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Sustainable Swimwear Made In The UK

March 31, 2022 0 Comments

Sustainable Swimwear Made In The UK

As the clocks jump forward, it’s technically British summer time right?! So what better time to launch our Sustainable Swimwear. Here's the rundown of our curve popping eco swimsuits for 2022.

Why do we love swimsuits so much? One answer - versatility!

On holiday you can easily slip into a swimming costume before breakfast and find yourself in a swanky bar, sipping cocktails with friends, 12 hours later. There are endless ways to style a swimsuit and she's not bound to the poolside or the beach.

Our models are wearing the Miami & Copacabana swimsuits made using recycled plastic bottles


The last time we launched our women's swimwear was March 2020 and boy was it the wrong time for it! No one was going on holiday and pyjamas and sweats became the new uniform.

But this year my friends, THIS YEAR, we are all ready for bants and freedom. 2022 is the year for stunting in the sun, in your new one piece swimsuit. Hot girl summer is arriving and we all need to have our trusted cossie ready for it.

Our two main focuses for our sustainable swimwear were - ONE, to focus on manufacturing that’s kinder on the planet. This meant using sustainable techno fabrics regenerated from plastic waste and manufacturing in a 'planet-friendly' way.

And TWO, to make a swimsuit that gives instant curve-popping confidence and summer sass to women of all shapes and sizes.

So let’s get into it, and talk through how we looked beyond, and really thought about our environmental impact.


Sustainable Swimwear Photoshoot  

It's not just for the production that we thought about our carbon footprint - We shot the campaign at our very own Portishead Lido which really reduced our mileage. Luckily we were very fortunate with the weather but we were prepared for the rain too; having sourced some vintage bright brollies just in case.


As we are a small fashion brand ourselves we love to incorporate other small brands or sustainable brands that have the same values and ethos as we do.

For this shoot we styled with Orris and recycled Dock & Bay towels.

Orris is a small company founded by Tara Shen in 2018. They are a luxurious sustainable brand that offer handmade chains and accessories. Before we found out about Orris we thought chains were a thing of the 70’s but these look so modern and funky thay we actually can’t get enough.

Dock and Bay launched in 2015 and created the ultimate quick dry beach towel among other high quality sustainable products, all of their products are 100% recycled material. They also have been involved in the popular series Dragons Den.

Our model @kellyjadew wearing the Monaco swimsuit at the photoshoot

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Sustainable Fabrics  

We use two types of sustainable eco fabrics for our catsuits, bodysuits and leggings. We have our Techno Lycra which offers maximum stretch and softness and the super firm and contouring Life Lycra which we used to make our curve-loving women’s swimsuits.

These sustainable eco fabrics are made using a percentage of Lycra fibers (for the much needed stretch) and the rest is regenerated Nylon (Econyl) or polyester (rPET) yarn which are recycled from plastic bottles, post-consumer plastic waste and old fishing nets collected from the bottom of the sea.

Fabric properties:

  • Offers vibrant prints & colours that won’t fade
  • UV protection
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Great shape retention
  • Great coverage
  • Highly durable fabric
  • 4-way stretch

You can check out our fabric library for more information on every fabric we use.

They are amazing fabrics to use especially for swimsuits as they offer a highly durable fabric… meaning there will be no nip slips, at the water park! Look out for our Stretchometer icons for a guide on whether to size up or down.

@missdeadlyred is wearing our Miami swimsuit in the pool

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free people pink Baha Straw Visor

Size Inclusivity

We come in all shapes and sizes and we’re proud to say that the beauty of inclusivity has alway been embedded into our ethos.

That's why, when it came to rolling out the swimsuits, it was important for us to showcase women of different sizes throughout the campaign, product photos and on social media.

Our sizing ranges from a UK4 all the way up to a size UK22 and because the majority of our catsuits and swimsuits are done in house, there's even the option to even get your items customised with different fabrics and long and short bodies through our Design Lab.

Our models are wearing the Marbella & Monaco swimsuits

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Now let’s talk about the manufacturing journey shall we?

Our fabric supplier is UK based and they are the ones who receive the sustainable fabrics from Italy. Once they receive the fabric they then print it using non-toxic dyes - a process that uses zero water!

Once with us, Hannah our seamstress cuts and makes the items up in our Bristol studio or it's taken to just down the road towards Exeter for our small runs factory to make up.

A lot of consideration goes into the design and production of our clothing. All our catsuits and swimsuits are produced in small batches to allow us to react quickly to demands and not over produce unwanted garments.

Our models are wearing the Marbella & Monaco swimsuits

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That's all Folks… we wanted to be as transparent as possible with you, sustainability is an important aspect of our brand and being vocal about it, really helps with the conversation and awareness around it.

If you would like to know more about Burnt Soul’s sustainability ethos head over to our website and go to the about section for more.

Comment below and get involved and let us know if you think and lets us know if there is anything else we can do that can help with sustainability 💖

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