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Shop small Christmas guide

November 13, 2020 0 Comments

Shop small Christmas guide

Make Christmas More Magical with this Ultimate #ShopSmall Christmas Guide

Tis the season to spend wisely! OK so we don't need to remind you why shopping small is SO important this Christmas in particular but you may need a little help in going independent this festive season! It can be hugely overwhelming making the switch to shopping small (trust me - been there!) so we thought we pull all the best tips, tricks and recommendations to bring you the Ultimate Guide To Shopping Small This Christmas - all beautifully tied together with a ribbon on top. Plus stay tuned at the end for our personal fave independent stocking fillers, and let us know your suggestions!

"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want" - Anna Lappe

This super handy guide is great for referring to when starting your Christmas shopping, as well as sending to friends and family to encourage them to do the same. Shopping local, shopping independent and supporting small businesses are such a brilliant way of spreading cheer this season! You'll also find yourself discovering such amazing little gems that would have otherwise been overlooked against the seas of fast fashion and easy amazon buys.

Shop Small Christmas Guide #1: MAKE A LIST

A brilliant place to start when entering the fabulous world of shopping small is to keep a list of all your favourite independent brands. Ask your friends and family, have a look on instagram or check out online articles for inspo - there are literally thousands out there! You can also check out our directory at the end of this blog.

It's such a rewarding feeling when you stumble upon your next independent brand obsession, and to know that the creator and owner behind it feels just as wonderful to have gained a customer is magical in itself.

I asked the girls at the studio which independent brands they're loving at the moment so here are just a few of the ones we'll be spending our dolla on this Christmas:

Clothing & Accessories


botanical print giclee art by dazzle and jolt of colourful leopard amongst jungle
exotic plant bush of pink pack


colourful kids tutu dress up cape

Christmas Cards

When is a card not a card? When it doubles as a brilliantly offensive advent calendar. Cards by Veronica Dearly

Shop Small Christmas Guide #2: PLAN AHEAD AND GROUP TOGETHER

One of the main pieces of advice we give people in the lead up to Chrimbo is to plan ahead. Last minute shopping is not only super stressful but the enemy of small businesses!

By starting to think about gifts for loved ones further in advance, it will not only leave you more time for researching what people actually would like but also gives you time to budget for it financially and organise others to join you to give something you wouldn't be-able to afford on your own.

Lets face it... There's nothing worse than going to town on Christmas eve to wrestle 20 other people for the last bath bomb in lush - been there!

This is also the perfect time to mention thats it's really useful to ask small businesses when their cut off date for placing orders in time for Christmas is. You can check out our last post dates below and check out further info including Austalia's here.

last post christmas dates infographic

Stay on track this Christmas by finding out last post dates!

To keep on top of your planning this is the great time to make a buying calendar. Add in your fave independent brands from your list and jot down when their cut off dates are, specific drops, bespoke turn-a-round times etc. and this will make it a whole lot easier to see it all laid out.

As a very un-organised person, I've found this a fantastic way to keep on top of things so dates aren't just flying around my head when we probably all have enough to think about at the moment!

This buying calendar doesn't need to be fancy - it can just be a note on your phone or screenshot and use this one we've made:

Shop Small Christmas Guide #3: KEEP IT LOCAL

By shopping locally you are in turn supporting your local economy, which not only is great for the community but directly benefits you - so it's an all round winner!

We're lucky enough here in Bristol to be completely surrounded by independent brands and the most amazing cafe's, restaurants and bars. If you're not in a city, or just find it hard to discover the best local business's, then there's fantastic local sellers or community groups on facebook which are amazing for discovering local businesses - plus tried and tested advice from your community.  

I've been using the online neighbourhood hub NextDoor for years to get all the latest community gossip and local recommendations. Just sign up to your postcode forum and you'll see all the local shops and businesses near you that you can support this Christmas! Available in the UK, USA and The Netherlands.

Instagram accounts that collate local sellers around the UK

Shop Small Christmas Guide #4: MAKE IT PERSONAL

One of the main benefits of shopping small and buying independent is that you are very often in direct contact with the creatives behind the brand, and so it's easier to make personal requests and customisations.

Many places on Etsy offer customisation on jewellery, accessories and more whether thats a personal message or name. Getting someone a personalised gift just shows how much you care!

Check out our customs pages for example where you can design your own Bodysuits, Catsuits, Leggings, Shorts and now Kids-wear! Every part of the pieces are customisable, from the fabric to the fit to the finish 🙌

Shop Small Christmas Guide #5: TAKE IT ONLINE

Ah the beauty of technology! We've all been especially grateful this year for the gift of the internet keeping us connected throughout the pandemic and it's not just good for Amazon shopping!

Etsy, Depop, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are all brilliant for supporting small businesses and you can get some great deals - on our Depop for example, we sell all our samples and one offs for you unique bargain hunters! There has also been thousands of #ShopSmall websites including vintage stores and charity shops taking their stock online whilst they can't physically be open.

Online Market places for independent designers and brands

  • Wolf and Badger - Collection of high end independent designers for fashion, accessories, home wear and more
  • Etsy - Independent Makers for One-of-a-Kind Gifts
  • CoLab - A unique collection of art, jewellery and clothing made by independent artists and makers
  • That Thing - Serving up affordable independent, on point designer wares
  • Wild Thing - Offering the latest trends and one-off fashion items and accessories from sustainable fashion brands & ethical clothing

Shop Small Christmas Guide #6: ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCES

Christmas doesn't just mean material things and sometimes the best gift you can give is the gift of spending time with your loved one! Getting things like tickets for you both to independent cinemas and galleries, or vouchers to go to the local fancy restaurant is always such a special gift, plus it supports your local community.

Have a look into things like fun evening courses in your area or even online courses like learning a new language. Everyone has got that one thing they always wish they could learn, like the piano or sushi making so now's the perfect time to fulfil their wishes!

A few of our 'out of the box' Gifts ideas...

  • Jewellery making course
  • Cookery courses
  • Acupuncture
  • Music/gig tickets (Covid dependant!)
  • Comedy show tickets
  • Vouchers to local restaurants
  • Arrange a tab in your dad's fave pub
wining at gifting infographic

Are you #WinningAtGifting

Shop Small Christmas Guide #7: FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD

We all know that the way to most peoples heart is FOOD! An amazing way to win at gifting, support small business's and some of the ones that have been hit hardest this year is restaurants, cafes and pubs. Getting your loved ones a meal to look forward to when everything's back to normal is such a lovely way of showing someone you care and you get to spend more time with them!

Have a look at Tripadvisor to see which restaurants people are raving about near you, and you can often find great deals for gift ideas, taster menus and special meals. In the meantime I'll be busy supporting my local restaurants by ordering takeaway every night 😂

Shop Small Christmas Guide #8: STOCKING FILLERS FOR ALL!

To finish this Ultimate Christmas Guide to Shopping Small, we thought we'd share with you some stocking filler ideas, as this is such a great way to shop small and independent without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Plus - check out the small business directory we've pulled together from our call out on Instagram!

lightening bolt earrings in red and pink
lightening bolt nipple covers in reflective
yin and yan black and white earrings

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last!

- Vivienne Westwood

So there we have it! Let us know if you have any more tips, tricks and recommendations to #ShopSmall this Christmas and check out our instagram post here - where people have been dropping there best small biz's in the comments ✨ We've made it even easier for you and collated a directory of the ones added so far!

Small Business Directory



Got one we can add? Comment below with your favourite indies and small biz's to add to our directory! 💕

Don't forget to sign up in the tab below for exclusive deals & news on all things Burnt Soul!

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