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Top tips for a joyful January

December 31, 2020 0 Comments

Top tips for a joyful January

Forget the January blues... It's ALL about JOY-uary for 2021

The first day of a festival, setting off on a trip or the excitement of starting something new is usually full of anticipation and excitement, so why is the start of the year always so dismal?

After a December of indulgence, January is seen as a time to reassess and rebalance for the body and the bank balance with fad diets, no boozing and new gym memberships.

After the year we've had we think it's time to spin January on it's head and make it into a month of JOY!

That still might mean a month off the booze for some or a time to get fit but if that's not your bag then thats fine too. As long as we focus on the Joy and preparing for an epic 2021!!

"I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring." - David Bowie

In this blog we'll be looking at these different areas and how you can get maximum joy in January with none of the pressure!

  • Crafting
  • Health & Fitness
  • Pampering
  • Mind & Soul
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Sofa Time
  • Keeping the party going

With the very real prospect of more lockdowns throughout January, we're looking at things you can do at home to keep the January blues at bay - all with an eco twist ofc!

Joy-uary #1: Crafting

Getting creative can help focus the mind and has even been compared to meditation due to its calming effects on the brain and body. It releases dopamine, a natural anti-depressant, to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress… And it can also help you process trauma (aka 2020!).

Here are some easy ideas to get your started on a crafting adventure:

  • Up-cycling & festival prepping
  • Painting & drawing
  • Fun embroidery
  • Knitting & Crochet
  • Macrame

Up-cycling & festival prepping

It might be jumping the gun a bit but we can but dream about the festival fields of 2021! What will be sure to get the good vibes buzzing is by spending January up-cycling your unloved garms with all the sparkles and colour your heart could desire.

We've got a whole load of DIY blogs on this such as Making a Disco Helmet, the Ultimate Glitter Rainbow Heels, Sequin Jackets and Fringe Bags!

Painting and Drawing

Even if you're not the most artistic of people, drawing is a great way of relieving stress, releasing creativity, aiding memory and just having fun! We're not expecting the next Da Vinci but here are some brilliant online classes and groups you can join:

Painting doesn't just have to be on canvas! Painting the back of a big denim jacket or customising some accessories is such a fun way of up-cycling and showing off some colour! We've recently found this amazing company Love and Salvage where you can buy 'paint your leather' kits and make the most gorgeous bags and shoes:

These painted accessories by @loveandsalvage are a real winner

Embroidery and Tapestry Making

If you're just beginning your stitching adventure, there's a whole load of starter kits, tutorials and advice out there such as these amazing kits where you can make a cross stitch from a photograph.

This would be such a lovely gift idea, or something cute to hang in your own home. Whenever I do an embroidery, I like to turn it into a little cushion! For just the pattern, you can upload your photos to convert here.

fear is the cockblocker of dreams unicorn corss stitch
cross stitch from a photo of a dog

For those that are already a dab hand with a needle and thread, here's some incredible inspo for you of the most creative embroidery ideas:

Knitting and Crochet

Lockdown #1 saw a huge increase in crochet and knitting popularity and for good reason! They're both so therapeutic and can be used for mending and upcycling clothes - it's a win win! If You're keen to knit or crochet yourself an outfit but are just beginning your yarn journey, these companies are a great place to start:

  • Pura Utz: The most beautiful knitwear that you can also choose to knit yourself from their knit kits...comes with their signature fruity bead patches!
  • Wool and the Gang: the leaders in all things yarn related have loads fo crochet beginner kits to get stuck into.
  • We Are Knitters offer a huge variety of knit and crochet kits to fill your hours like this beautiful DIY Crochet Basket


You guys loved our Macramé tutorial on our IGTV in the summer and we've had so many cute pics of your creations..check it out here to make your own plant hanger from any old t-shirt!

Joy-uary #2: Health & Fitness

Don't worry! This isn't another article telling you to go the the gym 5 days a week and get your 'summer body' back cause as we all know, there's no such thing as a summer bod! Just the beautiful bod you're blessed with 🙌

We just wanted to share some easy suggestions we find helpful when keeping active, not just for physical but mental health as well:

  • Set yourself a Challenge
  • Try something different
  • Walking with friends
  • Get on ya bike!

@peggy_pollock showing us all the joys of rollerskating in the Joan Catsuit

Set yourself a challenge

The best motivator for sticking with a fitness challenge is being able to see and feel your progression over a short period of time whilst setting good habits for the rest of the year.

Our top tips for a successful challenge is to keep it simple and know yourself. If you prefer to workout in the morning then plan your day around it so it becomes less of a chore, or incorporate it into your daily commute to make your day a little more eco.

We've found a few 31 day challenges here but there are so many more our there. Please seek medical advice if you're to used to doing regular exercise.  

  1. For flexibility and toning check out 'Cat Meffan - 31 days of Yoga'.
  2. 5k a day, every day! Walk it, cycle it, swim it or run it - just do it! Read more...
  3. Short but fierce... 100 burpees a day for the month! Robyn did this one in lockdown #1 and found it super hard but with massive gains. Not suitable for anyone with shoulder or arm injuries!
  4. Keep it fun and do something different. We've found a challenge that takes your from couch to handstand in 30 days!

Try something different

Fun will motivate you on days when you're in a bit of a flump or need to clear your head - a fun exercise will give you something to be excited about, even in the toughest of times, without it even feeling like a workout!

Check out our 7 Fun Activities for Keeping Fit blog for some flex-tacular ideas to get you inspired, including:

  • Aerial yoga
  • Circus skills
  • Pole dancing
  • Rock climbing
  • Rollerskating
  • Disco Yoga

Disco yoga girls featured in grazia

Walking with friends

Forget the old school pub socials... so 2019! It's all about wrapping up warm and meeting your friends for a walk, to banish those January blues.

Here's some more fun facts about the benefits of walking:

  1. Walking for 10 miles every week instead of driving would eliminate 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
  2. Walking releases natural pain­killing endorphins to the body – one of the emotional benefits of exercise.
  3. Walking makes you more creative. Research shows that people who are up and moving in nature are more creative than those sitting down indoors. Albert Einstein walked 1.5 miles to Princeton University each day and Darwin took three 45 minute walks each day.
  4. It improves self-perception and self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, and it reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. Physically active people have up to a 30% reduced risk of becoming depressed, and staying active helps those who are depressed recover.

Get on ya bike!

We love our bikes here at Burnt Soul. Not only for our daily commutes but they're great to explore the surrounding local areas at the weekend too.

Check out our Top 7 Bike Accessories to have you fully kitted out for any cycling adventure - whether it's cross country or just round the corner to work!

If you're not confident scouting out your own bike-friendly routes then we highly recommend the komoot app.

Plan your bike route with Komoot

Joy-uary #3: Pampering

There's nothing better than a bit of pampering! Over lockdown especially we've found the joy in having a bath, getting a face mask on and just having a bit of 'me-time'. We'll be bringing you a whole blog on pampering and self-care in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime check out these homemade masks and treatments to have your #SelfCare time without leaving the house:

For acne prone skin, head for banana.

For dry skin, the avocado and olive oil will nourish and moisturise.

Joy-uary #4: Mind & Soul

After the year we've had it's more important than ever to look after yours and others mind and soul - including mental health and spirituality! We find the following helps us nurture our mind and give us the serotonin boost thats much needed to bring us into 2021.

  • Crystal Healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals - it has a huge range of benefits and is something we've seen rising in popularity. So coming mid January, Temple and The Moon will be bringing you a beginners guide to Crystal healing - with a few catsuits included of course!


  • Meditation - Meditation has a huge variety of health benefits such as reducing stress, controlling anxiety and helping memory loss. Crafting as explained above is often seen as a brilliant form of meditation or check out apps such as Headspace which are a great place to start your journey of meditation and self-awareness.
  • Dress to Express - If your a Burnt Soul veteran you'll know we're firm believers in the power of fashion! Check out our blog on Dopamine Dressing To Beat The January Blues from last year by the amazing @awaysafashionparade on how what you wear can effect your mood.

For more ideas on how to be your best, most chilled self, check out our blog on Daily Habits to Relieve Stress.

Yoga is a brilliant way to meditate and relieve stress. Pip wears the High Voltage Bodysuit.

Joy-uary #5: Food

Food is most definitely the way to our hearts and there's nothing better than a delicious meal to lift your mood! We don't mean pig out on takeaways and junk food every day (although every now and then is a given!) but learning a new cookery skill or taking control of your nutrition is a great way to bring the joy back into food - say goodbye to fad diets and fasting!

  • There are a load of fun cook-alongs on instagram and online to take your culinary skills up a notch and it's always fun to try something new! The BBC has recently launched CAKE (Cook Along Kitchen Experience) where the show allows you to cook personalised meals at your pace. It's still in the experimental stage so give it a go as it's tipped to be the next big cooking idea!

"No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing"

- Julia Childs

  • Local cooking courses are another way to put the joy back in cooking and is a great way to spend time with loved ones. Consider spending date night doing a beginners patisserie course or learn how to make sushi - plenty of courses are offering social distanced settings as well so you can stay safe whilst doing so!

Joy-uary #6: Music

We don't need to tell you the benefits of music when looking for the ultimate pick me up and joy in your life. We owe a lot of our positivity this year to Mista Jam and his dance classics playing in our studio on repeat and there's nothing better than a dance and sing along to get you outta the dumps! But what about some of the other benefits of music and how you can get max potential from your fave tunes?

  • Music releases dopamines - here's the science behind why Wannabe by the Spice Girls lives rent free in your head and never fails to make you smile! Music heightens activity in the nucleus accumbens area of the brain that regulates dopamine release i.e. makes you happy :)
  • Reduces stress and anxiety - Music around 60 BPM can induce alpha brainwaves—ideal for relaxation and sleep after listening for 45 minutes or so. Apps like Calm collate the perfect playlist for you to sleep, meditate, focus or just sit back and relax.

@anyastudio rocking out with the family in first lockdown

  • Improves Concentration - The best music for productivity is said to be classical, maybe that's one of the reasons Mozart sold more CDs than Beyonce's in 2016! It's also really popular to listen to low-fi hiphop when studying and revising, you can find a load of playlists like this on youtube.
  • Set your pace - If you're a keen runner or maybe you want to get into running in 2021, you're gunna wanna read this!

    Humans naturally synchronise their steps to whatever beat they are listening to and so matching the BPM of your music to your running pace is an absolute must. Check out how to find your running BPM here and then just go to your fave music streaming app and search playlists of that BMP.

    This is also really useful if you're training to increase your pace and help make you more self-aware. Spotify even helpfully remixes your favourite tunes so you can keep listening to the bangers you love!  

Get your running mojo back! @peacefulwarriorsyogatribe wears the Joan Flip Catsuit.

Joy-uary #7: Sofa time

So we promised this wouldn't be another 'get up and go' January article above seizing the day and making the most of every minute cause you know what's one the most important things for joy - REST!

We all know staying in is the new going out (not by choice we know 😅) so let your sofa become your new BFF and settle down one of these to entertain you:

Loads of new series to keep us entertained coming to Netflix...like Stranger Things series 4!

Netflix has been teasing us with the release of all the Harry Potters for ages and we're thinking 2021 will be the year 🤞

Joy-uary #8: keep the love flowing

OK so the Zoom Christmas party might have been one of the most awkward parties you ever been to 😂 but we truly are blessed with staying connected through the wonders of technology!

My Friday nights at the moment consist of making a cocktail (I'm trying out a new one each week!) and face-timing someone I miss for a much needed catch up. Not only is it lovely to see old faces, it's important to hear about others lives at the moment as it's very easy to get caught up in your own - we're all going through this together and the love should be shared as much as possible.

We can't tell you enough how getting your favourite catsuit on and having a kitchen dance can truly bring the joy! We've had so many messages this year of people saying how great they feel after donning a bit of colourful, sparkly lycra and so we thank every one of you for keeping the party going. Now onward and upward...

2021 BRING. IT. ON.

Kitty @bambinogoodies in the Kids Rainbow Jewel

@movewithtara in the Amazon Bodysuit

@gedefoster in the Golddigger catsuit

@asquidlaura and @majabeattie1 in their best, sparkliest catsuits!

So there we go, your ultimate guide to having the most joyous January possible with none of the pressure! Let us know the things that bring you JOY and what you'll be filling your Joyuary with in the comments below! 💕


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