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September 19, 2019 0 Comments

Burnt Soul Catsuit Amnesty Recycled Fashion

Do you have a gently loved catsuit that you no longer wear?? Listen up!!
We road-tested our brand new Catsuit Amnesty, with great success at Glastonbury Festival 2019. We've been longing to roll it out online ever since... 

It's something we've always wanted to offer, as a brand with eco practices at the heart of what we do. We're constantly trying to find ways to be better to our planet, and this is the next step! 

Our catsuits are made to last you party to party, but we know that sometimes, you wear an outfit for an event, you love it, and then it sits in your wardrobe for years to come.

Enter the Catsuit Amnesty. You send us your catsuit, you get something back towards a new catsuit you'll love and wear, and your catsuit gets a whole new life - with someone who may not be able to afford a brand new piece but might be the worlds biggest Lycra lover!

We'll only be accepting old stock, full length Burnt Soul Catsuits as part of the Amnesty, and you'll be able to cash in up to two gently loved catsuits at a time for £30-£40 (depending on style) in Burnt Soul credit per garment, towards a new piece. We'll be launching an Amnesty section on our site 16th October.
The garment needs to be returned to us clean, and without holes, or damage to the fabric. If we receive an item that we're not able to sell or doesn't follow the guidelines above, it will be returned to you and you will need to cover the postage costs.

Got one waiting in your wardrobe perfect for this?
First of all, make sure it's in a condition you'd be happy to lend to your BFFs! Doesn't matter if it's 5 years old, it just needs to have plenty of life left.
Post your catsuit back to this address: 
Catsuit Amnesty - Burnt Soul
Studio G4, 
157-179, Kingsland Rd
Make sure to include your email address, name and contact number with your parcel 
    Once we receive your catsuit, we'll be in touch and after assessing, if it's eligible we'll send you  your Burnt Soul store credit! 
    Please note, we'll only be accepting catsuits for the time-being! 
    And for all of you after a second hand catsuit at reduced prices, and a second chance at past collection faves (like this beaut below)... it'll launch online on 16th October, set those alarms!! 

    Burnt Soul Catsuit Amnesty Old Collection Rocket Catsuit

     Help us make a little difference to overconsumption - let's give every catsuit a loving home!! 💚

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    Catsuit Body & Leg Length | Short, Long or Standard?
    Catsuit Body & Leg Length | Short, Long or Standard?

    October 08, 2020 0 Comments

    Here at Burnt Soul we know there's no such thing as one size fits all, which is why we offer a broad range of sizing options and the info to help! In this article we explain our shorten and lengthen body options, leg length, the importance of fabric stretch and our handy 'How To Measure' guide! Are you ready to find your most comfortable, contouring and flattering fit?
    Ladies sizing chart
     Size Bust in Inches

    Bust in CM

    Waist in Inches
    Waist in CM
    Hips at widest part in Inches Hips at widest part in CM
    UK 4-6 30 76 23 58 33 84
    UK 6-8 32 81 25 63 35 89
    UK 8-10 34 86 27 69 37 94
    UK 10-12 37 94 30 76 40 102
    UK 12-14 40 102 33 84 43 109
    UK 14-16 43 109 36 91 46 117
    UK 16-18 46 117 39 99 49 124
    UK 18-20 50 127 43 109 53 135
    UK 20-22 54 137 47 119 57 145
    Taking the correct measurements

    When measuring your bust and hips, make sure its on the widest parts (i.e. not under the bust or on the hip bone).

    Measurer your waist at the smallest point just above your belly button.

    For sizing information tailored to specific fabrics and styles please read the various infomation tabs within the products.

    For more information on fit you can also check out our blog, Burnt Soul Sizing - The perfect fit.

    If you're looking to make changes to a current design then see our Customise your Catsuit product for more info.

    Ladies conversion size chart
    UK 4-6 0-2 US 32-34 EU 4-6 AUS
    UK 6-8 2-4 US
    34-36 EU
    6-8 AUS
    UK 8-10 4-6 US
    36-38 EU
    8-10 AUS
    UK 10-12 6-8 US
    38-40 EU
    10-12 AUS
    UK 12-14 8-10 US
    40-42 EU
    12-14 AUS
    UK 14-16 10-12 US
    42-44 EU
    14-16 AUS

    Kids size chart
    Babies 6-9 months 9-12 months 12-18 months 18-24 months
    Height 29"/74cm 30.5"/78cm 32"/82cm 33.5"/86cm
    Chest 18.25"/46.5cm 19"/48.5cm 20"/50.5cm 20.75"/52.5cm
    Hips 18.5"/47cm 19.25"/49cm 20"/51cm 21"/53cm 

    Kids 2-3 Years 3-4 years 4-5 years 5-6 years 6-7 years 7-8 Years 8-9 Years 9-10 Years 10-11 Years
    Height 34.5"/87.5cm 37.5"/95cm 40.5"/103cm 43.5"/110.5cm
    49.5"/126cm 52.5"/133.5cm 55.5"/141cm 58.5"/146cm
    Chest 21"/53.5cm 22"/56cm 23"/58.5cm 24"/61cm 25"/63.5cm 26"/66cm 26.75"/68cm 27.5"/70cm 28.25"/72cm
    Hips 21.5"/54.5cm 22.25"/56.5cm 23.25"/59cm 24.25"/61.5cm 25.25"/64cm 26.25"/66.5cm 27.25"/69cm 28.75"/73cm 30"/76cm