Dare to bare? Our mesh catsuits and bodysuits vary in coverage, but they're perfect for layering or going sheer with pasties.

Our Serpent Backless Catsuit offers the most coverage, cleverly covering the the body in a rainbow snakeskin print, to bring out your inner animal! For those of you after a full glitter bodysuit that leaves a trail of sparkle wherever you go - check out our Cher Catsuit. This shimmering jumpsuit sparkles under direct light turning you into a slinky, sexy human disco ball!

Our Mesh Harness skirts can be worn over the top of our bodysuits and hot pants, adding extra glamour whilst still giving you subtle coverage.

We've also got skirted mesh Tinker and Limited edition Baby Spice bodysuits that make sure all eyes are on you, bringing the shimmy to the party, all whilst giving you a little extra coverage! The Lola and Opal bodies have a sequinned mesh skirt which adds sparkle and naturally flatters!