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March 14, 2019 0 Comments

For those of you who are new to us or don't remember back in November,  we ran a competition for one of you creative lot to get your dream print design turned into a Catsuit!! Jump on 4 months... and we're one week away from launching our brand new Cyber Love print!! 

Now to introduce the designer.... 

GingerFace Burnt Soul Print Competition Cyber Love Catsuit

Who is GingerFace?

Helen, or GingerFace Designs, is based in a little caravan in the middle of nowhere in Devon, with her two dogs Chewy and Hero. She runs a festival shop (GingerFace) which gives her the skinny on allll the best in festival styling, colours and inspo. She's been running her shop for 4 years, making her stock in Devon, she also runs GingerFace Prop Shop and also designs Digital Art here as Cossywoo (check out some of her other artwork below!). 

What's the story behind the print?

The competition brief was: 

A print fit for a retro queen with a neon heart. In bright colours, trippy shapes and surreal styles. Our girl is strong, confident and loves to wear her diamond studded soul on the outside too - she isn't shy, and she loves to be the life and spirit.

Helen loves everything cyber and as a 90’s chick it was right up her street! And UV prints??! Had her name all over. It was actually her first attempt at a repeat print (we know.... crazy right?!), so it was a bit of a challenge to make everything line up, but totally worth it. 


Burnt Soul Cyber Love Print


Thoughts on the fashion industry right now?

I think its really important that we know where are clothes are made and it means they are built to last! I absolutely LOVE that BurntSoul are made and designed here in the UK. Throw away fashion is becoming a HUGE problem, especially in the festival scene, Please, please think before you buy this year!

Her favourite festival?

Favourite festival would have to be .. GLASTONBURY just because I’ve been going since i was 15!


Where will you catch her this Summer?

This year I’m going to try and get to BoomTown because I've never been and it looks epic! Thats where you’ll catch me in my catsuit! 

And the Aliens... real or no??  

Aliens are definitely 100% absolutely REAL! 


When can I get my Cyber Love catsuit?!

It's coming... set those alarms for 21st March, 12pm GMT. We'll have catsuits, bodysuits, and two pieces coming your way, all in our eco friendly regenerated plastic Lycra


Burnt Soul Cyber Love Catsuit


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