco warrior whilst protecting others and yourself AND staying fabulous!

fashionable face masks Jade Clark X Elizebeth Whibley

Jade Clark X Elizabeth Whibley face masks available on their e-shop.

Have we missed some? Comment below with your favourite fashionable face masks to add to our collection! 💕

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