Festival Essentials You Don't Want To Forget

If you're wondering who’s behind our saucey blog posts, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jaz, the Burnt Soul social media gyal and I want to admit that I’m a 29 year old festival virgin.

I know, I know you’re probably thinking… Sis you haven't even lived. Well I’m a carnival girl at heart and your girl has been booked & busy throughout her 20’s, trying to get her degrees!

Anyway the point is, I'm actually popping my festival V card this year and I'm heading off to not one but three festivals, with Glastonbury being the first. Ngl I have no clue what to pack & I’m kind of bricking it, in an excited, over stimulated kid like way.

So I’ve been frantically searching online, and other than the obvious checklists that tell you to pack an airbed and a toothbrush, there wasn't a lot out there. So this blog post is all about festival essentials that you don't want to forget.

Festival Essential #1: Waterproof Lanyard for your Phone

A big part of festivals is serving LOOKS! But those same looks will come with zero pockets and even if you do have pockets, it’s a huge risk to put your phone there. I mean… you don’t want your phone to slip out and fall into the portaloo, or lose it in the middle of a field full of thousands of people.

We’re not looking to have panic attacks over losing our phones, so I suggest you opt for a waterproof lanyard. Best thing about it is not only will it be within eyesight, but because it hangs around your neck, it'll be easily accessible.

It can’t be any more easier to whip out your phone and capture moments for socials or just record your bestie doing something dumb.

Festival go-er rocking the lanyard phone case

Festival Essential #2: Head Torch

One of the things that kept coming up a lot was at a festival it can get really dark at night and, knowing me, I’d get lost.

I can't even follow google maps half the time, so one thing I'm going to make sure of is that I have a head torch for the guide rope gauntlette.

But why not just a normal torch, you say? Well huns, all I’m saying is... you don't want to be like Bridget Jones at Glastonbury and end up in someone else's tent, unless you plan to of course… ‘wink, wink’.

Festival Essential #3: A Good Bum Bag

A bumbag is the perfect way to carry your money and essentials as you navigate through any festival. Try to find a bum bag that matches most of your outfits, you want them to be wide enough to carry all your things, but not large enough to overpower the rest of your fit.

We will be releasing our summer campaign real soon, which includes a saucy festival bum bag collaboration with Sarah Bailey. So keep your eyes out, as this bumbag is like no other.  

Festival essential #4: Graphic Neon Liners

I think it’s safe to say that we all lusted over Euphoria’s makeup looks earlier this year. The makeup artist behind all the statement eye makeup Doniella Davy inspired me to get into coloured neon graphic liners and I'm encouraging you to do the same.

We’ve all seen these girls on insta, who wack out these colourful makeup palettes, they mix it up, and just create these amazing festival makeup looks, doing it all free hand.

But ain't nobody got time for that in a tent. You can literally buy these colourful mini graphic liners online and save room in your makeup bag. They’re efficient, easy to use and on trend… What more can you ask for?!

A Pink Graphic Liner Moment

Festival Essential #5: Refillable Water Clip On Pouch  

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will stop you getting heatstroke at a festival, but no one wants to be carrying around a water bottle everywhere and if you did, it would probably get lost within the first hour of you being there.

One thing that stood out to me was this refillable water clip on pouch. I mean… how handy is that? You can clip it onto your bag when it's full, and when you're finished you can fold it up and put it in your bag. There are so many different colours to choose from and they’re BPA free too!

Festival Essential #6: Solar Powered Chargers + Battery Packs

One of the things that’s been giving me anxiety is what if I can’t charge my phone.. I mean, I just wouldn't know how to live, and before you roll your eyes, remember my career literally depends on it, they don’t call me content queen for nothing.

As I was frantically looking for portable chargers online, I came across this beauty. It's a solar powered battery pack and device charger. If you're a camping aficionado then you may have heard of BioLite already.

But If you’re like me and have no clue, then let me tell you they're so many different products from smokeless fire stoves (that can charge your phone at the same time?!) to solar panels charging packs like the one below.

Festival Essential #7: What3words App

When it comes to getting lost… let’s just say I’m a pro at it. So as I am a newbie to this whole festival game, I’m not trying to miss any acts I want to see, and I’m really not looking to reenact an episode of lost.

I heard some amazing things about the What3words app which you can download on your phone, it pinpoints where you are and allows you to share it with others. It’s an easy way to communicate exact locations.

For instance if you're a little bit wavey and you can’t find your tent, there's a compass that directs you to where you need to be. Even if you don’t have any signal, you’ll still be able to use it!

Festival Essential #8: A Good Hat

Hats truly hold a special place in my heart. Not only are they the perfect accessory, hats have always been on trend.

From bucket hats to cowboy hats, there are so many options out there, not only are they incredibly stylish they protect your face & scalp from harmful UV rays.

And girllll, I’m thinking about those last few days when your hair it's at its wits end and there’s no way of recovering the sitch. A trendy hat is a great way to cover your locks.

There are so many unique and beautiful cowboy hats that you can style with different outfits. Soul Sergeants are one of our fave small brands for bespoke hats.

I truly believe that you can’t go wrong with a good bucket hat, bucket hats are comfortable, inexpensive and incredibly trendy. There are so many designs out there to pick from, the world is your oyster really.

Festival Essential #9: A Catsuit Obvs

It goes without saying that a Catsuit will always be a festival essential for me and many others. Not only does it make you feel like a total badass power ranger in one, but there are many benefits to wearing a catsuit to a festival:

  • They’re quick drying - the quickest actually, before I’ve managed to scrub off the night before they're sure to be dry and ready to roll out once again.
  • It is a stand alone statement piece honey - you don't have to think or worry about what outfit to put together or what can make your outfit that little bit extra, all I need to do is slip on some boots and I'll be good to go.
  • Easily found - I’m the kind of person to wander off & lose myself in music but that comes along with losing my friends too, when I'm wearing a Burnt Soul catsuit they’ll be able to find me like a needle in a haystack, no need for a leash 😉.
  • Instantly become part of a special club only us Burnt Souls know about

My Fave Catsuits

Lady modelling a rainbow tie-dye mesh catsuit with long sleeves and holding a gold clutch

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

So lads, that's it, thank you for reading my top festival essentials that you don't want to forget.

This might not be a checklist that tells you all the obvious things you need to bring, but it’s a festival essentials guide for things you probably didn’t even think about. I guarantee it will make your life a lot easier, at any festival.


And Oh If you’ve ever been curious about ‘How to Pee in a Catsuit’ then I suggest you check out my latest blog. Happy prepping and hopefully I meet some of your lovely faces at Glasto too.

Stay blessed,

Jaz xx

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