A giant diamond that packs serious punch - who knew glittering gems could be so practical too? 

The girls in the studio are totally obsessed with pop sockets - if you haven't tried one now is the time to get onboard. If you use your phones anywhere near as much as we do, it's a total lifesaver to comfortably hold your phone easily in one hand while texting, especially given phone screens seem to be growing in size like crazy!

You'll also be able to video more smoothly and easily with this phone grip, and get the perfect team pic when you're out without having to do 1000x attempts - leaving you way more time for partying! 

Level up your phone with a bright, shining, holographic diamond that's as funky as it is functional, and thank us later for the hot tip! 

  • Offers a secure grip for texting one-handed, getting that perfect night out picture more easily and text one handed 
  • A super convenient stand for watching videos on the fly
  • Securely sticks to most devices and cases (but may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases)
  • Dimensions: 39mm diameter x 15mm high collapsed and 30mm high when fully expanded


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  • Free UK returns now available on all UK orders

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Hand wash your Lycra outfit in cool or tepid water using mild detergent. 

Drip dry away from direct heat and sunlight and do not dry clean or tumble dry.

Tackle stains straight away by quickly soaking the stain in cold or tepid water and rub small amounts of mild detergent to the affected area - do not use hot water as this can set the stain. 

To remove strong smells fill the sink with cold water, add a cup of baking soda and soak for no more than 1 hour. Drip dry as above.


We recommend hanging your Burnt Soul’s up when they’re not out causing mischief, especially if they’re more delicate foiled pieces.

Do not fold and put in a draw when damp - this will cause damage to any foils and could transfer fabric dye to other garments.


We love using glittery, shiny and holographic fabrics… as much as I’m sure you love wearing them! They do tend to need a little more attention than your average pair of leggings though. Whilst we always buy the highest quality of sparkles and foils we can find, if they are being worn and washed as an every day item of clothing then the foils may dull. If you’re looking for longevity or to use for fitness then it’s best to go for catsuits without liquid foil paneling. If you'd like more help choosing the right one for you then send us a message here.

keep oily liquids away from the reflective panels. The reflective panels are made by coating the lycra in minuscule glass beads. this makes it hard to get out oily substances once on the fabric. The good news is that it will have no effect on the reflective glow it gives out so you can continue shine bright where ever you go!

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