5 Wild Ways to Get Active: Fitness... but not as you know it ⚡

January 16, 2019

5 Wild Ways to Get Active: Fitness... but not as you know it ⚡

So it's 2019... if you're anything like us you're thinking this year's the year you want to make changes and get healthier, but not set yourself up to fail... and 2 weeks in... the treadmill's lost its appeal pretty quick! 

For us... it's alllll about finding the activity you can't get enough of - something fun, something that you love right from the start but keeps rewarding you as you bend that bit further, finally land that trick, or score that goal - and the rest will follow. We're all about positive changes, not unrealistic aims for a 6 pack in six months, losing 4 stone when you're goddamn gorgeous just as you are... it's about choices to make your life happier, boost your energy and having the best time doing it. 

We LOVE all the crazy cool things you guys get up to in your Lycra, and you've put us on to a whole load of ways to keep fit that we'd never thought of. We also want to celebrate our giveaway (that's just launched over on our Instagram here) with Move GB to give one of you lucky lot a free membership to the most flexible kind of "gym", along with a brand new Karma Catsuit, to get you going!

Here are 5 of our fave ways we've discovered to keep fit, hope they give you some inspo to keep active, keep it wild and unique - and find a long term love that fits in with what makes you you.

1. It's Britney B*tch

Burnt Soul Fun Fitness At Your Beat Studio

Image: At Your Beat 

Make like a music video and sass. it. up. There are so many of these classes popping up and we are HERE FOR IT. Whether you want to channel your inner Ms Spears at At Your Beat (available in London and in NYC), get your Yoncé on at Move Your Frame, be the next Carnival Queen or Vogueing goddess - there's a class for you.

2. Rave Yourself Fit

Clubbercise Burnt Soul Fun Fitness Blog

Image: BodyAndSoul Clubbercise 

Like a lot of Burnt Soul babes and boys... you may well be used to getting half your weekly steps on a dancefloor somewhere! Keep up that Dry January promise and swap out that G&T without giving up your raving fix... with classes like Clubbercise for cardio based dance classes with a black light twist. Or, for those of you who'd rather jump on a bike instead and get a Techno Hiit - hit up SoulCycle, Psycle or BoomCycle for a class near you.

3. Spin me Right Round

Burnt Soul Fun Fitness Hooping

Image: Miss Hoopdidoo in the Jolt Peekaboo Catsuit

Hooping madness... you guys know by now that we are massive fans of our Hoop community, not only is it crazy fun and satisfying when you manage to land a trick like magic... it also "gets your abs harder than diamonds" As Marawa says (super hooping World Record holder and general all round badass - Queen of the Stiletto Rollerskate - do not try this at home!!). In the UK, we love Hulaballoo and Playtone, in the US keep an eye out for Miss Mojangles' Hoopography courses... and you can find hula hoop classes all over the UK here.

4. Bend, Flex, Sparkle 

Disco Yoga Burnt Soul Fun Fitness Blog

Image: DiscoYoga in Retro Silver Jewel Burnt Soul

Love flexing, moving and getting your Namaste on, but want to switch it up a little with a bit more of a party vibe? Well... you're in luck because there are some mega classes out there right now, all with different music twists for whatever tickles your fancy.  Love yourself a bit of Earth Wind & Fire? Get yourself down to Disco Yoga - these girls will even treat you to a healthy cocktail afterwards... Kale Mojitos don't count during dry January, don't worry ;) 
Fancy yourself as something of an 80s Madge? Time to get Vogueing then with the Voga chicks. A little more aerobic than your standard yoga stretch, but with the fierce dance moves and the tunes you won't be bothered by the burn.
Or what about some Deep House, disco and glitter? Hit up Groove Om Yoga for some serious sparkle stretching sass.  

5. Sugar how'd you get so fly?

Kaylens Circus Photography Aerial Silks Image Burnt Soul Fun Fitness Blog

Image Kaylens Photography of Ensilklopedia in the Luna Catsuit

For those of you looking for something totally new, let's get all Cirque de Soleil up in here. Aerial Lyra Hoop, Aerial Silks and Trapeze classes are a hot way to get yourself seriously toned up, and learn an uber impressive new skill. You can find a whole load of them over on Move Gb if you want to book in a taster session and have a go.  


So what do you reckon? Let us know if you give any of these a go or if you have any cool recommendations below in the comments!

You can shop our Catsuits, Bodies and Leggings to get yourself kitted out here.

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