Pink, Blue & Purple Holographic Trixie Peekaboo Catsuit

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Our Trixie Peekaboo is bringing a bubblegum pop to the holographic Jewel range. In our signature Peekaboo style, you can flash some back and still wear a bra in this sparkly pastel number. Perfect for hot summers spent dancing around in fields, on beaches, on stages!

This gorgeous catsuit is made from a dreamy blue and pink tie-dye lycra with a flat holographic glitter print . Combined with our signature reflective panels, and a power-clash cut through of black and white zig zag, this catsuit is a total showstopper.

Using contrasting fabrics and clever pattern cutting techniques, this baby contours the figure and supports you where it’s needed. This is one of our favourite catsuits at Burnt Soul HQ, try one out for yourself and I’m sure you’ll understand why!

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  • Rebecca wears a size XS (6-8) . Rebecca's bust, hips and waist measurements are 33", 24", 34". She's 5'5" tall with an inside seam of 30"
  • The legs stretch to comfortably fit an inside seam of up to 34". Click here if you want them made shorter or longer
  • If you're thinking about using this outfit for Aerial Silks or Aerial Hoop, click here to find out if it's suitable and here to request a swap of the reflective panels
  • With every catsuit you’ll receive complementary nipple stickers to keep a smooth appearance at all times

  • The Trixie fabric is the least stretchy of all our fabrics so if your measurements are on the upper bracket for your size we’d recommend going up a size

  • The incredible glow from our reflective hip panels come from a coating of tiny glass beads in adhesive which is fused to the fabric and due to this they need to be treated with care. We don’t advise them to be worn with anything that can act like sandpaper to the coating... for instance a bumbag with a rough backing like sequins of cracked leather. If you’re looking for something more hard wearing then please click here to change the panels

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    Hand wash your Lycra outfit in cool or tepid water using mild detergent. 

    Drip dry away from direct heat and sunlight and do not dry clean or tumble dry.

    Tackle stains straight away by quickly soaking the stain in cold or tepid water and rub small amounts of mild detergent to the affected area - do not use hot water as this can set the stain. 

    To remove strong smells fill the sink with cold water, add a cup of baking soda and soak for no more than 1 hour. Drip dry as above.


    We recommend hanging your Burnt Soul’s up when they’re not out causing mischief, especially if they’re more delicate foiled pieces.

    Do not fold and put in a draw when damp - this will cause damage to any foils and could transfer fabric dye to other garments.


    We love using glittery, shiny and holographic fabrics… as much as I’m sure you love wearing them! They do tend to need a little more attention than your average pair of leggings though. Whilst we always buy the highest quality of sparkles and foils we can find, if they are being worn and washed as an every day item of clothing then the foils may dull. If you’re looking for longevity or to use for fitness then it’s best to go for catsuits without liquid foil paneling. If you'd like more help choosing the right one for you then send us a message here.

    keep oily liquids away from the reflective panels. The reflective panels are made by coating the lycra in minuscule glass beads. this makes it hard to get out oily substances once on the fabric. The good news is that it will have no effect on the reflective glow it gives out so you can continue shine bright where ever you go!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Awesome catsuit & true to size!

    I am a size US 6/8, but with a large bust (32F) so I was worried how this would fit. Luckily, it's just about perfect! The material doesn't stretch much, but it gives just enough and is super supportive (I usually go without a bra). It looks great and pairs well with black sandals and a coat.

    Love it

    I love this catsuit!

    Living my unicorn dreams!

    This catsuit is amazing! I was lucky enough to win a competition with WeKoKo and decided to put my winnings towards this catsuit as I've been admiring it for so long! I honestly couldn't have chosen a better piece if I tried! Only downside for me is that I can't wear it on a daily basis (I just don't think the world can't handle that level of extra every day!) I'm a catsuit maniac and own several, but have a 34E chest so have always had difficulty getting catsuits to taper in nicely at my waist, they tend to make me look like a giant top heavy triangle with no waist which means I often have to wear a belt, which in turn adds extra toilet difficulties, especially as festivals haha! But the side panels on this one really nip my waist in and give me a beautiful hour glass shape! I just feel like a curVy QUEEEEN in it. And that's something I've been looking for in a catsuit 5eva! I'm just in love! Every girl should own a burnt soul creation and I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to own one! Worth every penny! ❤️

    Gorgeous colours and great fit

    This catsuit is incredible - it is sculpting and makes my boobs and bum look great. I get loads of compliments on it and the colours and the sparkle are fantastic. Also the length is great - I am 5”11 and there is plenty of leg room which is great and quite unusual so thank you!!

    The only slight drawback is the material isn’t as stretchy as I thought it might be. This means Its a tad difficult to get off especially in a small tent at a festival! I got size large as I’m UK 12-14 it would be great if there was either a larger size next time I buy or a stretchier material.

    At first, when I received the catsuit I thought “this ...

    At first, when I received the catsuit I thought “this is the wrong item” because the colours appear so much more dull than they appear vibrant, like in the photos. I was pretty disappointed because I was expecting the WOW factor after having spent so much money on one item of clothing. I already felt “meh” about it before I’d even tried it on.

    The fit is okay-ish. I bought size L (UK 12-14) because according to the guide the sizes run small. I’m a slim UK 14 because of my taller-than-average height and chest size. The low back was almost-down-to-my-buildersbum kind of low. Still feeling “meh’ at this point. Plus points: no camel toe, legs looked good. Bad points: potential arse crack display.

    I chose this catsuit specifically because I need to wear a bra and the “peekaboo” cut gives me the coverage I need whilst also being modest and flattering. Amazingly, I didn’t need to wear a bra. I repeat: my 34F ta-tas did not need the reassurance of a well-fitting support bra. Plus points: the girls can swing freely. Minus points: none on the boob front.

    Overall I still feel disappointed. I’m a student and £130 is a lot of money. I can’t decide whether I want a refund or exchange, however none of the other styles in the “peekaboo” range have the WOW factor of the backless, long-sleeved zodiac catsuit, for example. I would get the exchange but then wouldn’t have the same coverage on the back that I need.

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    Below is a size chart to guide you to your best Burnt Soul size along with some information of the different types of fabrics we use.

    Fabrics - The amount of stretch you have in different styles will depend on the fabric it's made from.

    Foils - We use a few different types of foils in our designs and they all act slightly differently. The black snake print we use for the Siren Catsuits is the most stretchy fabric we use but the rest of the foils tend to have less stretch due to the glue and foil coating.

    Prints - The lycra we have recently started using for all our prints is a recycled Life Lycra. This is less stretchy compared to the Lycra we have used previously so if you're a repeat customer, you may feel the difference when buying the same sizes.

    Sequins - The sequin fabric we use is embellished onto stretchy mesh so it has less stretch and acts differently compared to the Lycra catsuit. Whilst we have tried to allow for this in the sizing, if you're in between sizing then we suggest going for the larger size.

    Leg length - All of the legs are cut more on the longer side and are comfortably suitable for an inside seam of 28"-35". Rebecca pictured here is 5'5" and we did roll these under by a few inches. If you want these tailored to your length click here to add an alteration along with the purchase of your catsuit. This will make the piece non-returnable.

    Long torso - Due to the cut, the backless catsuits offer a lot more give so these are recommended for a longer body. We will also be offering torso alterations very soon!

    Please contact us for more information or advice on sizing.


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