Get Ready To Boogie With The Best Kids Festival Fashion

Festivals are a great way to get together with friends, family, and enjoy some of the best music around.

But let’s not forget about the fashion!

Kids festival fashion is all about having fun, looking cool, and standing out from the crowd. Whether you’re dressing them up for a day of music or sending them off to a festival-themed kids party, here are some of the best kids festival fashion ideas that you can use to make your kid stand out from the rest.

kids festival fashion looks

Ade wears the uv Dazzle kids catsuit | Furry cape jacket by Raising Ravers | Pompom hair bobbles by Annie Du Pom

The Basics

Start with a pair of colourful leggings or, if you have a particularly outgoing wild child, an all-in-one catsuit (All our catsuits have reflective panels in them to keep them safe as well as seen).

Add some comfy shoes like trainers (or welly boots in bad weather); and a classic T-shirt or vest. You can also layer up for cooler days with a tie dye hoodie, or fluffy cape jacket.

Then add accessories such as hats, bum bags, and sunglasses.

Don't forget to keep it colourful - bright colours will help your little one stand out from the crowd. Some of our kids festival wear, like the Smile catsuit and leggings, is UV reactive too... perfect for your mini raver.


boys in kids festival catsuits and headdresses

Ailbe in the uv Kids Smile Catsuit ♻️ | Arlo in the Leopard Print Kids Catsuit ♻️ | Feather crown from Sparkle Child London

kids festival leggings

Kiki in the Kids Phoenix Leggings and Rae in the Kids Thunder leggings ♻️ | T-Shirts from The Kindness Co-op

Mix It Up

For more fun looks mix different patterns and prints such as stripes, florals and polka dots - the bigger the print and colour clash you wear at a festival, the better.

You can also try mixing up different textures like denim and Lycra or leather with velvet - it's an easy way to add some interest to any outfit.

And don't forget to accessorise!

A glittery cape, a sparkly wand or iridescent fairy wings are all easy ways to take your kids festival outfit to the next level whilst winning coolest parent points at the same time.


girl wearing glittery tutu cape with leopard print catsuit and holding glittery wand

Kiki in her Leopard Print Kids Catsuit ♻️ | Wand from Sparkle Child | Cape from Florence and Bunny

boys rave uv onesie and rainbow headdress

Ailbe in the Kids Smile Catsuit ♻️ | Jacket from Tinsel Tots (@tinseltitsuk) | Feather Crown & wand from Sparkle Child London

Get Creative

One way to really make sure your kid stands out at festivals is by getting creative with their outfit.

If you're worried about loosing your little ones in the crowds, consider adding an eye-catching elements to their outfits like balloons tied to their wrists or flags attached to their hats.

Or you may just be thinking, more-is-more?!

Try layering tutu skirts over onesies or go wild with makeup looks using eco glitters and face paints. Don't be afraid to go bold - festivals are all about having fun and your little ones will love it.

girls best festival outfits

Kiki in the Unicorn Kids Catsuit ♻️ and Rae in the Kids Phoenix Catsuit | Tutu from Florence & Bunny | Rainbow Tinsel cardigan from Tinsel Tots


There are so many ways for kids to express themselves through fashion at festivals – from basic pieces like colourful leggings and sweatshirts to more creative looks involving catsuits, unicorn headdresses, and frilly capes. So have fun exploring all the possibilities!

With these tips in mind your kid will definitely be ready for their next big festival in style.

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