Eco Never Felt So Good

June 18, 2018

Eco Never Felt So Good

Earlier this month we collaborated with our friends over at Eco Stardust to show you JUST how good environmentally friendly fashion and beauty choices make you feel... and look! With biodegradable glitter and fully recyclable packaging, and catsuits using recycled fabrics, you can absolutely have it all this festival season, without it costing the earth!

Read on below to find out all about the catsuits and glitters in the video, and exactly what makes them eco!

Glitter Eco Stardust, Catsuits Burnt Soul Clothing, Video produced by Peachy Queen, Videography Julian Preece and Nicki Silvanus, Editing Amie Nowlan,  Makeup Annabel Rosemary, Models Rebecca RobinsonZade Campbell DaviesPhoebe AspinallAlice Powell 

Song Banana Smoothie by J. Morrison from Boogie Cafe Records

Eco-Lycra Catsuits

We've recently discovered a whole new kind of fabric that is just as soft and durable as our past high-quality Lycra base, except this time, it's made from 100% recycled materials. It's also twice as resistant chlorine and suncream for those beach babies! We are shifting over to this new eco-fabric wherever possible, and you'll see more and more of it in collections to come.

The companies making waves the Lycra industry are able to reduce the Global Warming Potential of making nylon (the fibre used to create Lycra) by up to 80%, saving 70,000 barrels of oil per 10,000 tons, vast amounts of  water, and making a huge difference for our future in recycling waste materials into brand new yarns! 
Our black lycra, that you can see in our Joan Collins Long Sleeved Catsuit, is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The company who creates the fibre has recycled over 10 billion plastic bottles into the fabric in the past 10 years.

Want to see the actual process happening? 

Our white print base lycra (seen in our Jolt CatsuitJoan Collins collectionViper collection and the new Calypso collection) is made, predominantly, from the recycled fishing net (other reused fibres include soft carpet). 

Approximately 640k tons of fishing nets are discarded in the ocean each year, making up 1/10 of all marine waste. These nets stay in the sea and affect the ecosystem for hundreds of years and are deadly for whales, turtles and other sea creatures. It's super important that we address this, and on top of this, work towards positive ways to use all these waste plastics, instead of throwing them into landfill or burning them, once they are no longer useful in their original form.

A team called The Healthy Seas take divers out to collect waste nets in North, Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, which are then taken to be cleaned, processed and melted down in a recycling plant and turned into yarn. Then, they travel to Italy where they take on a new life as the Lycra you know and love!

Keeping the eco spirit the whole way through, when printing our colourful designs, there's no water used. Usually, the dyeing process can waste huge amounts of water (making one pair of Levis uses 505 gallons for example), so by reducing this where possible, our CatsuitsLeggings and Bodies are a great choice for those of you who want to shop consciously and save the planet while feeling and looking amazing!

Eco-friendly Glitter

Everyone loves a bit of glitter at festivals, but if you also care about the litter you leave behind perhaps you should switch to EcoStardust Glitter - the biodegradable alternative to plastic glitter. We sell Biodegradable Glitter known as Bioglitter or eco-glitter in recycled and easily recyclable packaging in order to minimise plastic and waste.
Unlike conventional glitter, Bioglitter uses a plant-derived material as its basis rather than polyester and will biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment. Once it enters a farmer’s field or wastewater, microbes will consume the biodegradable content causing it to biodegrade. Traditional plastic glitter can take hundreds of years to biodegrade whereas Bioglitter can biodegrade in freshwater within a couple of months!
All of our glitters either comes in recyclable aluminium tins or biodegradable grip seal bags. Our aluminium tins can be kept and refilled or recycled in your home recycling bins and they are also super lightweight making them easy to carry to festivals or in your handbag.

 Eco Never Felt So Good: Eco Stardust Bio Glitter
Or you can choose our biodegradable grip seal bags (these can be disposed of in your normal waste bin.) which are sold in a wide range of sizes from 1g up to 100g for all you super glitter crazed people. You can find out more about our packaging here.
With 15 different colours available in six different sizes there is a lot to choose from. On top of this, we offer our range of signature blends hand blended in our Bristol HQ so you only need one pot while on the go.
We now also offer eco-glitter accessories all ethically made including our own vegan glitter balm (coming soon!), glitter brushes, glitter bags and tote bags.
With so many options you can glitter without the guilt and look good, do good and feel good while being eco!

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