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Aerial Silks & Aerial Hoop Outfits for Performers

March 04, 2021 0 Comments

Aerial Silks & Aerial Hoop Outfits for Performers

What outfit should I choose for my aerial performance?

With a growing community of Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop Lyra artists and performers coming to us for their performance wear we thought we'd answer some of our most commonly asked questions.

Our catsuits and bodysuits are great for twirling around on hoops and ribbons in the sky for aerial performances and practicing alike... especially now we have endless options to tailor your Aerial outfit.

5 questions we always get asked...

  • What are the best fabrics for my Aerial Hoop or Aerial silks costume?
  • Is there a difference between Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks when it comes to wear and tear on my outfit?
  • Should I swap the reflective panels for foil?
  • Can I customise my catsuit or bodysuit and what can i change?
  • Is there video footage of people wearing them for their Aerial performances?

Main Image by @Ginger_Snapperly featuring @Iamradford. Andrew is a trained tree climber and rigger so do not try this at home!

Our holographic range is extremely popular for performers - @leileidek wears the Luna Peekaboo Catsuit 

Photography by @Levityacadamy

What are the best fabrics for Aerial Hoop and Aerial silks?

Our Holographic Lycra dazzles under stage lights and is a firm favourite for our aerial artists for special shows or big photo shoots.

We advise against using your foiled catsuits and bodysuits for your daily practices though as the friction, from Aerial Silks especially, will inevitably wear at the foil and reflective panels.

However some of our foil fabrics are more hardwearing than others. The Rainbow Jewel, Phoenix and Luna foils are on a stretchier base and the foil is less twinkly over time but the vibrancy of the dyes on the rainbow jewel and Phoenix makes up for that.

Check out our Pinterest board of different foils we keep in stock here. Select the foils you're interested in for more information and images.

Our printed fabrics are excellent If you're wearing your catsuit or bodysuit for daily aerial practice or for performances.

The prints are hard wearing, non pilling, silky smooth for a great glide and will keep their vibrant colours over time to always look fresh and new.

All the dyes used are non toxic and most of them are printed onto Lycra made from recycled plastic bottles. Find out all about our recycled fabrics here. 

Fabric properties:

  • high performance
  • non-piling
  • shape retaining
  • muscle compressing
  • squat proof
  • UV reactive - look for the ⚡ symbol
  • Recycled - look for the ♻️ symbol

@amy_bramall in the Jolt Catsuit

@Ginger_Snapperly in the Calypso Catsuit

@delphi.hex in the Cyber Love Bodysuit

Is there a difference between Aerial Hoop and Silks when it comes to wear and tear on my outfit?

If you're an Aerial Hoop performer there tends to be less issues. The problem areas would be the backs of the knees if you have a foil catsuit so we suggest to go for a more hardwearing foil.

With Aerial Silks, any point of your body that comes into a lot of friction, and so more care needs to be taken.

@polefitloulou in the Rocket Catsuit

@amydoesaerials in the Trixie Bodysuit

Should I swap the reflective panels for foil?

Our signature Reflective hip panels are perfect for shining bright wherever you go.

The reflective fabric is made from a very thin coating of tiny glass beads set in a binding glue which reflects the light much like cats eyes in a road.

We have tried several types over the years as the one we use is extremely expensive, but it's also the highest performing reflective stretch Lycra we can find which is always our focus.

Despite this, with continued rubbing and friction from performance equipment like Silks, this coating can wear.

Some aerial performers often opt to swap their reflective panel with a more hard wearing foil. This still won't guarantee damage over time but will be better than the reflective.

You can do this via the Customise page. Simply select the design you want to customise and select from the 'Swap reflective panel' drop down.

Below are some examples of recent Customs our lovely customers have dreamt up!

Custom Gold Holographic crackle for main with Gold Holographic Snake on the upper v panel and reflective panel swap

@ars_volandi with a holo foil reflective panel swap - VXCO PROJECT - Photographer @Hanna_Fluvia 

Can I customise my catsuit or bodysuit and what can I change?

With the demand for our customised options increasing, we're constantly adding design features and fabrics to the long list of things you can already change.

Every panel can be changed to something different and you can also add things like skirt frills to certain designs.

Here are some pages and blog posts that will help with all your customisation questions...

Is there video footage of people wearing them for their Aerial performances?

Here are a few examples of our catsuits in action for an Aerial Hoop Lyra performance and Aerial Silk performance. If you have a video you would like featured then email us at joinus@burntsoul.com.



Have you got a question we've not answered? Comment below and we will add to the blog!

If you're an aerial performer and have images or videos you want to share then send to joinus@burntsoul.com for a chance to be featured on our social channels or our next Aerial blog.

We absolutely LOVE seeing you guys shooting through the air in your Burnt Soul, so don't forget to tag us in your pics and use the hashtag #BurntSoulSelfie to be entered into our monthly competition to win a £50 BS Voucher!

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