Mission Statment

It's our mission to bring you unique, confidence-boosting, pieces that call to your inner wild child whilst embracing the values that matter to you most.

We do this in three ways: 

  • Clever tailoring and¬†pattern cutting¬†to¬†contour curves
  • Mixing panels of prints, plains, foils and meshes for eye-popping¬†visuals
  • Practice sustainable¬†manufacturing so your style doesn't cost the planet

We're so happy to be seeing a backlash against fast fashion. People are considering other factors like how, where and by who their clothing is made rather than basing their purchase completely on cost.

A lot of consideration goes into the design and production of our clothing. Our catsuits have an average of 16 panel pieces and are all hand cut and made in the UK. We sell directly to our customers so we can cut out the middle man and make our pieces as affordable as possible.

That being said, manufacturing like this is more costly which is why we believe in honesty and transparency so you know when you buy from us, where your money is being spent. 

 burnt soul studio in bristol

Burnt Soul HQ in Bristol


Production transparency

Who made my clothes?

All your clothing is made by either our own seamstresses at Burnt Soul HQ or in our small runs factory in Exeter. This ensures the highest quality control, allows us to produce smaller runs, not over produce unwanted items and means we can respond quickly to customer trends.

By having a close relationship with everyone making our garments, we're able to make sure everyone sewing your clothes is treated with respect and are fairly paid for their work. We are proud to be a member of the living wage foundation and guarantee that everyone in our supply chain receives the living wage and above.  

Read our blog post 'Meet the Burnt Soul Team' for the full low down.


hannah made your clothes at burnt soul

Hannah - Production manager at Burnt Soul HQ in Bristol

Where are my clothes made?

In an industry where very few fashion items are actually manufactured in the UK, we're proud to say that all our pieces are made within a 80 mile radius from where they're packaged and sent out - in either Bristol or Exeter.

With our main fabric supplier also being based in the UK, this means the carbon foot print of our pieces are extremely small compared to the miles covered by some fast-fashion items.

Where is my fabric made?

Over 90% of our fabric comes from our main supplier in Manchester, just 150 miles away. 

They source the best stretch fabrics from Europe, Korea and China and every factory they use is Oeko-tex certified.

The eco fabrics we use are made in Italy¬†by manufacturer¬†Carvico¬†using recycled polyester (rPet) and Nylon (ECONYL¬ģ) yarns.

Where is my fabric printed?

For our prints we use 3 different fabrics that offer different properties but all are made from recycled polyester or rPet (recycled plastic bottles and post consumer waste) as its known as.

It's printed on site at our suppliers in Manchester using non-toxic dyes and zero water... Win-win!

What's in my fabric?

You can find the content breakdown of all our fabrics in our fabric library.