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If you follow us on instagram, facebook or TikTok, you might already know that we've recently launched our brand new cropped sweatshirts & unisex hoodies. The feedback so far has been amazing and as you've been so invested in our new venture into loungewear, we thought we’d take you through the whole design process, from start to finish. 


Ziggy is wearing our custom Hoodie & Jaz is wearing the cropped custom panelled sweatshirt


Creative process of our custom loungewear

Robyn had an idea in mind and was inspired by the V shape that we already have in our catsuits, she wanted to imitate that with panels. She knew that the sweaters needed to be colourful and bright so it complements peoples festival outfits, rather than just cover it. 

One thing that we knew for sure was that a cropped design was a must, not only would it go with a lot of our high waisted leggings & catsuits but it will also flatter a lot of different body shapes. 

Another thing we wanted to incorporate was a new animal print to spice it up a bit. Zebra print has been on trend for the last couple of years, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. So us being animal print obsessed we had to mix up the fabrics with some zebra print too! 


lilac zebra white and pink cropped sweatshirt

Our panelled cropped sweatshirts & hoodies are customisable  

Custom loungewear fabric

One thing we were sure of if we were going to do Loungewear, those sweatshirts & hoodies better be warm & cosy, and made from great quality fabrics that will last 

Here we became torn between opting for recycled fabrics, like we do for our catsuits and other Lycra pieces, or natural fibres. As we intend these pieces to be worn on a regular basis, breathability and quality were high on our list. Pair that with the fact that cotton will bio-degrade where the recycled yarn will not, and we decided to go a 75% cotton blend French Terry for our plain colours, an 80% cotton Jacquard for the zebra prints and a 97% cotton rib for the cuffs, neck and waist bands.

As very little fabric is produced in the UK, we decided to shop direct from the factories to reduce our carbon footprint. Most of the time, when buying wholesale fabric - you’re buying from a merchant which can mean the fabric has been shipped all over the world before arriving with you. 

Great... you’d think this means that the cost for us and for you would be less right?! Wrong. 

We love to offer as much variety as we can in our design lab and we also don’t want to over produce items before we know they’ll be a hit. So we’ve ordered smaller quantities of 9 main fabrics and 3 ribbed fabrics to give you a mind boggling 1,771,470 different combinations just for the Hoodie alone!



We couldn't decide on the fabric swatch combinations so it was decided to add our loungewear to our design lab instead


Sadly none of the suppliers we found had applied for the GOTS certificates we were looking for, making this our priority going forward. The Company we’re working with is also focused on improving these standards so watch this space.


Custom loungewear designs

We have always wanted to be a brand that takes in consideration our customers' opinion. So we whacked it up on our story as soon as we made our first trial sweater, to see what you all thought. And damn our dm’s were on fire! 

A lot of you loved the cropped sweatshirts but some were concerned that they would be too short for taller women. So we took on the constructive feedback, and thats how the unisex hoodies were born. 

 custom cropped & long sweatshirts and hoodies with zebra print burnt soul

Our custom panelled hoodies, cropped sweatshirts, unisex sweatshirts & unisex joggers can be customised with add ons  


One thing that kept creeping up was the fact that a lot of people wanted matching joggers too, so we trailed, tested them out just in time for the shoot, & now we can say we have matching loungewear sets! 


colourful green custom panelled loungewear tracksuit set burnt soul

You can match any our custom panelled sweatshirts/ hoodies with our unisex custom joggers


Custom loungewear add-on design features

After getting the design right & adding a choice to chose a unisex sweatshirt too, we then looked into ways of customising it to really make it special. 

To do this, we chose to make it completely customizable through our design lab. We wanted to give people the choice to add on details to elevate their new sweatshirt & really make it your own. 

You can decide to add these details as an extra

  • A hood trim 
  • add pockets 
  • finish off the mid sleeves/ the front seams of the cropped version with piping
  • The colour of the hoodie ties


Unisex panelled custom hoodie with zebra print burnt soul

 Ziggy is wearing our custom panelled hoodie with a zebra print design



And that's it, thank you for reading our blog ‘All about our new custom sweatshirts.’ We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our process, and we hope our decisions reflect your feedback! 

And…If you need some help with your Christmas styling this year, read our latest blog all about how to Add Some Festival to your Festive Outfit, there's even a cropped sweatshirt festive look for those days where you still wanna look cosy but utterly fierce. 

Have fun designing your own sweatshirt huns, and make sure you tag us in any of your creations!  

Love from

The Burnt Soul Team xx



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