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The performers choice for fabulous stage wear

September 18, 2020 0 Comments

The performers choice for fabulous stage wear

From Aerial Silks to Circus performers, see our stage costumes in action

We love seeing our activewear and party wear in action and who better to show it off than the performers that rock Burnt Soul on stage, in the air and all over the world.

This blog includes a pictures and videos from our favourite performers including...

  • Aerial Silk artists
  • Hoop performers
  • Aerial Hooper artists
  • Drag Queens
  • Dancers and Dance Troops
  • Poll performers
  • Circus and Burlesque Entertainers
  • Contortionists

Hoop performers

Hoop around the world

We can't get enough of this rave-tastic, LED-flashing, smoke filled, hooping video - dressed head to toe Burnt Soul of course.

The fabulous Miss Hoop di-doo spearheaded and edited this masterpiece together with hooping legends Morgan Jenkins, Flowing in Circles Flow Arts, Sol-Eyres & Miche Moonflower.

LED Hoops by

Sky flow artist

We met Sky at Wilderness a couple of years ago and have been obsessed with her cool hoop style ever since. She brings a hybrid of street dance, hoop flow and impressive circus vibes to every performance and somehow makes it look effortless.

You can check out Sky Flow Artist on instagram here and these awesome LED hoops are from Moodhoops.

Video by Ben Donoghue // Music by The xx

Pete Welters

Pete came in last year to give us a hooping tutorial before he moved down under to continue his hooping adventure.

He's kept us fully entertained throughout lockdown with his 100 Days of Hooping over on his instagram and has been slaying the game ever since.

Here are some more images from our hoop performers...

@gabbynovel in the Leopard Print Two Piece

@Lila_chupahoops in the Rocket Bodysuit

@hoophustleflow in the Slime Babe Bodysuit


The Glow Girls

These absolute firecrackers are The Glow Girlz: a killer performance group of high energy, major sass dancers who bring the LED unicorn fantasy to every stage.

Having performed at EDC festival, Avicii's World Tour and alongside huge names like Britney Spears, Dua Lipa and Swedish House Mafia (to name a few!) they sure know how to get the party going.

They're all rocking the Rainbow Jewel Catsuit in this amazing video and it's giving us all the colourful-glitter-festival-unicorn vibes that we could wish for.

Meet The Performers: Gemma fish - Director & Josie Pocock - Head Choreographer/ Dancer

Dancers: Danielle Hampton, Ellie O'Gorman, Kelly Chow, Jo Dyce & Molly Griggs

Femme Fatale Entertainments

The female founded, female made and female run powerhouse of Femme Fatale Entertainment provide professional dancers & captivating entertainment worldwide and they look absolutely jaw-dropping in the Rainbow Jewel.

Check out their instagram here to be blown away by all the sass, glitter and rainbows with serious Studio 54 vibes.

Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Performing in way we could only dream are the incredible Aerial Hooper Artists taking it to a whole new level.

These flexible superstars own the skies, performing one of the oldest and most respected forms in the aerial arts - made more popular recently with The Greatest Showman but these legends have been mastering the skill for years.

We'll never get tired of seeing our catsuits in the craziest poses, putting our Lycra to the ultimate stretch test.

@anamalhoops in the Diva Showgirl Bodysuit

@polefitloulou in the Rocket Catsuit


We can't get enough of these Contortion Queens! The headstands we mastered over lockdown don't seem as impressive anymore compared to these insanely cool contortionist legends!

These fierce performers need fierce, flex-tacular outfits so our panelled catsuits are a match made in heaven.

@carolineanneyoga in the Rio Catsuit

@Hannahfinn in the Zodiac Catsuit

@mp_letourneau in the Lazer catsuit

@Hannahfinn in the Zodiac Catsuit

Aerial Silks

Our Catsuits and Bodysuits are so popular with the Aerial Silks community - especially now we offer a custom catsuit option to replace the reflective hip panels for more hard wearing fabrics.

The intense friction caused when sliding through the silks can damage the tiny glass bead coating that's on the reflective Lycra so we recommend replacing them for our Aerial Silk performers.

See our customs page for replacement options.

@amydoesaerials in the trixie bodysuit

@theamazingflyingtaco in the mesh cher catsuit

@tinkymara_cawfitness in the Electric Lady Land Catsuit

Drag Queens

What performers appreciation post could be complete without the superstar world of drag. It's fair to say we have some Drag Race super-fans in the studio.

Bringing all the sass, glam and fierce entertainment, these Queens are a force to be reckoned with. Seeing Blu Hydrangea from Ru Pauls Drag Race, slaying the game in the Rainbow Jewel made our year (video below)!

Through our Customs page we can offer completely unique catsuits, leotards and more so you'll always be the star of the show...this includes custom sizing and leg length for all shapes and sizes!

@danieljamesgreenway in the Cyber Love bodysuit

@eboni_whyte in the enchantress bodysuit

@mscarmenmonoxide in the rainbow jewel catsuit

Circus, Pole & Burlesque

Even though it can be a little difficult to pole dance in catsuits, you guys have found a way!

Generally speaking the backless catsuits and bodysuits are better for pole performances as they exposes more skin to grip the pole with.

We are also obsessed with Burlesque performer Talulah Blue, so to see her shimmying around in our best selling leopard print catsuit (the Joan Collins) was definitely a moment to remember!

@youtopiaproductions in the Tinker bodysuit

@tinkymara_cawfitness in the electric lady land bodysuit

@isabellamars in the Zodiac Catsuit

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