How To Wear Your Harness Skirt

October 12, 2018

How To Wear Your Harness Skirt

Your Harness skirt has just arrived and you can't wait to get out there sashaying left right and centre, but you're not quite sure how to make sense of all the straps and fastenings.... don't worry, we've got you! 

It's super simple once you know how. Let us talk you through it quickly. It'll only take a hot sec!

Burnt Soul How To Fasten your Harness Skirt

1. Take your skirt by the two hoops on either side of the main body of the skirt. Each of these hoops will have straps attached to it. 

2. With the stars facing away from you, loop it around behind your back.

3. Keep hold of these loops and take hold of the strap that is loose and not attached to the skirt (on the left of the photo). 


4. Take this strap across your waist to the other hoop.

5. Loop the strap through the hoop.

6. Choose a comfortable fit, and fasten the popper together to secure.

Burnt Soul How to Fasten Harness Skirt

7. Take the remaining hoop, with only one strap attached.

8. Take the loose strap on the opposite side.

9. Loop the fastening through the hoop and fix the popper.

Burnt Soul How To Wear Your Harness Skirt

10. Check the waist is sitting as you'd like, adjust poppers on either side of the belt for the perfect size.
11. You're all set!
12. Time to steal the show. 
Want the a matching catsuit or bodysuit to wear with your harness skirt? Check out the Enchantress range here, or to mix and match check out all our catsuits, bodysuits and leggings.

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Below is a size chart to guide you to your best Burnt Soul size along with some information of the different types of fabrics we use.

Fabrics - The amount of stretch you have in different styles will depend on the fabric it's made from.

Foils - We use a few different types of foils in our designs and they all act slightly differently. The black snake print we use for the Siren Catsuits is the most stretchy fabric we use but the rest of the foils tend to have less stretch due to the glue and foil coating.

Prints - The lycra we have recently started using for all our prints is a recycled Life Lycra. This is less stretchy compared to the Lycra we have used previously so if you're a repeat customer, you may feel the difference when buying the same sizes.

Sequins - The sequin fabric we use is embellished onto stretchy mesh so it has less stretch and acts differently compared to the Lycra catsuit. Whilst we have tried to allow for this in the sizing, if you're in between sizing then we suggest going for the larger size.

Leg length - All of the legs are cut more on the longer side and are comfortably suitable for an inside seam of 28"-35". Rebecca pictured here is 5'5" and we did roll these under by a few inches. If you want these tailored to your length click here to add an alteration along with the purchase of your catsuit. This will make the piece non-returnable.

Long torso - Due to the cut, the backless catsuits offer a lot more give so these are recommended for a longer body. We will also be offering torso alterations very soon!

Please contact us for more information or advice on sizing.


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