How to Measure Yourself for a Catsuit

Here at Burnt Soul we like to make sure that you have all the information you need so you can have the best fitted catsuit and feel like a total badass.

We all are all blessed with different body shapes which means one size does not fit all! Ordering your normal Uk size does not always guarantee that the fit is right for you. 

So it was only right to write a blog all about how to measure yourself correctly for the right sized catsuit!


"The beauty of lycra is that it stretches four ways, so mix that with a good fitting catsuit that hugs your curves right, then you'll be on to a winner! "

Our Lycra

First things, first we need to talk about why it's important to pay attention to the types of lycra we use.

These sustainable eco fabrics are made using a percentage of Lycra fibers (for the much needed stretch) and the rest is regenerated Nylon (Econyl) or polyester (rPET) yarn which are recycled from plastic bottles, post-consumer plastic waste and old fishing nets collected from the bottom of the sea.

We use two types of sustainable eco fabrics for our catsuits, bodysuits and leggings. We have our Techno Lycra which offers maximum stretch and softness and the super firm and contouring Life Lycra.

These lycras offer different stretches, that's why it's incredibly important to check our stretchometer. 

The different stretches between our Techno stretch (bottom) compared to our Life Lycra (top)

What about the length of the catsuit?

If you’re still hesitant to invest in a custom catsuit, then there are 3 factors to consider when buying a stock catsuit…

Fabric - We spoke about fabric in terms of sizing as a whole, but it can also affect the body length too. For instance, our Dazzle Fabric, is a 5 on the stretchometer, and would offer more length if needed than our Joan in Life Lycra which is a lot tighter.

Back style - If you’re particularly long in the body then the backless catsuit is your friend! As the back panel is missing, it offers a lot more stretch up and down.

Size - Between each size, the patterns also increase in length too. Not by a huge amount but if you are worried about the body and don’t want to go custom, then this is a factor that can offer you a bit more room. Check out our size chart to see what size you are.

Head over to our ‘do you have a long or short body?’ blog post for more information.



Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

The length of the leg also matters, always measure the inside seam so you can decide whether you would need a long, standard or short leg. 

Catsuits tend to always sit on your ankle. It's always best to measure from the top of your inner thigh to your ankle bone. If you have a short/long body and legs, then to get the fit just right it might be a better option to go through the design lab and design a custom catsuit.

What measurements do I need?  

If you clicked this blog then you'd probably have your measuring tape ready wanting to get on with it already, well…

We know it can be a bit confusing to take your own measurements, so to make it easier, take a look at our video below on how to take your measurements correctly then refer to our Size Guide to see which size best fits!

You’ll need to measure these three areas in inches:

  • The bust - Make sure its on the widest parts (i.e. not under the bust )
  • The waist - Measuree your waist at the smallest point just above your belly button.
  • The thickest part of your hips - Make sure its on the widest parts (i.e. your booty! )
  • The inside seam - Measure from the top of your inner thigh to your ankle bone.

Our gorgeous model Rose is wearing a standard length catsuit size 14-16.

Her measurements come up as bust 41, which is 12-14 on our size chart, waist 33 which is 12-14 and hips 48 which is between a 14-16 and 16-18. She’s 5’7” tall!

TOP TIP: Make sure you measure the widest part of your hips/booty! You want your catsuit to caress those curves, no one wants a flattened bumper if you know what I mean.

When making a decision on the size, make sure you don't forget to consider all the things we've gone through in this post, as all of these could be variables to a catsuit fitting a lot better!

Our model Rose showing you how to measure yourself in the Peekaboo Neon Panther Catsuit

The beauty of lycra is that it stretches four ways, so mix that with a good fitting catsuit that hugs your curves right, then you'll be on to a winner!

Our catsuits are meant to be sustainable enough to wear year after year, getting the measurements right will not only make you feel like a sassy superhero but it will also give you the comfort you need when you’re partying at a festival.

If you’re ever stuck and don’t know which size to go for then send us a message…our dm’s are always open.

Oh.. and If you want to know all about ‘Our new Salt and Pepper catsuits’ then I suggest you check out my latest blog.

Have a productive September and I’ll speak to ya soon!

Love Jaz


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