Performance Catsuits: Aerial Silks + Hoop Outfits

September 26, 2017 2 Comments

Performance Catsuits: Aerial Silks + Hoop Outfits

We love our Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silk communities, and are always in awe of what you guys get up to when we're tagged in a picture! We've been getting a few questions from you recently about which of our catsuits and bodysuits are most suitable for your performances, so we wanted to give you guys our best advice for when you're choosing an item.

Have a read below before choosing your Burnt Soul, and if you have any further questions, drop us a note here.


Burnt Soul Trixie Backless Catsuit Aerial Hoop

Holographic or Print Fabric?

Whilst our glittery jewel pieces look ultra-special under stage lights, due to the friction of Silks and Hoops against the body, our printed pieces are the best option for longevity. Due to the holographic coating on the spandex, it will inevitably get worn in the places the fabric rubs with the hoops and silks. Some of our foiled and glittery fabrics are more hardwearing than others though so if you just can't resist looking like a shooting star then please get in touch for more advice before purchasing.

For our printed pieces we use Eco Lycra which is a very hard-wearing fabric that takes dye pigments excellently; giving prints the pop (and even glow with our UV prints) with no pilling or bagging. 

Shop our print outfits here, or our holographic glittery outfits here.

Aerial Performance Outfits Holographic or Print

Shop the Lazer Catsuit on the Left, or the eco fabric Cyber Love Catsuit on the right.

Aerial Hoop vs Aerial Silk

If you're an Aerial Hoop performer there tends to be less issues, just be aware that if you find yourself using lycra covered areas for grip, this may rub on coated fabric and remove the shine eventually. With Aerial Silk there tends to be more friction, and so more care needs to be taken.


White holographic catsuit Aerial Silk

Reflective Panelling

Our signature Reflective hip panels are perfect for shining bright wherever you go, but when it comes to activities that require endurance fabrics, they can be damaged by intense friction. The reflective fabric is made from coating the lycra with a binding glue and thousands of tiny glass beads that reflect the light just so. With continued rubbing from performance equipment like Silks, this coating can come away. 

Custom Made For You

To combat this we can custom make your chosen catsuit and swap the reflective panels for a more hard-wearing foil. These carefully crafted pieces of lycra joy are individually made in our Bristol Studio on request and can take up to 10 working days to process. In addition to the reflective panel swap, as you are paying slightly more for a custom catsuit - made on request, you're able to choose your style too. 
See our Customise your Catsuit Product here for all the possibilities available!!


Image credits @envy_aerial, @Hayley_denton, @sydnee_ann.

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April 18, 2019

I would love to wear your amazing DITA SHOWGIRL CATSUIT for my trapeze UK Aerial championship audition. Please could you advise if this cutsuit would be ok to use on trapeze? Thank you in advance x


April 18, 2019

Hi there!

I’m wondering if you could ship to Cape Town, South Africa at all?

Thanks in advance!

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