'How do I Pee in a Catsuit?'

Catsuits, bodysuits, unitards, jumpsuits, rompers & all in ones; if there's anything that we can all agree on, is that front wedges are 100% worth it when it comes to wearing these bad boys. With festival season in full swing you won't want to miss out on wearing a catsuit or two.  

As a Fashion brand that dedicates themselves to the all mighty catsuit, the question that constantly gets asked is… ‘but how do I pee in a catsuit?’ 

Well my dear catsuit lovers, we created this blog post to answer this question in depth so you can be confident next time you hit the portaloo in your favourite Burnt Soul catsuit.

"‘People who need to be told how to pee shouldn't be wearing a catsuit. Wear a top, do something else"

Different All In One Styles


Otherwise known as a Unitard in the US and Austrailia. A Catsuit is a tight fitting one-piece garment that covers the majority of your body including your legs.

The catsuit first took off in 1964 when the french designer André Courreges introduced his Space Age collection.


Bodysuits have been around for decades upon decades - invented in the 1940’s and were popularised in the 70’s.

A bodysuit might also be refered to as a leotard. They either cover the crotch area seamlessly like a swimsuit or they might come with poppers just like a baby’s onesie.

Rompers and Playsuits have a looser fit and usually are in a shorts style.

Be A Catsuit Queen  

The popularity of the catsuit isn’t going to go away anytime soon, these all in one curve loving catsuits have been seen on plenty of celebrities over the years, celebs like Dua Lipia, Cardi B, Rihanna, Kim & Kylie Kardashian, never shire away from a good catsuit that contours and sculpts the body.

Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have even gone one step further and created Skims and Savage X Fenty which both lean heavily on bodysuit designs.  

Is It Worth It?

We’ve all been there at a music festival, you head off to pee and spend what feels like hours bent over furiously trying to re-snap the bodysuit over your crotch.

You start to get hot, you're finding yourself bending into weird positions in an uncomfortable little smelly portaloo and you can hear a queue lining up outside because of how long you're taking… What a mess.  

BUT... This is why we think it's 100% worth it! 

  • They give you the feeling of being fierce and empowered
  • Held in but free to move how you want
  • Take all the stress out of choosing a whole outfit
  • And instantly bring out your inner wild child

Keeping up with all your party shenanigans, no wonder catsuits are the outfit of choice for pop stars, superheroes, and Olympic gymnasts.

To Pop Or Not To Pop

We always get the odd requests to make our bodysuits with poppers but collectively do not use them in any of our Burnt Soul bodysuits.

But why? The reason being is because they're uncomfortable, the poppers unfasten, they chaff, and unpop at the most inconventient of times, you dont want to be mid twerk on the dance floor and revealing all the goodies.

If you’re wearing a bodysuit, you're in a rush and time is of the essence… just pull to the side. The only thing you have to be careful of is that you might run the risk of peeing on your hand, or having a spillage. Pee with caution!!

A Moment For The Backless Catsuits - The Toilet Friendly Option

Our backless catsuits are the ones for people who worry about pee functionality.

It's simple really, all you need to do is as you bend down, you just scoot your booty through and then you can confidently sit like the queen you are on the portaloo throne. The stretchy fabric helps with this kind of magic so, Ta- dah. You can thank us later.

The final, logical answer for our girls who enjoy a full back catsuit, is just to pull the whole thing down to your ankles and get naked. It might not be the most glamorous thing sitting on the toilet nakey nakey, but if the environment is safe to do so, then why the heck not.

You need to remember that those glam celebs who enjoy a catsuit do this too, so you're not alone in this. Just think of Kim Kardashian in her birthday suit on the toilet and the embarrassment will slowly disappear.  

Backless Catsuits

lady modelling yellow, orange and gold catsuit

Sold out
woman in uv patterned catsuit with matching crown

Sold out

Sold out

The irony is that… ‘The people who need to be told how to pee in A catsuit, shouldn't be wearing one. WEAR A TOP. DO SOMETHING ELSE.’  And at the end of the day it's just fashunnn darling and you lads just need to suck it up when it comes to it.

We’ve given you three different options to tackle peeing in a catsuit so stop worrying about it and enjoy slaying in your backless catsuit of dreams.

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