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Leopard Print Meggings

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Alter our standard 34" leg to a shorter leg - Once altered they will be non-returnable

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For all those wild boys out there, is there anything better than leopard print meggings?! Perfect for prowling the festival fields and lungeing on the yoga mat, these leggings are made with high-quality recycled lycra that will give you some serious stretch, time and time again. 

Our recycled lycra is a high-quality new tech fabric, made from repurposed fishing wire and tulle. With no impact on the quality of Lycra (we actually prefer the texture so win win!), this is part of our Burnt Soul pledge to be as eco-friendly as we can.

Want to twin it with the whole crew? Check out our full leopard print range here.

These babies have a secret key/card pocket in the waistband at the back too, so you can party hands-free!

Out of stock? Click on your required size for instant notification on stock update or check out our customs page and we can get a pair made up for you!

  • Kieron wears a 32" waist. His stats are waist 32", Hips 39", Height 6’2"
  • Made from quality 4-way stretch Lycra that keeps its shape wear after wear
  • Features a small hidden pocket in the back of the waistband big enough to put a key and card in whilst you're throwing some shapes on the dance floor

See our Design Lab for all customisation options. You may not find all of the fabrics in the design lab as they may be limited edition.

If you can't find what you're looking for - drop us a message and we'll be happy to help you with your stretchy creations.

These mens leggings are true to size and come with a long leg (fitting up to approx 34" inside seam). 


Printed/plain Lycra with no foil panels - 30° machine wash and line dry

Foiled pieces - Hand wash in cool or tepid water using mild detergent. Remove excess water with a spin cycle in your washing machine and then line dry away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not dry clean or tumble dry

Tackle stains straight away by quickly soaking the stain in cold or tepid water and rub small amounts of mild detergent to the affected area, repeat as necessary. Do not use hot water as this can set the stain. 

To remove strong smells fill the sink with cold water, add a cup of baking soda and soak for no more than 1 hour. Then wash as above.


We recommend hanging your Burnt Soul’s up when they’re not out causing mischief.

Take extra special care with the foiled pieces - folding them away could cause the foil to stick to itself and cause damage, especialy if they're not completely dry.


We love using glittery, shiny and holographic fabrics… as much as I’m sure you love wearing them!

Being the princesses they are, they will need a little more care than your average pieces of clothing.

Whilst we only use the highest quality foil fabrics we can find, if they are being worn and washed as an every day item of clothing then the foils will dull over time.

They're also very sensitive to things like excessive knee sliding, beautiful but abrasive sequin bags or tight straps that rub in one place.

If you’re looking for longevity or to use for fitness then it’s best to go for catsuits with a printed main fabric. If you'd like more help choosing the right one for you then drop us a message here.

keep oily liquids away from the reflective panels. The reflective panels are made by coating the Lycra in minuscule glass beads which makes it hard to clean. We use dry cleaning fluid in a well ventilated area to clean our reflective panels in this instance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

These meggings are the best! They feel incredible and Great quality.

Julian de Metz (Dulwich, GB)
Great leggings

They were good but people kept slapping and pinching my bottom in them. If the designers can sort out this fault i’d highly recommend them.

Edward Buck (Bristol, GB)
Dangerously good.

Really cool and a very nice fit. I wore them out and at one point I mauled a guy and then dragged him up a tree to share with my cubs. I explained it was probably just the power of the meggings and we had a good laugh about it after. I’ll definitely wear with caution from here on out though.