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Supporting LGBTQ+ Owned Brands & Small Businesses For Pride And Beyond

June 17, 2021 0 Comments

Supporting LGBTQ+ Owned Brands &  Small Businesses For Pride And Beyond

My name is Luisa-Christie (she/her) and I’m a plus size, bisexual, content creator. I’m also a one woman team running my Influencer Marketing agency Loud Cat Social helping brands reach people on social media.

I am really passionate about representation. Not just during the dedicated calendar months, or when movements gain momentum, but all year round.

I believe that people of all kinds should be represented all the time - across everything, including social media and advertising.

Spurred by a short instagram video (check it out here) I made showing my impression of when brands only care about LGBTQIA+ people during Pride Month, the wonderful Robyn - founder of Burnt Soul asked me to write a blog about UK based LGBTQ+ owned companies, so here we are!

So below you’ll find 10, in reverse alphabetical order (just to mix it up) - of all kinds of products (some LGBTQ+ focussed, others not) to jazz up your home, your walls, your clothes, your shoes, or your body (some could go perfectly with your fave Burnt Soul catsuit)!


Products: Jewellery, Prints, Phone Cases, Stickers

About: Venus Libido (she/her) is a sex educator and illustrator who creates colourful and vibrant art. You can buy prints of her work, or some are available on stickers and phone cases, too. She often partners with brands to create bespoke commissioned work (including It’s A Kittens World and Ohne)


Products: Pins, Shoelaces, Lace Locks

About: I first came across The Pin Prick at London Queer Fashion show and I had the loveliest chat with Jarrell (he/him): the founder, creator and all round artist with an amazing eye for shapes and details.

So many of the pins they sell are so unique in their design. I bought a few things on the day and have since bought more too. I have bisexual flag lacelocks proudly on my rollerskates. I am such a sucker for the colours of the bi flag, and wear my sexuality on my sleeve (/hair) so just love having pins/lace locks that match.


Products: Candles, Diffusers

About: For the candle fanatics (who am I kidding, that’s all of us, right?) check out Lazy Paige Aromas who do eco-friendly, natural soy wax, highly scented candles and diffusers with no nasties inside + people are encouraged to reuse and repurpose the jars once the candles have been used up.

Founded by Paige the company is Black Owned, and Queer. Born after realising how much she used candles in her wellbeing and self care routines


Products: Polymer Clay Jewellery

About: Founded by Kelly & Zoe (both she/her) of @ourtransitionallife - KelZo hand make Polymer Clay jewellery so you can represent your Pride flag colours all year round.

Their jewellery is colourful and playful and they can make custom designs too if you want. Their shop came highly recommended by lots of people I know, and I hope to get my hands on something from them soon.


Products: Greeting Cards, Pins, Mugs, Coasters, Magnets, Mirrors, Socks, Scrunchies, Notebooks, Books… And more!

About: I first found out about Katie Abey (she/her) and her products when a friend gave me a cute unicorn pin from her store. It was white and covered with tattoo like doodles and completely adorable. I still have it somewhere… Years later I still follow Katie and adore her colourful artwork, sometimes with a rude word or 2 thrown in.

Her designs are always vibrant and seeing her posts in my feed are welcome dose of rainbow! Katie Abey’s Etsy store labels itself as “Positive Things For Proud Weirdos” and a “Rainbow Haven of Weird” - the perfect descriptions for Katie’s colourful corner of the internet.


Products: Make-up - eyeshadow palettes and lipgloss (launching 18th June)

About: Georgie Cosmetics is a vegan & cruelty-free brand started by Make-up creator Georgie Aldous (he/him).

A wonderful, passionate and talented person who has always created eye catching makeup looks, so it made perfect sense he would launch a make-up brand too! I have both palettes from Georgie Cosmetics and use them often - lovely shadow formulas!


Products: Candles, T-shirts

About: “Candles for Cultured C*nts” - anti-establishment merchandise and all vegan and eco too... For the liberal, anti-right wing clientele.

Candles feature sassy/tongue in cheek slogans and phrases, for the perfect mantle piece/coffee table conversation starter.


Products: Handcrafted Silver Jewellery

About: Founded by Riley (He/They Campfire and Compass make handcrafted nature inspired jewellery for all genders, often featuring stunning stones.

Everything is also responsibly sourced, and products/packaging are vegan friendly and sustainable. There are a few pieces on the site I have my eye on...


Products: Prints, Pins, T-shirts, Tea Towels

About: Cressida (she/her) is a queer illustrator and artist I came across via London Queer Fashion Show.

She sells gorgeous prints, pins, and screen printed t-shirts. Many are limited edition so if something catches your eye - be quick.


Products: Prints

About: Founded by Anshika ‘Ash’ Khullar (they/them) who is British Indian, and non-binary. Their art is “packed full of visual metaphors and largely character-driven” and the prints are full colour masterpieces that have clearly been meticulously created over many hours.

Their most recent piece alone took 21 hours from start to finish. Their illustration work for Stonewall Book Award The Black Flamingo is award winning.


Please don’t just consider these businesses as places to shop during Pride Month - they sell their fantastic products all year round. Sexualities aren’t seasonal, so your purchases shouldn’t be either.

If you’re looking for: a card for a special someone, a print for your gallery wall, a new candle for your self care Sundays, or a new piece of jewellery… Spend a bit of time looking through this list, or finding any other LGBTQIA+ small independent business to support instead of the first options that come up on google.  

I hope this has been a useful resource, please bookmark it and share with your friends, and if there are any others I should check out, you can find and follow me at @luisachristie on all social platforms, my main (aka ‘favourite’) platform is instagram (I’m the most responsive there too).

You can find all of my links on

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading. Luisa x

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