Festive holiday outfits inspired by Quality Street

One thing we adore about the Christmas festive period is that you can eat unlimited amounts of chocolate with no guilt. It's time to let loose…BABY! 





There isn't really anywhere you can go without seeing a chocolate tin lingering around luring you in. So we thought we’d have a bit of fun with this blog post and create a fun festive styler inspired by a Quality street chocolate box, featuring our brand new foil fabrics. Throughout this blog you will come across our custom catsuit & legging designs from our design lab

Yes you might think we’re mad for inspiring your next fit with chocolate, but you know it makes sense around Christmas holidays, So let's find out which one tickles your fancy shall we… 

Strawberry delight: 

We chose a mixture of fabrics from the fabric library to create this custom catsuit on the design lab  


The most iconic chocolate in the quality street tin is the strawberry delight. Not only do they look the bougiest there, they come wrapped in red foil to really bring the drama. 

We designed a full back custom catsuit with the main fabric being red foil, Blackcurrant foil for the upper V with reflective and black Glittermist for the lower V & leg flash. 

For the rich auntie vibes, we opted for these glamorous red gloves & bows from Miscreants, these gorgeous diamante bow shoes from Zcrave and finished the look with these crystal earrings from Wolf & Badger . This whole outfit is giving me red velvet, if you know what i mean.  

Toffee Finger: 

burnt soul custom catsuit holiday party outfits

We chose a mixture of fabrics from the fabric library to create this custom catsuit on the design lab   


This chocolate finger is not one for weak toothed, but if you're still a sucker for a toffee finger, then this look is for you. 

For this look we went for our customisable Starstruck catsuit with a white/gold foil base with gold holo crackle, copper & silver foil panels. To really give that caramel look we found these gorgeous gold melting hoop earrings by Marie June, and these killer fringe gold boots by Jessica Simpson


The purple one: 

burnt soul custom catsuit holiday party outfits

To customise our high trailblazer waisted flares & racer back top we chose a range of purple toned fabrics from the design lab 


Ahh the nation's favourite…and for a good reason. These yummy miniature chocolates are individually wrapped in an iconic purple wrapper. So we chose all our purple toned fabrics like sugar plum, Amethyst & lilac Holo crackle to design our custom Trailblazer flares & racerback top

To style this powerful outfit, we paired it with this sultry satin bag by Laia Alen, a statement feather hat by The Sensualist and these unique earrings by Mignonne Gavigan. 

Orange Chocolate Crunch: 

burnt soul custom catsuit holiday party outfits

We chose the orange foil fabric for the custom leggings 


When it comes to winter, vitamin C is needed. The orange chocolate crunch can’t be slept on at Christmas, it can be technically classed as one of your five a day and save you from a cold right…Too far? 

For this outfit we paired our custom orange foil leggings with a copper leg flash, to add more texture to the look we paired it with this ruffle top & diamante bag by Cult Gaia. To accessorise we picked these gorgeous dangly earrings by Wolf & Badger to really bring the party to the outfit.  


burnt soul custom catsuit holiday party outfits


We chose our custom flip catsuit for this all pink outfit 


Sitting pretty in pink and trying not to fudge things up, this creamy choco is a relatable one for sure. For this girly outfit we designed our custom flip catsuit with Bubble Gum & Blackcurrant foil. 

With this outfit we focused on accessories to really bring out the playfulness of this look. We added a Silk head wrap by Silke London, a cute clutch bag and shoes both by Cult Gaia.

Coconut eclair: 

burnt soul custom catsuit holiday party outfits


We chose our ink foil fabric for our high waisted flares   


It might not be the most popular option but it's an OG. love it or hate it, this blue wrapped choco is here to stay. With new years around the corner this outfit is defo one to give you some outfit ideas for any new years parties planned. 

For this look we customised our high waisted custom flares in the ink foil. We then put it together with this sequin jumper from Cult Gaia, the headdress is from Ciara Monahan and the shoes are from Coast

Caramel swirl: 

burnt soul custom catsuit holiday party outfits


our Gold Boudicca top is perfect for the caramel swirl 

Hard on the outside, smooth on the inside. When you get the caramel swirl choco it's like striking gold, because it's always one of the first to go. 

For this sassy number we paired the Gold Boudicca bodice with this dreamy skirt by Tadoupika Paris, gold boots by Jeffrey Campbell and this gorgeous embellished beret by Soul Sergeants.  


And that's it, thank you for reading our blog all about our ‘festive outfits inspired by quality street.’ We hope we’ve inspired you through our love of chocolate. 

And…If you want some festival inspired party looks, read our latest blog about how to ‘Add some festival to your festive outfits’

Merry Christmas guys & Happy New year!  

Love from

The Burnt Soul Team xx

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