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Top 10 Halloween costumes for 2021

October 07, 2021 0 Comments

Top 10  Halloween costumes for 2021

Ideas for your 2021 halloween costumes

Without a doubt Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year and what better way to get ready for your big Halloween 2021 costume party than a top 10 selection of costume ideas!

Of course with a little help of some Burnt Soul Catsuits to get your costumes going... you'll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you're going a little darker, releasing your inner Catwoman, rocking out like Freddie Mercury or living your best Carole Baskin life. This collection of costume ideas and jumpsuits is a real feast for your costume imagination!

With so much to choose from, what will your costume be this Halloween?

Halloween costume #1 Maleficent

Tired of being the the good witch? How about something a little darker... Maleficent is a perfect way to enter the dark side.

Style our Full Back Siren jumpsuit, this Disney villain can be styled with a cape and don't forget complete your costume with some great home-made or Etsy made horns.


Our Full Back Siren catsuit is ready for the spooky season

Halloween costume #2 Harley Quinn

From one villainous character to another, she's big in the comic game... Harley Quinn. Did you know actress Margot Robbie is wearing our Amazon Catsuit?!

It's a vintage classic unitard but you can still get your own in our Design Lab!

Pair it with another classic piece, her leather fringed coat is Topshop (a throwback!) but you can find similar or second hand ones on ebay. It's the perfect punk chíc costume.


Some silver screen action of Harley in our Amazon unitard


Feel your most Harley Quinn self in your very own Amazon Catsuit!

Halloween costume #3 Cher

So she's not super spooky but who wouldn't want to be Cher this halloween?! As you already know how much we love Cher here, but why not get into your best two piece or jumpsuit to channel the one and only...

This costume inspo pairs perfectly with out Dreamer Wrap Top & Flares (don't forget out Racerback Top), super soft swirly velvet has us feeling our full Cher fantasy.

More of jumpsuit lover? We also made our Dreamer in a backless catsuit...


Our icon @Cher in a patchwork sequin jumpsuit

Halloween costume #4 Catwoman

It's a club classic... Catwoman, she's feisty, sleek and ready for action.

Whether you take your costume inspiration this Halloween from OG Catwoman Eartha Kitts classic style to Michelle Pfeiffer's PVC iconic catsuit and Anne Hathaway's revamp of the feline character, you can't go wrong.

Our Long Sleeve Backless Siren Catsuit is the perfect addition for this costume, pair it with a tail, some whiskers and of course some ears. You'll look purrrfect.


Icons only... Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer & Anne Hathaway


Get your ears and tail ready with our long sleeve backless catsuit

Halloween costume #5 Unicorn magic

Rainbow, glitter and all things sparkly... if a spooky costume ain't your bag why not be a Unicorn?! We took full inspiration for this Halloween costume from our best Burnt Soulers in their full Unicorn sparkles ✨

We couldn't not include unicorns as a Halloween costume as it fit's so perfectly with our best selling Rainbow Jewel Catsuit. Match the jumpsuit with a cute tutu / tail, a bold wig and don't forget a sparkly horn (this one lights up!)



@Hollie and @Charity.grace's little as rainbow unicorn delights!


Don't forget our Rainbow Jewel fabric will soon to be no more, so get em' quick!


Gorge @GraceElisabeth & @Alicia giving us glam unicorn vibes

Halloween costume #6 Better the devil you know

Looking for the perfect duo costume this Halloween? Here's a cute choice for you and your bestie this spooky season, get those character straight off your shoulders and onto the dance floor.

Whats more perfect to pair these characters than with our Phoenix and Luna catsuits?! You'll just need an addition of some horns, tail and a halo, wings. You're good to go! The real question remains... Who's the angel and who's the devil?


Are you more team Phoenix or team Luna?

Halloween costume #7 Glam rock gods

Time to release your inner glam rock god & goddess for your 2021 Halloween costume party. You couldn't have jumpsuit glamour without mentioning David Bowie and unitard aficionado Freddie Mercury.

Channel their super stage style with our Midnight Starstruck & Starstruck Luna Catsuits, throw that glitter on, back comb that hair and get ready to rock.


David Bowie is full glamour, a saltue to you starman


Our gorgeous Alaina wears our Starstruck jumpsuits


Just a small handful of Freddie's dreamy catsuits... stunning

Halloween costume #8 Carole Baskin

I know one woman really made the headlines this past year during the pandemic and she's definitely will inspire this years halloween costumes... Carole Baskin.

We've got you covered on the catsuit, it's Joan or nothing really 😉 but what about her signature floral headband? Well, look no further than floral headwear designer Astrid!

Her Empressive Headwear collection is the florally purrfect addition to really take this costume from drab to fab!


Carole in all her leopard print glory


Stunning head pieces from Empressive Headwear


The most purrrfect Joan jumpsuit

Halloween costume #9 Tony the tiger

Not all Halloween costumes have to be serious and we've not wanted anything more than to feel grrreat! Why not take inspiration for your catsuit costume then from the man himself Tony the tiger!

This costume couldn't get any easier, pair our Roxi flip with a cute red neckerchief and the floor is yours! A little face paint wouldn't go a miss either...


She's grrreat! Our Roxi flip has you Tony ready.

Halloween costume #10 ABBA

Are you a dancing queen? This years Halloween costume just got a whole more disco and if we're talking about disco, we're talking ABBA.

Get your into the groove with your pals, pairing your sparkle tops, big hair with our new flares and your best platforms. Mics at the ready for your best version of Waterloo, capes flowing... your 2021 Halloween has never looked so good.


ABBA truly know the meaning of group glam style


Rachel wears our new Joan & Sandy flares

We'd love to know you costume ideas for your 2021 Halloween party! Comment below 💖

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