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Strapped for Cash or Feeling Flush? Christmas ideas for everyone

November 21, 2019

Strapped for Cash or Feeling Flush? Christmas ideas for everyone


Whether you like it our not festive season is almost upon us, and it's time to start filling those stockings with the gifts that the special ones in your life really want! Whoever is on your Christmas list this year, we've got them covered. We've compiled a list jam packed full of incredible gifts all from independent labels. It doesn't matter if you're strapped for cash or feeling flush we have stocking filler ideas for all... 

For the Girlfriend in your life...

Burt Soul Blog Strapped for cash or feeling flush Girlfriend Gift image

  1. Burnt Soul Space Cadet Shoulder Pads £65.00
  2. Kokomo Glitter Heart Earrings £8.00
  3. Tovi Sorga Rose Gold Boob Purse £23.00
  4. New Burnt Soul Ursula Flared Sequin Catsuit £250.00
  5. Burnt Soul White Platform Flame Boots £50.00
  6. What Makes You Feel Real Crown £272.00


For the Boyfriend in your life...

Burnt Soul Blog Strapped for cash or feeling flush Boyfriend stocking filler ideas

  1. Burnt Soul Leopard Meggings £50.00
  2. That Thing Banana Socks £5.00
  3. Everpress Tiger Long Sleeve £28.00
  4. Burnt Soul Gold Digger Unisex Catsuit £140.00
  5. WildThing Sequin Tophat £335.00
  6. That Thing Insane in the Rain Jacket £95.00


For the Lil' Ones in your life...

Burnt Soul Gift Blog Feeling Flush Strapped for Cash Kids Image

  1. Burnt Soul Kids Silver Disco Leggings from £21.00
  2. Kidsagogo Red Cactus Tee £18.00
  3. Burnt Soul Kids Rainbow Jewel Catsuit from £55.00
  4. Sarah Baily Kids Leather Jacket from £65.00


For the B.F.F. in your life...

Burnt Soul Blog Strapped Flush Gift Ideas Your BFF

  1. WeLoveSpandex Fabric Scraps  ***
  2. Burnt Soul Lightning Bolt Earrings £18.00
  3. Burnt Soul Opal Bodysuit £150.00
  4. Burnt Soul Opal Shoulder Pads £65.00

*** WeLoveSpandex is our Etsy Shop selling our past season fabrics and larger offcuts. We have a variety of fabric bundles as well as larger rolls of fabrics too! If you're really strapped, why not buy a fabric bundle and make your own gifts this year?! We have gift ideas and how to make them on our "Make Something Week" Blog. See how we made 80's scrunchies in minutes with fabric scraps and this tutorial!


For that 20 Something in your life...

Big Kids Strrapped or splash Blog Idea


  1. New Burnt Soul Recycled Perspex Lightning Bolt Earrings £18.00
  2. Pica Pica Feathers Sequin Headwrap £35.00
  3. New Burnt Soul Panther Catsuit £125.00
  4. Winifred Rose Cleo Faux Fur Jacket £120.00


For the Mum in your Life....

Burnt Soul Strapped Flush Christmas Gift Blog Mom 

  1. Burnt Soul One Off Catsuit Depop £70.00 
  2. Fantale Fans Watermelon Fan £20.00
  3. That Thing Pink Turtle Bag £6.00
  4. Burnt Soul Joan Flip Eco Catsuit £85.00
  5. Wekoko Amalfi Kimono £80.00
  6. House of Lupa Venus Earrings £60.00

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