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Funny Memes to kick off your January 2021

January 14, 2021 0 Comments

Funny Memes to kick off your January 2021

Funny memes from the start of 2021 to get you through January!

They say that laughter is the best medicine and we also love a meme so we're here with a bit of light relief from the less than rosy start to 2021. Here are some of our favourite memes and Instagram posts from January so far!

All hail DJ Fat Tony and his memes!

If you don't know of DJ Fat Tony yet then you have a whole year of hilarious memes and post to catch up on from his account @DJ_FatTony_

Queen of memes... it's Gemma Collins

Bringing us all the drama we need from afar. The iconic JC has a whole account dedicated to memes and this one sums up the recent Netflix fee rise perfectly 😂. Follow @GemmaReacts for more.

Real life memes

Depop Drama is one of our all time favourite accounts to follow for some light relief and this has to be one of our all time faves!

Iconic memes

Icons supporting icons! If you're a 90's child then this one is for you... @Hunsnet is a treasure trove of 'Hun culture' - you will be sucked in!!

Awwww memes

Our post wouldn't be complete without a cute cat post from @meowingtonsco

Memes to live by...

Do we need to say any more 😂 Check out the account @9gag for loads more of funny memes and posts.

Not today memes

This has to be one of our all time fave lockdown memes from @__Memesfordays___

Superhero memes

If squirrels weren't cool enough already ♥️ Post from @memezar

Cruel to be kind memes

The power play is real! Love this meme from @Memzar

'We all know one of these people' memes

Hands up if you know someone like this!! ✋✋ Meme from @blessedbitchmemes

Comment your fave funny meme for 2021 below!

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