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Burnt Soul's sustainability and ethical ethos

We're so happy to be seeing a backlash against throw away fashion, with people caring more about the quality of their clothing and the ethics behind the brands they support.

A lot of consideration goes into the design and production of our clothing. Our garments have an average of 16 panel pieces, are all UK made, and made in smaller batches to allow us to react quickly to demands and not over produce unwanted garments.

We use prints that allow for minimum wastage and any fabric wastage we do get goes to our local scrap store as well as other other smaller business and local projects. We try to offer a mixture of stock prints from our suppliers as well as printing our own using designs we have created or collaborations with other designers.

Scraps donated to @BlackOliveDesigns 

All of our prints are digitally printed with non toxic, waterless dyes on a base of either a standard Lycra or recycled Lycra.

All our fabrics are chosen for a balance of stretch and their excellent fabric memory to eliminate any fabric sagging over time and keeping you firmly smoothed for ultimate confidence.

Production transparency

Where's my outfit made?

All your clothing is made either with us girls in the studio, by Hannah, Bea and Robyn, or in Exeter by our girls Teresa and Kay.

In general, if it's a custom piece you're after, a limited edition, kidswear or a particularly fiddly outfit to make - it'll be made in house by our studio team!

It's really important for us that your catsuits and Lycra-wear are made to the highest quality, and by being the ones to make them ourselves, and being close enough to check in and make sure everything's being done perfectly - really helps with that. By having a close relationship with everyone making our garments too, we're able to make sure everyone sewing your clothes are treated with respect and fairly paid for their work.

For our jewellery collection, these beauties are handmade in collaboration with Animal Hair, up in her Liverpool studio - keeping it all in the UK!

Robyn (Creator and Lycra queen) & Hannah ( Seamstress extraordinaire)

Where is my fabric printed?

In order to bring you the best fabrics we can time and time again, we do go through a couple of different suppliers. The majority of our fabrics, from our eco prints and holographics, to our mesh fabrics, are printed and made glittery in Manchester, UK. We try our best to keep as much within the UK as we can to reduce your garments air miles.

For one or two fabrics, like our reflective fabric and the jewel collection, the technology to print them to our high standards isn't available in the UK just yet. So, these come from South Korea and the USA. We try and shop direct with the manufacturer where possible, to reduce the carbon footprint on these items.

For more information on our fabrics read out blog post '5 Reasons why we think the future of fashion is plastic'.

Where is my fabric made?

So where does the base fabric come from, before they're printed? Let's take it right back to the very beginning.

For all of our fabrics aside from the Jewel and the Reflective, these come from Italy originally. Our printers work exclusively with Italian fabric producers, Carvico. They also take their social and environmental responsibility very seriously. Here's their policy:

"Carvico and JL believe enforcing a sustainable development model means respecting our environment and using the available energy sources in a better way. We are committed to applying a business model aimed at achieving a higher social and environmental responsibility level, and at safeguarding and valuing people and the local territory...We rely on several independent bodies and authorities which can certify both nationally and internationally, that all data provided are true."

For our eco fabrics, these start out as waste plastics rescued from the Adriatic Sea, and from carpet factories in Italy. They are then melted down into yarns, which are then knitted into a brand new fabric. This, like all other Italian fabrics, is then sent over to Manchester to be printed and transformed into the fabrics you know and love!

For our fabrics in Korea the USA the base fabrics are produced in South Korea.