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Taking Your Kids To Their First Festival? 5 Things You Need

May 26, 2022 0 Comments

Taking Your Kids To Their First Festival? 5 Things You Need

Taking your kids to their first festival is a memorable experience that you and your kids will cherish for a lifetime. Not only will you bag the cool parents card but your kids will learn to express their wild side too.

It’s nice to give them that freedom they wouldn’t normally have at home, it’s just so priceless seeing the amazement and excitement on their faces at all the colourful and fun things to see and do.

There are obviously many differences between going to a festival with kids compared to going alone.

The largest difference will hands down be how much stuff you'll have to bring… organisation will be a necesscity and tow carts a MUST! My god, you’ll have to bring a whole factory of wet wipes with you, to get through it.

When it comes to actually going to festivals with kids, preparation is key, it may be daunting at first but getting yourself organised by creating a checklist beforehand can relieve some of that anxiety.

So if you're Taking your kids to their first festival then here are 5 Things you need to make this little adventure as easy and enjoyable as possible!


Burnt Soul Kids Festival Catsuits

Pull Along Trolley & Baby Carrier

Pull Along Trolley

One of the things that got mentioned quite a bit when we asked our festival Mamas and Papas on Instagram, is to bring some sort of pull along trolley or wheelbarrow.

Firstly, you can load your trolley with all that difficult-to-carry camping gear and transfer your stuff from car to campsite whist still having one eye on little ones.

Once you’ve unloaded, you can get creative and create a fun den/bed where they can chill in. Decorate it with solar powered fairy lights and put a load of blankets, pillows, teddies and toys to create an atmosphere fit for baby royalty… How cute is that!

When they’re tired or ready for sleep, you just pop them in, tuck them up, then you can pull them around the festival with you. As long as they’re happy and settled you don’t have to return to the tent at night and miss out on all the fun – everyone’s a winner!

Baby Carrier

A Baby Carrier can also be a good thing to bring with you for your baby raver.

These are a godsend for when you want to venture out without a trolley or a quick detour to the food stalls. Find a fun bright colour to match your Burnt Soul catsuit and honey you’ll look like a hot baby mama.

Safety ID Wristbands

The biggest anxiety a parent can have with young children is the fear of losing them.

Kids tend to love to wander off on a normal day, but at a festival with thousands of people your fears can go into overdrive.

For peace of mind you can buy safety ID wristbands that your kids can wear that have your name and phone number on. So if god forbid you do lose them and they’re found, you’ll be reconnected in no time.

We recommend silicone wristbands from Easy2Name, it will help you find your child if they wander off and can also be used as a medical alert.

These wristbands are permanently engraved, waterproof and tearproof and can be used over and over again. We suggest you use the term ‘ICE’ meaning ‘In Case of Emergency’ as it’s internationally recognised.

For older kids always have a designated meeting point that is easily memorable, just in case you lose each other.

Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks

It really goes without saying, your over-stimulated kids will need their energy and you know damn right that they’ll be expecting snacks.

If snacks aren’t provided like your a 24/7 corner shop, then expect those little angels to become unhappy little devils. No one wants to be dealing with hangry kids at a festival.

Our advice to you is to prepare a BIG snack bag that you can easily bring with you. This will not only save your coins, but it will help keep your little ones happy.

Stash it in the pull along trolley and whack it out when it’s necessary, it can't get any easier than that!

Ear Defenders

Something us adults take for granted in our old age but some music festivals can be very loud and children’s ears are very sensitive.

Seasoned festival goers will know that earplugs are a must if you're planning on spending most of the time stood infront of the giant speakers.

For ease of wear and comfort for your mini festival goers, opt for child-sized, noise cancelling headphones. 

Apart from the permanent damage loud environments can do to hearing, being around loud music and lots of background noise for prolonged periods will make children quite irritable. But, when they wear their ear defenders they find watching bands at festivals really enjoyable because it reduces the sound to a comfortable level for them.

Burnt Soul Festival baby all in ones

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Shade Umbrellas

Hot days at festivals sound like a dream, but when it is sunny, it's not all sunshine and roses. If you're not careful it can lead to serious sunburns and it can ultimately ruin the fun for the whole family.

Creating an area where you and your kids can cool off, where there is shade is important as your kids will get restless in the sun all day.

Having shade umbrellas helps, but you can’t rely on that alone, make sure you bring with you plenty and I mean PLENTY of sunscreen to help protect your kids against nasty sunburns.

It would be handy to also bring aftersun lotions in your first aid kit, just in case they do catch too much sun.


A Kids Catsuit

Ideally you want to dress your kids in bright/eye-catching clothing so that they stand out in a crowd and can be easily located. Thankfully our catsuits are exactly what you would be looking for, some are even UV reactive!

But not only are they eye-catching, there are many benefits to put your little ones in an all in one catsuit to a festival:

  • They’re quick drying - the quickest actually. Even after a heavy down poor - after a little running around they'll be dry again in no time!
  • It is a stand alone statement piece that will unleash the inner wild child - you don't have to think or worry about what outfit to put together or what can make their outfit that little bit extra, all they need to do is slip on some boots and they're good to go.
  • You can match your catsuit to theirs! It's defo acceptable to match your outfit with your kids at festivals right? I say, seize the opportunity whilst you can and get the whole family involved!

Our Fave festival Catsuits for Kids

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So guys, that's it, thank you for reading my "Taking your kids to their first festival? 5 Things you need".

This might not be a checklist that tells you all the obvious things but I guarantee that the things that I’ve mentioned will make your life a lot easier for the whole family. Remember these experiences will stay with you and your kids for a lifetime.

And If you are not bringing the kids this year to a festival, then check out my latest blog post where I talk about ‘Festival Essentials you don’t want to Forget’. Happy prepping and GOOD LUCK!

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