Festival Camping Do's & Don'ts

Festival Camping Do's & Don'ts

We’ve spoken about festival essentials that you’re bound to forget, we spoke about what you need to know when it comes to Glastonbury and my experience there.

But now it’s time to deep dive into the do’s & don’ts of camping at a festival. So you can go there with the confidence I didn’t have.

Not going to lie, when Robyn said that I was going to be camping at Glastonbury for 5 nights… I pooped my pants. I did not have a clue about camping, NOT ONE!

' If there are two of you, don't choose a two man tent. A two man tent is perfect for one person but once you are both inside there will be little room for you to both lie down. Always choose a tent that is one person bigger than the number of people using it. '

Coming from my background, it's not something that we did as a family. My summer holidays usually consisted of going back home to Egypt to see relatives as a kid.

But you’re girl is a certified expert now, if I do say so myself. Just call me a seasoned festival babe from now on.  


Bring toilet paper with you at all times! Just do not leave your tent without it… PERIOD.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you're an hour walk away from your tent and you need a number 2. We’re not looking to make the toilet situation any harder.

When nature calls… it waits for no one, so be prepared.


No matter how hot it is, at night the temperature drops drastically and you will feel the cold. So make sure you get covered up from head to toe, fluffy socks and all.

The first night I stayed in a tent, I slept in a t- shirt and shorts. I woke up in the middle of the night shivering so much that I thought I had pneumonia. I learnt the hard way, don’t do what I did.

One of the nights me and Robyn just couldn’t get warm. The next morning we found out that the tent’s flaps were unzipped and that’s why we could feel a breeze all night. Moral of the story: make sure your tent is properly zipped up before bed. 

Like I said, in my previous blog the walking sis, is A LOT! 

The amount of blisters that I had was ridiculous considering I was wearing my most comfortable shoes. Next festival I’m going to, I'm bringing out the crocs… Sorry Robyn.


It’s a good idea to practice how to pitch and take down your tent, if you’ve never done it before.

You don’t want to be wasting your precious festival time faffing around with the guy ropes because you didn't practice beforehand.


I’ll tell you one thing, when I was looking to party I wanted to hear the music loud and clear, but when I wanted to sleep I did not want to hear it… not one bit!

If you want any sleep at all, then I beg you, do your research before buying ear plugs. It might be weird at first if you’re not used to them, but you’ll be able to get a better night's sleep with them in.

Pair it up with an eye mask and you're none the wiser.



If you’ve never experienced portaloos before then you’re in for a treat. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t pitch your tent near the toilets or you’re in for a world of pain.

Every now and then you’ll get a waft of aroma that will make you heave, but not only that… the area will also be constantly busy and therefore noisy.

People will be more likely to trip or fall onto your tent, especially if they have had a drink or three. So get to your festival nice and early so you can pick a good spot away from the festival toilets.


Bring foods that you know will have a long shelf life. Be selective with what you bring. It’s best not to take foods that will easily go off, such as meat or fish. If these are left in your bag for a couple of days, they will more than likely make you very ill.

Fresh fruit is good to take with you, but avoid fruits such as bananas or pears that will turn into a mushy mess in your bag. Apples and oranges are a much better choice.

Dried foods are obviously ideal as they won’t go off, although don’t take anything bulky that will take up precious space in your backpack.

Take foods that are high in carbohydrates as you’ll need the energy for the long days and all the walking!


Getting the right tent is important but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend an arm and a leg on it. There's plenty of second hand tents that will do, check out places like facebook marketplace to find good deals.

Remember your tent is about to go through some serious UK weather, drunk people and nature as a whole. There’s a big chance your tent could take a bit of a battering and will come back in a worse condition than when you left.

TOP TIP: If there are two of you, don't choose a two man tent. A two man tent is perfect for one person but once you are both inside there will be little room for you to both lie down. Always choose a tent that is one person bigger than the number of people using it.

Save your phone's battery sis and stop using your torch. You need lighting because surprise, surprise it gets dark at night.

Opt for some pretty battery powered fairy lights that you can decorate your tent with. Or you can be bougie and get solar panelled lanterns.

One night we came back to our tent and found out that our solar panelled light was not working, then we realised we kept it in the tent the whole time until it ran out of juice. So remember to charge it up in the sun!

Most right-minded people naturally pack their tent up after the festival and take it with them, whether they’re going to keep it for next year or dispose of it when they get home. However, many people just leave their tent there when they go home, and honestly that's just rude.

It’s disrespectful to those who have to clear the place up afterwards, and it’s a waste of a perfectly good tent. Just take your tent with you and then decide what to do with it afterwards.

Recycle it, sell it, keep it…Just DON’T leave it.

So lads, that's it, thank you for reading my do’s and don’ts of camping at a festival.

These points that I've shared with you, I've had to learn the hard way. I don’t want you to go through the same experiences. Trust me when i say, it will make your life a lot easier, at any festival.

And Oh If you want to know what I got up to at my first ever Glastonbury festival then I suggest you check out my latest blog. Happy belated festival season and I’ll chat to you soon.

Stay blessed,

Jaz xx


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