Menswear Edit: Seeing Our Catsuits in a Whole New Light

October 24, 2019

Menswear Edit: Seeing Our Catsuits in a Whole New Light

We've always said that our catsuits look amazing on guys as well as girls, now here's he proof! Whether it's a summer men's festival fashion vibe you're after, you want an outfit fit for the stage, or just love standing out from the crowd, we've got every look covered.
We absolutely love how Kieron, our Burnt Soul model, styled our meggings and catsuits for our mens photoshoot, so we thought we'd share the looks with you!

Look 1: Amazon Meggings

Foil Holographic Mens Menswear Leggings Meggings Festival Lycra Styling Style

  1. Hoodie: Lazy Oaf - £79.00
  2. Amazon Meggings: Burnt Soul - £55.00
  3. Sunglasses : ASOS Marketplace - From £9.00
  4. Earrings: That Thing - £6.00
  5. Trainers: Converse (stylists own) **
** Hot Tip - If you're on a budget you can find a huge range of converse trainers on Depop, these were bought for £20!


    Look 2: Harlequin Meggings 

    Mens Meggings Leggings Black and White Circus Costume Festival Style Styling

    1. Faux Fur Coat: Ebay - From £45.00
    2. Harlequin Meggings: Burnt Soul - £55.00
    3. Sunglasses: ASOS Marketplace - From £9.00
    4. Boots: Dr Martens - From £139.00 **
    5. Necklace: Model's Own

    ** Hot Tip - Many gently worn Dr Martens can be on eBay


    Look 3: Golddigger Meggings

    Gold Holographic Disco Festival Mens Leggings Meggings Menswear Style Styling Holographic Snake Skakeskin Lycra

    1. Faux Fur Bucket Hat: ASOS Marketplace - From £25.00
    2.  Golddigger Meggings: Burnt Soul - £60.00
    3. Sunglasses: Wild Thing - £16.00
    4. Shirt: Beyond Retro - £22.00
    5. Boots: As Before
    6. Jewellery: Model's Own


    Look 4: Rebel Meggings

    Mens Meggings Leggings Festival Print Printed Lycra Eco Eco-lycra Style Styling

    1. Tassel Earrings: That Thing - £10.00
    2. Rebel Meggings: Burnt Soul - £60.00
    3. Faux Fur Coat: ASOS - £95.00
    4. Trainers: Adidas - £64.95


    Look 5: Silver Disco Meggings

    Silver Disco Holographic Foil Shine Shiny Festival Mens Menswear Lycra Spandex Style Styling

    1. Earrings: Wild Thing - £16.00
    2. Silver Disco Meggings: Burnt Soul - £60.00
    3. Hoodie: Lazy Oaf - £85.00
    4. Sunglasses and Trainers as before.


    Look 6: Golddigger Full Back Catsuit

    Catsuit Jumpsuit Mens Menswear Bodysuit Festival Holographic Metallic Foil Snake Snake Print Gold Shine Shiny Style Styling


    1. Sunglasses: ASOS Marketplace - £15.00
    2. Golddigger Full Back Catsuit: Burnt Soul - £140.00
    3. Faux Fur Jacket: ASOS - £156.00**
    4. Jewellery: Model's Own
    5. Trainers: As Before
    **Hot Tip - There are lots of Vintage Faux fur Coats on Depop, if your budget is limited.
    Look 7: Siren Full Back Catsuit
    Catsuit Black Snake Snakeskin Lycra Mens Menswear Jumpsuit Bodysuit Festival Style Styling
    1. Faux Fur Jacket: Stylist's Own**
    2. Siren Full Back Catsuit: Burnt Soul - £125.00
    3. Trainers: As Before

    **Hot Tip: There are many faux fur coats available on WeKoko

    Look 8: Leopard Print Meggings
    Leopard Leopard Print Cheetah skin Eco Eco-Lycra Lycra Print Men Menswear Leggings Meggings Festival Style Styling

    1. Mustard Beret: Beyond Retro - £12.00
    2. Leopard Print Meggings: Burnt Soul - £50.00
    3. All other Accessories: As Before


    Look 9: Harlequin Full Back Catsuit


    Black and White Costume Festival Catsuit Jumpsuit Mens Menswear Style Styling Lycra Eco Eco-Lycra


    1. Faux Fur Coat: Beyond Retro - £52.00
    2. Boots: As Before
    3. Harlequin Full Back Catsuit: Burnt Soul - £120.00
    4. Accessories: As Before


    Which is your favourite look?? Let us know below!

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