You may have seen us mentioning our Stretchometer before or noticed that our fabric swatches have numbers beside them.

As we offer lots of different fabrics in exactly the same cuts, it can sometimes be a shock when you try your fave pair of leggings on, in a different fabric, to find they don't fit you like you were expecting.

To help you get your perfect fit we came up with our Stretchometer scale - 1 being the lowest amount of stretch (therefor the firmest and most contouring) and 5 being the most amount of stretch.

Stretchometer scale

Lowest stretch (1)

Firm Hold - Contouring - Wiggle to first get on and off - May need to size up

Mid stretch (3)

Firm hold with maximum flexibility - Great coverage - True to size

Highest stretch (5)

Maximum stretch - Softer feel - May need to size down - Easier to get on and off

The stretch test

This video shows just how much more stretch there is in our Techno stretch (5) which is the fabric at the bottom, compared to our Life Lycra (1) on the top.

As you can see, the Techno fabric has lots more give which means the fit will be less firm but offer more flexibility.

Over time the Life Lycra will use your body heat to mold to your shape more and it will be easier to get them on and off compared to the first time you try them.

You might not be the same size in leggings as your catsuit

Due to the doubled over waistband on the leggings the resistance increases around the waist compared to the catsuits.

This is fine in the higher stretch fabrics but can be a shock if you go from a stretch 5 catsuit to a stretch one legging. The are sewn with reinforced seams around the stress areas however - so don't be afraid to wiggle them on. They will soften and mold to your shape with your body heat.

As Beyoncé says... if you don't jump to put jeans on, you don't feel pain.

The snake skin is a minus one

When it comes to these holographic hunnies, we do suggest to size up. Especially in our smaller sizes and always in the leggings. This is due to the doubled over waistband creating even more resistance.

The larger areas of glue and foil restrict the fabric from stretching as much as normal. So even thought they're on a base that has a stretchometer of 3, they act like a 1. Infact, if we could give these a -1 we probably would!

Gold Holo Snake Foil ♻️ (1)
Pink Holo Snake Foil ♻️ (1)
Silver Holo Snake Foil ♻️ (1)

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