Our Top 10 Festival Fashion Hot Picks for 2018

May 08, 2018

Our Top 10 Festival Fashion Hot Picks for 2018


May is officially here and those Summer evenings we’ve longed for, spent in sunny festival fields, dressed up to the nines with your dream team gang... are finally upon us! The Summer Festival Season quick approaching means outfit planning is on the agenda. Here are our top 10 hot picks for the best festival fashion finds to keep you looking and feeling top of your game as you party the Summer away!

Plus we have tried to keep the focus on independent designers and brands so you know your money is being invested in supporting new talent 👊 


1. Coloured hair for Festival Braids by Shop Catface


Shop Catface Coloured hair for festival braids

Perfect for keeping you looking fierce - and keeping that mane tamed all weekend! Shop Catface has the most amazing rainbow of coloured synthetic hairs, in all the dip dyes and lengths you could want. Take a little time before you go, plait yourself two french braids with these babies wrapped in and you’re festival ready to party all weekend safe in the knowledge you’ve got some serious sass going on up there.

Coloured hair for festival braids

We recently used her coral ombre braiding hair for our Psycadellic funhouse photoshoot for our UV reactive Electric Ladyland range 🌈

UV Reactive Catsuits


2. Eco Glitter by Eco Star Dust


Eco star dust festival glitter

If you're wanting to channel those mermaid vibes whilst looking after our beautiful oceans then the Mermaid Biodegradable Glitter Set £30 (pictured) by Bristol-based company EcoStardust is for you! Their glitter mixes are out of this world and as it's made from plant cellulose it biodegrades in around 90 days! Eco Star Dust is also the only company to sell their glitter in 100% recyclable packaging, sent out in re-fillable tin pots.


3. Festival Headdresses by Aurora Moon 


Crystal Festival crown headdress

Aurora Moon’s iridescent crystal cluster gem crowns are the stuff dreams are made of. Handmade in the UK by designer and owner Tiffany, Aurora Moon headpieces are made from hundreds of intricate sparkling gems, shells and beads, with delicate chains draping down. They will have you feeling like a total festival Goddess! They’re also surprisingly lightweight, on a comfortable foam band that you’ll be able to wear all day and night. Winner! To order drop them a dm on Instagram or on their Etsy store here.

Festival crown headdress

Photo Credit: @SophieHannah


4. Pearls and Swine Glasses


Pearls and swine sunglasses top 10 2018 festival picks

Whether it's the Ziggy Stardust's, Shooting stars or the Neon Pink Glitter Stars (all pictured) that take your fancy, Pearls and Swine have got you covered with their out-of-this-world sunglasses. Ranging from between £28-50, these are the show-stopping sunnies you've been waiting for 😎


5. Magic Mirror


Magic Mirror UK festival must have

The ultimate festival mirror to solve all your getting ready dilemmas. We’re big fans of the Magic Mirror team! Soon to be your new BBF, it can be folded out and used in three different ways. The perfect makeup mirror for getting that glitter and rainbow make up on point, vanity position so you can get a full 360 view of your hairstyle, and can roll out completely for a full-length mirror, so you can check out the full impact look. And big plus… they’re made from acrylic, not glass, so totally safe for the festival site! 


6. Animal Hair Perspex Jewellery and Glasses


Animal Hair jewellery

Queen of all things perspex… we discovered Animal Hair this year and totally fell in love. With iridescent 50s vixen sunglasses, killer earrings to accessorise with, girl power flower shades and Venus sign chokers - this label has got festival accessories down and will take your outfit to a whole new level. We are LOVING the Ru Paul statement earrings… perfect for strutting your stuff across the dance floor. 

Animal Hair and Burnt Soul



7. Vibedration bag 


Vibedration Water packs

The ultimate bag for festivals and raves… Vibedration have got you covered for all those hot days in the sun and late nights dancing away under the stars… each backpack has a secret water compartment stowed away to keep you hydrated all festival. Or… gives you the perfect portable cocktail pouch, depending on how you look at it (I know how we’ll be using ours ;)). In trippy prints and holographic foils and glitters, Vibedration has got the look down too, their bags really light up and work SO well with our holographic reflective catsuits.  

Vibedration water packs


8. Glow face paint by Moon Glow


As any regular festival-goer knows, when the sun sets the party doesn't stop and neither should your look! The reflective spandex panels in our clothing really come to life under a camera flash or festival lights and some of our fabrics even glow under UV light but if you want to add to your nighttime look then here are some options to help you stand out in the dark.

Anything UV reactive is always a winner so why not grab some UV face paints by the guys over at Moon Glow. They offer 16 incredible UV shades from pastel pinks to vibrant violets and they are ethically made in the UK which is a massive thumbs up for us 👍

UV Rave Festival Make Up

If you want to take it that one step further they also have UV eyeliners, lipsticks, nail varnishes, hair streaks and soo much more to keep you glowing through

the night.

Find out which of our catsuits, leggings, meggings and bodies are also UV reactive here!

UV Make Up

9. J Valentine faux fur jackets


J Valentine Jacket top festival fashion must haves for 2018

Night time outfits for when temperatures drop are always high up on our list of festival essentials. Enter J Valentine… with their neon light up faux fur jackets (yup that’s right, these dream jackets have hidden battery packs and LEDs woven into their fur!!). Because no-one wants to have to cover their colourful catsuits with a boring jacket! In super soft fluff, J Valentine’s coats will make cold nights a thing of the past - just be warned, there’ll going to be a lot of cuddling coming your way.

Festival jacket for summer 2018

Light up fur jacket 2018 festival fashion trend

10. Kiss My Disco Sequin Top


Kiss My Disco Sequin tops

These twinkly wrap tops need to be seen in real life to fully appreciate their sparkly magic. Perfect for the sunny fields or tropical beach parties; Turn your self into a human Disco Ball in seconds! You can wrap these tops up different ways to suit your shape. The silver fringed sequin top and oil slick fringed sequin top are worn here with the Amazon Leggings and Recycled Viper Leggings.

The Designer, Hannah, also offers a bespoke service and loads of other body sculpting pieces to make your heart sing 💖


So that's our top 10 Hot Picks for summer 2018... what you have your eyes on this festival season? 

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