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February 20, 2020 0 Comments



As you can probably tell we’re a tad Catsuit obsessed over here at Burnt Soul so we’ve decided to spread some knowledge and give you a bit of the history of the catsuit and what makes it the perfect wardrobe essential.

It all started with a 19th-century gymnast, Jules Leotard who needed athleisure that would let him perform at his best and look fabulous for his female admirers and so as you guessed... the Leotard was born! This was an immediate success for athletes and dancers, although most likely in scratchy wool rather than sassy iridescent, sequinned and colourful lycra we have here today...imagine doing Aerial in a thick knitted bodysuit!

Trapeze and Gymnast performers in Catsuits in the Circus in 1900's Poster, Jules LeotardImages: 1900's Circus and Trapeze Posters

Then suddenly the 1940s came around and pop culture was introduced to Catwoman as a pioneering femme fatale and leading role. She owned her sex appeal in a full catsuit over the years, complete with a whip as her weapon of choice and helped turn the humble bodysuit into the amazing symbol of girl power that it remains today.

Anne Hathaway, Catwoman, Comic Book, Batman, Femme Fatal, Siren Catsuit

Images left to right: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Catwoman Costumes throughout the ages, Siren Full Back Catsuit


The 60s was when the catsuit properly strutted into the Fashion world with an aim to stay. With the invention of Spandex in the late 50s, women began to embrace body-hugging one-pieces for style and comfort (and have you ever felt comfier than in our Siren Catsuit?) Unitards were now being seen on celebrities, high fashion runways, discos and everywhere in between. We’re thinking Rebel Catsuit...friday night...roller disco...perfection!

Space Age 60's Fashion Catsuit, Rebel Catsuit, Yoga 80's Dance wear Workout ClothingImages left to right: Richard Avedon 1965, The Rebel Catsuit, 80's Dance Athleisure

The beloved Catsuit has continued to flourish through the fashion and athleisure world, Becoming flared in the 70s, brighter and tighter with the 80s and reclaiming a dark, dominatrix edge in the 90s. We’ve admired them over the years on our ultimate crushes Britney, J-Lo, Kill Bill and our fave Lizzo to name a few and equally on the most fashion-forward men like Elvis, Bowie, Freddie Mercury and the entire X-men team.  

Lizzo Performing, David Bowie's Fashion Jumpsuit, Freddie Mercury and Queen in a Sequin Glitter CostumeImages left to right: Lizzo rocks a mesh Catsuit on stage, The iconic David Bowie, Freddie Mercury performs in full chainmail sequinned Catsuit.

Our signature contouring panels and smoothing fabrics combined with our eye-catching prints put Burnt Soul firmly on the Catsuit map...we love nothing more than seeing you all at festivals and parties dressed to the nines in the best of Burnt Soul, so keep those #burntsoulselfie’s coming to be a part of Catsuit history! 

Festival Photos wearing Catsuits, Glitter, Sequins, Coachella, Glastonbury, Hooping, Aeriel

Images clockwise: @dear_mummy, Mel B in the Joan Collins Catsuit, Catsuit Amnesty, @meganjaneboyes in Custom Burnt Soul, @glitter_squirrel, Catsuit Amnesty, @lycra80sparty, @della_j_rush, Siren Catsuit, Rebel Catsuit

Let us know in the comments your first catsuit memory, whether that’s your first time wearing one and what mischief you got up to or seeing your idols wear one!

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