Make Something Week - Day 1: Mirror Ball Shoes

November 19, 2018

Make Something Week - Day 1: Mirror Ball Shoes


For long time Burnt Soul lovers… you guys will already know that we don’t usually support Black Friday. It’s not that we don’t want to offer you guys discounts and promotions, if you’re on our mailing list we send out exclusive deals there, and we love a giveaway too! Black Friday became a holiday because it was known in the retail world as the worst sales day of the year. As a holiday based solely on pushing you to spend money and over consume, it makes us a little uneasy.

We totally appreciate that our catsuitsbodies and leggings are at the higher end of some people's budgets… and this is in part because we’re choosing not to be a fast fashion brand churning lots of product out - and our costs are higher to reflect the quality and ethical practices. We don’t want to pressure you into an impulse buy, we want your Burnt Soul piece to be something you cherish and love, and wear time and time again!

This is nothing against any brands who ARE doing Black Friday either it’s totally down to choice and necessity - and we’ve been known personally to be caught by a crazy discount over the weekend in the past, this year though we’ve decided to offer an alternative…

Every day this week we will be sharing a blog for Greenpeace International's Make Something Week, on how to take something you have already and turn it into something you really love! As part of this, we’re also offering you the chance to get some colourful sparkly Burnt Soul studio fabric scraps free of charge (just covering the postage) if you’re feeling inspired and want to get crafty!

To kick it all off with a bang Robyn, our Creative Director, has made a video of how she upcycled some old platforms into Mirror Ball masterpieces worthy of the Studio 54 dance floor!! Needless to say, I'm sure you'll see them featured in our next photo shoot.

What you'll need:

1. Mirror Tile Sheets (we used 6) - We bought these from our local craft shop but you can also get them from ebay here

2. A pair of old shoes - The chunkier the heel, the better the effect! 

3. A strong adhesive - Don't be tempted to use PVA (too weak) or super glue (this will smoke the glass) We use Gem Tac

4. Silver spray

5. Masking tape

6. Scissors

7. Scalpel or craft knife 

8. Patience! 



Good Luck! 

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